Nick Lowe

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A Perfect CirclePeace Love And Understanding2004Muziek/Tekst
Alvin StardustWhat Looks Good On You Is Me1983Muziek/Tekst
Amanda ShiresI Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass2012Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley Schwarz(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzBallad Of A Has Been Beauty Queen1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzBrand New Yiou, Brand New Me1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzCountry Girl1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzDon't Lose Your Grip On Love1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzDown In Mexico1973Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzDown In The City1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzEbiny Down1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzEgypt1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzEver Since You're Gone1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzFeel A Little Funky1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzFunk Angel1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzHappy Doing What We're Doing1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzHymn To Me1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzI Got The Real Thing1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzI Like It Like That1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzI Like You, I Don't Love You1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzI Won't Make It Without You1973Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzI Worry ('bout You Baby)1973Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzIt's Been So Long1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzLady Constant1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzLove Song1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzMayfly1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzMerry-Go-Round1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzNervous On The Road (But Can't Stay At Home)1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzNightingale1971Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzNow's The Time1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzOld Jarrow1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzPlay That Fast Thing (One More Time)1973Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzRock And Roll Woman1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzShining Brightly1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzSilver Pistol1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzSmall Town, Big City1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzStar Ship1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzSurrender To The Rhythm1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzