Trevor Horn

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Pseudoniemen / Alternatieve spelling: Trevor Charles Horn
2 RuffOwner Of A Lonely Heart1998Muziek/Tekst
ABC4ever 2gether1982Producer
ABCAll Of My Heart1982Producer
ABCDate Stamp1982Producer
ABCMany Happy Returns1982Producer
ABCOverture From The Lexicon Of Love1982Producer
ABCPoison Arrow1982Producer
ABCShow Me1982Producer
ABCTears Are Not Enough1981Producer
ABCThe Look Of Love1982Producer
ABCTheme From "Mantrap"1982Producer
ABCValentine's Day1982Producer
Allan StewartHeaven Above1978Muziek/Tekst
Armi AavikkoRadiotähti1981Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseA Time For Fear2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseBalance - Music For The Eye2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseBeat Box1984Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseBeau Soir2000Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseBeep Beep2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseDainty2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseDr Gradus2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseDreaming In Colour1999Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseOn Being Blue2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseSomething Is Missing1999Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseThe Holy Egoism Of Genius2010Muziek/Tekst
Art Of NoiseThe Invention Of Love2010Muziek/Tekst
Artists For GrenfellBridge Over Troubled Water2017Producer
AxxisOwner Of A Lonely Heart2012Muziek/Tekst
Band AidDo They Know It's Christmas?1984Producer
Barry ManilowCould It Be Magic 19931993Producer
Belle & SebastianPiazza, New York Catcher2003Producer
Belle And SebastianAsleep On A Sunbeam2003Producer
Belle And SebastianDear Catastrophe Waitress2003Producer
Belle And SebastianIf She Wants Me2003Producer
Belle And SebastianIf You Find Yourself Caught In Love2003Producer
Belle And SebastianI'm A Cuckoo2003Producer
Belle And SebastianLord Anthony2003Producer
Belle And SebastianRoy Walker2003Producer
Belle And SebastianStay Loose2003Producer
Belle And SebastianStep Into My Office, Baby2003Producer
Belle And SebastianWrapped Up In Books2003Producer
Belle And SebastianYou Don't Send Me2003Producer
Betsy CookDocklands1992Producer
Billy IdolBitter Pill2014Producer
Billy IdolEyes Wide Shut2014Producer
Billy IdolGhosts In My Guitar2014Producer
Billy IdolKings & Queens Of The Underground2014Producer
Billy IdolLove And Glory2014Producer
Billy IdolNothing To Fear2014Producer
Billy IdolOne Breath Away2014Producer
Billy IdolPostcards From The Past2014Producer
Billy IdolWhiskey And Pills2014Producer
Bobby FlexterMoments In Love1996Muziek/Tekst
Boo HewerdineDream Baby2002Muziek/Tekst
BoogattiBoot Boot Woman1977Muziek/Tekst
Brooklyn BounceRelax1997Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubDancing With The Sporting Boys1979Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubEnglish Garden1979Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubFlying Man1979Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubJohnny1979Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubNo Surrender1979Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubVideo Killed The Radio Star1979Muziek/Tekst
Bruce Woolley & The Camera ClubYou Got Class1979Muziek/Tekst
Bryan AdamsSound The Bugle2002Muziek/Tekst
Bryan FerryDance With Life (The Brilliant Light)1996Producer
BugglesAdventures In Modern Recording1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesAstroboy (And The Proles On Parade)1980Muziek/Tekst
BugglesBlue Nylon1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesClean, Clean1980Muziek/Tekst
BugglesFade Away1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesI Am A Camera1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesI Love You (Miss Robot)1980Muziek/Tekst
BugglesInner City1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesJohnny On The Monorail1980Muziek/Tekst
BugglesKid Dynamo1979Muziek/Tekst
BugglesOn TV1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesRainbow Warrior1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesThe Plastic Age1979Muziek/Tekst
BugglesVermilion Sands1981Muziek/Tekst
BugglesVideo Killed The Radio Star1979Muziek/Tekst
CaptainBuild A Life2006Producer
CaptainEast. West. North. South2006Producer
CaptainSummer Rain2006Producer
CaptainThis Heart Keeps Beating For Me2006Producer
CaptainWestern High2006Producer
CauetT'es radio star2005Muziek/Tekst
CherShape Of Things To Come1995Muziek/Tekst
CherThe Gunman1995Producer
CherThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore1995Producer
Cypress HillI Unlimited2010Muziek/Tekst
David CoverdaleThe Last Note Of Freedom1990Producer
David JordanFight The World2007Producer
David JordanGlorious Day2007Producer
David JordanIf I'm In Love2007Producer
David JordanLove Song2007Producer
David JordanMove On2007Producer
David JordanSweet Prince2007Producer
Didi ZillVideo Killed The Radio Star1979Muziek/Tekst
Disco Light OrchestraVideo Killed The Radio Star1980Muziek/Tekst
DollarGive Me Back My Heart1982Muziek/Tekst
DollarHand Held In Black And White1981Muziek/Tekst
DollarLove Me Slowly1981Producer
DollarMirror Mirror1981Muziek/Tekst
EminemWithout Me2002Muziek/Tekst
ErasureVideo Killed The Radio Star2003Muziek/Tekst
Eros RamazzottiAmica donna mia2000Producer
Eros RamazzottiL'ombra del gigante2000Producer
Eros RamazzottiUn angelo non è2000Producer
Fabien Fasake, Aurélie Konaté & Nolwenn LeroyVideo Killed The Radio Star2002Muziek/Tekst
Fair-LiteMoments In Love1996Muziek/Tekst
(Trevor Charles Horn)
Faith HillThere You'll Be2001Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodBang1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodBlack Night White Light1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodBorn To Run1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodFerry 'Cross The Mersey1983Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodFury1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodHappy Hi1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodKrisco Kisses1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodOne February Friday1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodOne September Monday1983Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelax1983Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelax '931993Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodSan Jose1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodSnatch Of Fury1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodSuffragette City1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodThe Ballad Of 321984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodThe Only Star In Heaven1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodThe Power Of Love1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodThe World Is My Oyster1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodTwo Tribes1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWar1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWelcome To The Pleasuredome1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWell ...1984Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWish The Lads Were Here1984Producer
Gary Barlow feat. Rosie GainesHang On In There Baby1997Producer
GenesisThe Carpet Crawlers 19991999Producer
GMLVideo Killed The Radio Star1996Muziek/Tekst
Godley & CremeCry1985Producer
Godley & CremeLove Bombs1985Producer
Grace JonesDon't Cry - It's Only The Rhythm1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesG. I. Blues1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesJones The Rhythm1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesJunkyard1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesOperattack1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm (Remix '94)1994Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesThe Crossing (Ooh The Action...)1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesThe Fashion Show1985Muziek/Tekst
Grace JonesThe Frog And The Princess1985Muziek/Tekst
Inga HumpeRiding Into Blue (Cowboy Song)1990Muziek/Tekst
InterplayPretty Face (Zizi Jeanmaire)1982Producer
J.T. And The Big FamilyMoments In Soul1990Muziek/Tekst
Jakatta feat. SealMy Vision2002Producer
Janet Jackson feat. Vanessa-MaeVelvet Rope1997Muziek/Tekst
Jazmine SullivanFear2008Muziek/Tekst
Jimmy Eat WorldFirestarter2002Muziek/Tekst
John LegendIf You're Out There2008Producer
John LegendThis Time2008Producer
Johnny BorrellCyrano Masochiste2013Producer
Johnny BorrellDahlia Allegro2013Producer
Johnny BorrellDahlia Rondo2013Producer
Johnny BorrellEach And Every Road2013Producer
Johnny BorrellErotic Letter2013Producer
Johnny BorrellJoshua Amrit2013Producer
Johnny BorrellLadder To Your Bed2013Producer
Johnny BorrellPan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)2013Producer
Johnny BorrellPower To The Woman2013Producer
Johnny BorrellWe Cannot Overthrow2013Producer
Johnny BorrellWild Today2013Producer
LeAnn RimesBut I Do Love You2000Producer
LeAnn RimesCan't Fight The Moonlight2000Producer
LeAnn RimesPlease Remember2000Producer
LeAnn RimesThe Right Kind Of Wrong2000Producer
Liane FolySlave To The Rhythm2016Muziek/Tekst
LipsBe Cool From School1978Producer
LipsSay Hello To My Girl1978Producer
Lisa StansfieldEasier2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldHe Touches Me2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldIf I Hadn't Got You2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldLay Your Hands On Me2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldLove Without A Name2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldSay It To Me Now2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldTake My Heart2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldTakes A Woman To Know2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldThe Moment2005Muziek/Tekst
Lisa StansfieldTreat Me Like A Woman2005Producer
Lisa StansfieldWhen Love Breaks Down2005Producer
Local BoyThriller Medley With Owner Of A Lonely Heart1984Muziek/Tekst
Macy GrayDon't Forget Me2009Producer
Malcolm McLarenDouble Dutch1983Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenDuck For The Oyster1983Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenD'Ya Like Scratchin'?1983Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenFirst Couple Out1984Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenJive My Baby1983Producer
Malcolm McLarenLegba1983Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenMerengue1983Producer
Malcolm McLarenObatala1983Producer
Malcolm McLarenPunk It Up (I'm A Sex Pistol)1983Producer
Malcolm McLarenShe's Looking Like A Hobo1983Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenSong For Chango1983Producer
Malcolm McLarenSoweto1983Muziek/Tekst
Malcolm McLarenWorld's Famous1983Producer
Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team ShowHobo Scratch1983Producer
Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team ShowShe's Looking Like A Hobo1983Producer
Malcolm McLaren And The World Famous Supreme TeamBuffalo Gals1982Muziek/Tekst
Mandy MooreSecret Love2004Producer
Marc AlmondDeadly Serenade1991Producer
Marc AlmondJacky1991Producer
Marc AlmondMy Hand Over My Heart1991Producer
Marc AlmondPrelude1991Producer
Marc AlmondThe Days Of Pearly Spencer1991Producer
Marc AlmondWhat Is Love?1991Muziek/Tekst
Marc Almond feat. Sally BradshawExtract From "Trois chansons de Bilitis"1991Producer
Max Graham vs. YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart2005Muziek/Tekst
Mike OldfieldAltered State1992Producer
Mike OldfieldBlue Saloon1992Producer
Mike OldfieldClear Light1992Producer
Mike OldfieldDark Star1992Producer
Mike OldfieldMaya Gold1992Producer
Mike OldfieldMike's Reel2015Producer
Mike OldfieldMoonshine1992Producer
Mike OldfieldRed Dawn1992Producer
Mike OldfieldSentinel1992Producer
Mike OldfieldSunjammer1992Producer
Mike OldfieldSunset Door1992Producer
Mike OldfieldTattoo1992Producer
Mike OldfieldThe Bell1992Producer
Mike OldfieldThe Great Plain1992Producer
Mike OldfieldWeightless1992Producer
Mint JulepsEvery Kinda People1987Producer
Moya BrennanTell Me Now (What You See)2004Producer
Obie TriceGot Some Teeth2003Muziek/Tekst
Olly MursA Million More Years2010Producer
Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight1989Producer
Paul McCartneyHow Many People1989Producer
Paul McCartneyOù est le soleil1989Producer
Paul McCartneyRough Ride1989Producer
Pet Shop BoysCasanova In Hell2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysGod Willing2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysI Made My Excuses And Left2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysI'm With Stupid2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysIndefinite Leave To Remain2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysIntegral2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysIt's Alright1988Producer
Pet Shop BoysLeft To My Own Devices1988Producer
Pet Shop BoysLuna Park2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysMinimal2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysNumb2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysPsychological2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysThe Sodom And Gomorrah Show2006Producer
Pet Shop BoysThe Sound Of The Atom Splitting1988Muziek/Tekst
Pet Shop BoysTwentieth Century2006Producer
PropagandaDr. Mabuse1984Producer
PropagandaFemme Fatale (The Woman With The Orchid)1984Producer
Pusha T feat. Kendrick LamarNosetalgia2013Muziek/Tekst
Richard Marx & Donna LewisAt The Beginning1997Producer
Robbie WilliamsBlasphemy2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsBodies2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsDeceptacon2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsDifficult For Weirdos2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsDo You Mind2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsHeart And I2010Producer
Robbie WilliamsLast Days Of Disco2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsMorning Sun2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsSomewhere2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsStarstruck2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsSuperblind2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsWon't Do That2009Producer
Robbie WilliamsYou Know Me2009Producer
Robbie Williams and Gary BarlowShame2010Producer
Rod StewartDowntown Train1989Producer
Rod StewartFirst I Look At The Purse1993Producer
Rod StewartLady Luck1995Producer
Rod StewartRhythm Of My Heart1991Producer
Rod StewartRuby Tuesday1993Producer
Rod StewartShotgun Wedding1993Producer
Rod StewartStand Back1993Producer
Rod StewartThe Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar1995Producer
Rod StewartTom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)1992Producer
Rod StewartYour Song1991Producer
Rod StewartYou're The Star1995Producer
Rod Stewart feat. Ronald IsleyThis Old Heart Of Mine1989Producer
SealA Minor Groove1991Producer
SealBack Stabbers2011Producer
SealBring It On1994Producer
SealCome See What Love Has Done1991Producer
SealDaylight Saving2015Muziek/Tekst
SealDeep Water1991Producer
SealDo You Ever2015Muziek/Tekst
SealDon't Cry1994Producer
SealDon't Make Me Wait2003Producer
SealDreaming In Metaphors1994Producer
SealEvery Time I'm With You2015Muziek/Tekst
SealExcerpt From1998Producer
SealFast Changes1994Producer
SealFuture Love Paradise1990Producer
SealGet It Together2003Producer
SealHalf A Heart2015Producer
SealHeavenly... (Good Feeling)2003Producer
SealHey Joe1991Producer
SealHuman Beings1998Producer
SealIf I Could1994Producer
SealI'll Be Around2011Producer
SealI'm Alive1994Producer
SealJust Like You Said1998Producer
SealKiller... On The Loose1991Producer
SealKiss From A Rose1994Producer
SealLatest Craze1998Producer
SealLean On Me2011Producer
SealLet Me Roll2003Producer
SealLet Yourself2015Producer
SealLet's Stay Together2011Producer
SealLife On The Dancefloor2015Producer
SealLoneliest Star2003Producer
SealLost My Faith1998Producer
SealLove Don't Live Here Anymore2011Producer
SealLove T.K.O.2011Producer
SealLove Won't Let Me Wait2011Producer
SealLove's Divine2003Producer
SealNewborn Friend1994Producer
SealNo Easy Way1998Producer
SealOh Girl2011Producer
SealOoh Baby Baby2011Producer
SealOwner Of A Lonely Heart2015Muziek/Tekst
SealPadded Cell2015Muziek/Tekst
SealPeople Asking Why1994Producer
SealPrayer For The Dying1994Producer
SealRedzone Killer2015Muziek/Tekst
SealShow Me1991Producer
SealState Of Grace1998Producer
SealStill Love Remains1998Producer
SealThe Beginning1991Producer
SealThe Big Love Has Died2015Muziek/Tekst
SealTinsel Town2003Producer
SealWaiting For You2003Producer
SealWalk On By2004Producer
SealWhat's Going On2011Producer
SealWhen A Man Is Wrong1998Producer
SealWhere There's Gold2003Producer
SealWishing On A Star2011Producer
Simple MindsBelfast Child1989Producer
Simple MindsBiko1989Producer
Simple MindsKick It In1989Producer
Simple MindsLet It All Come Down1989Producer
Simple MindsMandela Day1989Producer
Simple MindsSaturday Girl1989Producer
Simple MindsSoul Crying Out1989Producer
Simple MindsStreet Fighting Years1989Producer
Simple MindsTake A Step Back1989Producer
Simple MindsThis Is Your Land1989Producer
Simple MindsWall Of Love1989Producer
Simple MindsWhen Spirits Rise1989Producer
Simple MindsYear Of The Dragon1989Producer
Siphiwo feat. Message Of Hope From Nelson MandelaHope2010Producer
Snoop DoggIn Love With A Thug1999Muziek/Tekst
SpectorFriday Night, Don't Ever Let It End2012Producer
Star VoyagerThe Inter-Galactic Cruise1989Muziek/Tekst
Stevie NicksDocklands1994Muziek/Tekst
StijnSlave To The Rhythm2008Muziek/Tekst
Such A Surge mit Thomas DLeben1998Muziek/Tekst
SuperbusVideo Killed The Radio Star2012Muziek/Tekst
(Trevor Charles Horn)
Sydnee CarterVideo Killed The Radio Star2014Muziek/Tekst
t.A.T.u.All The Things She Said2002Muziek/Tekst
t.A.T.u.Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)2002Producer
t.A.T.u.Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)2005Producer
t.A.T.u.Nas ne dagoniat2002Producer
t.A.T.u.Not Gonna Get Us2002Muziek/Tekst
t.A.T.u.Ya shosla s uma2002Producer
Terry ReidGimme Some Lovin'1990Producer
TexasTelephone X2003Producer
The Art Of NoiseBeatbox Diversion 101983Muziek/Tekst
The Art Of NoiseClose (To The Edit)1984Muziek/Tekst
The Art Of NoiseLove Beat1984Muziek/Tekst
The Art Of NoiseMoments In Love1984Muziek/Tekst
The Art Of Noise feat. RakimMetaforce1999Muziek/Tekst
The Disco BoysShadows2008Muziek/Tekst
The HiltonairesStars On 45 [Part 2]1982Muziek/Tekst
The Image Of A GroupUn tendre et triste regret2010Muziek/Tekst
The JagsBack Of My Hand1979Muziek/Tekst
The KorgisDon't Look Back1982Producer
The OrbA Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld1991Muziek/Tekst
The OvertonesKeep Me Hanging On2012Producer
The OvertonesPerfect2012Producer
The OvertonesReet petite2012Producer
The OvertonesRunaround Sue2012Producer
The OvertonesYou've Lost That Loving Feeling2012Producer
The Presidents Of The United States Of AmericaVideo Killed The Radio Star1998Muziek/Tekst
The PretendersI'm Not In Love1993Producer
The ProdigyFirestarter1996Muziek/Tekst
The SquadThree Lions 20102010Producer
The Star Inc.Moments In Love1989Muziek/Tekst
Tina TurnerAll Kinds Of People1996Producer
Tina TurnerDancing In My Dreams1996Producer
Tina TurnerIn Your Wildest Dreams1996Producer
Tina TurnerMissing You1996Producer
Tina TurnerOn Silent Wings1996Producer
Tina TurnerSomething Special2004Producer
Tina TurnerThief Of Hearts1996Producer
Tina TurnerWhatever You Want1996Producer
Tina Turner feat. Barry WhiteIn Your Wildest Dreams1996Producer
Tom JonesIf I Only Knew1994Producer
Trevor ReidGimme Some Lovin'1990Producer
Wendy & LisaThis Is The Life1995Producer
West Street MobMosquito1984Muziek/Tekst & Nicki MinajCheck It Out!2010Muziek/Tekst
YesAlmost Like Love1987Producer
YesAmazing Grace1977Producer
YesBig Generator1987Producer
YesCity Of Love1983Producer
YesDoes It Really Happen?1980Muziek/Tekst
YesFinal Eyes1987Producer
YesFly From Here - Overture2011Muziek/Tekst
YesFly From Here Pt I - We Can Fly2011Muziek/Tekst
YesFly From Here Pt II - Sad Night At The Airfield2011Muziek/Tekst
YesFly From Here Pt III - Madman At The Screens2011Muziek/Tekst
YesFly From Here Pt IV - Bumpy Ride2011Producer
YesFly From Here Pt V - We Can Fly Reprise2011Muziek/Tekst
YesHave We Really Got To Go Through This1980Muziek/Tekst
YesHold On1983Producer
YesHoly Lamb (Song For Harmonic Convergence)1987Producer
YesHour Of Need2011Producer
YesI'm Running1987Producer
YesInto The Lens (I Am A Camera)1980Muziek/Tekst
YesInto The Storm2011Muziek/Tekst
YesIt Can Happen1983Producer
YesIt's Over1983Muziek/Tekst
YesLeave It1983Muziek/Tekst
YesLife On A Film Set2011Muziek/Tekst
YesLove Will Find A Way1987Producer
YesMachine Messiah1980Muziek/Tekst
YesMake It Easy1983Muziek/Tekst
YesOur Song1983Muziek/Tekst
YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart1983Muziek/Tekst
YesRhythm Of Love1987Producer
YesRun Through The Light1980Muziek/Tekst
YesShoot High Aim Low1987Producer
YesTempus Fugit1980Muziek/Tekst
YesThe Man You Always Wanted Me To Be2011Producer
YesWhite Car1980Muziek/Tekst
Ying Yang TwinsGhetto Classics2005Muziek/Tekst



Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles)03/11/1979166
The Plastic Age (Buggles)23/02/1980294
I Am A Camera (Buggles)14/11/1981461
Poison Arrow (ABC)27/03/1982186
Lenny (Buggles)03/04/1982177
The Look Of Love (ABC)05/06/1982117
All Of My Heart (ABC)18/09/1982205
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes)19/11/1983710
Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)28/01/1984510
Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)23/06/1984115
The Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)08/12/19841011
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)22/12/1984140
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)06/04/1985148
Cry (Godley & Creme)20/04/1985138
Slave To The Rhythm (Grace Jones)02/11/1985411
Moments In Love (The Art Of Noise)14/03/19871016
Left To My Own Devices (Pet Shop Boys)19/11/19881811
Belfast Child (Simple Minds)18/02/1989114
This Is Your Land (Simple Minds)22/04/1989712
It's Alright (Pet Shop Boys)22/07/1989418
Kick It In (Simple Minds)29/07/1989347
The Inter-Galactic Cruise (Star Voyager)26/08/1989318
Figure Of Eight (Paul McCartney)25/11/1989428
This Old Heart Of Mine (Rod Stewart feat. Ronald Isley)25/11/19894910
Downtown Train (Rod Stewart)27/01/1990428
Moments In Soul (J.T. And The Big Family)14/04/1990239
Crazy (Seal)12/01/1991117
Rhythm Of My Heart (Rod Stewart)16/03/19912112
Future Love Paradise (Seal)27/04/19911011
The Beginning (Seal)27/07/1991169
Jacky (Marc Almond)28/09/1991576
Killer... On The Loose (Seal)16/11/1991754
Your Song (Rod Stewart)18/04/1992605
The Days Of Pearly Spencer (Marc Almond)02/05/1992446
Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda) (Rod Stewart)12/12/1992413
Ruby Tuesday (Rod Stewart)27/02/1993215
Relax '93 (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)30/10/1993127
Prayer For The Dying (Seal)04/06/1994403
If I Only Knew (Tom Jones)12/11/1994138
Kiss From A Rose (Seal)12/08/1995315
Whatever You Want (Tina Turner)16/03/1996185
Firestarter (The Prodigy)06/04/19961412
On Silent Wings (Tina Turner)01/06/1996373
In Your Wildest Dreams (Tina Turner feat. Barry White)21/12/1996774
At The Beginning (Richard Marx & Donna Lewis)24/01/1998706
Can't Fight The Moonlight (LeAnn Rimes)25/11/2000122
There You'll Be (Faith Hill)30/06/2001420
Without Me (Eminem)01/06/2002119
E (Drunkenmunky)17/08/20021612
All The Things She Said (t.A.T.u.)05/10/2002219
Not Gonna Get Us (t.A.T.u.)01/02/2003119
Get It Together (Seal)13/09/2003785
Got Some Teeth (Obie Trice)08/11/2003327
Step Into My Office, Baby (Belle And Sebastian)29/11/2003803
Love's Divine (Seal)31/01/2004687
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Max Graham vs. Yes)28/05/20052516
I'm With Stupid (Pet Shop Boys)20/05/2006642
If You're Out There (John Legend)06/09/2008415
This Time (John Legend)04/04/2009427
Bodies (Robbie Williams)17/10/2009314
You Know Me (Robbie Williams)12/12/20093110
Morning Sun (Robbie Williams)20/02/2010758
Shame (Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow)04/09/2010420
Check It Out! ( & Nicki Minaj)23/10/2010678

De best beoordeelde nummers van Trevor Horn

Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)2685.11
The Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)2655.11
Moments In Love (The Art Of Noise)1025.05
Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles)2725.04
Crazy (Seal)2095
The Sodom And Gomorrah Show (Pet Shop Boys)405
Glorious (Captain)55
Mandela Day (Simple Minds)624.98
This Old Heart Of Mine (Rod Stewart feat. Ronald Isley)474.96
Dancing In My Dreams (Tina Turner)224.95
Take My Heart (Lisa Stansfield)164.94
Belfast Child (Simple Minds)1534.93
Sound The Bugle (Bryan Adams)154.93
The Last Note Of Freedom (David Coverdale)154.93
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)2404.92
Elstree (Buggles)254.92
Ya shosla s uma (t.A.T.u.)374.92
Changes (Yes)234.91
The Carpet Crawlers 1999 (Genesis)374.89
Soul Crying Out (Simple Minds)94.89

De bekendste platen van Trevor Horn

All The Things She Said (t.A.T.u.)2994.3
Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles)2725.04
Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)2685.11
The Power Of Love (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)2655.11
Can't Fight The Moonlight (LeAnn Rimes)2504.5
Without Me (Eminem)2424.15
Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid)2404.92
Bodies (Robbie Williams)2264.02
Kiss From A Rose (Seal)2254.84
Crazy (Seal)2095
Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes)1924.85
Love's Divine (Seal)1924.6
The Look Of Love (ABC)1724.76
Firestarter (The Prodigy)1564.28
Belfast Child (Simple Minds)1534.93
There You'll Be (Faith Hill)1484.55
Slave To The Rhythm (Grace Jones)1454.54
Shame (Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow)1393.65
Not Gonna Get Us (t.A.T.u.)1373.82
Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)1364.44
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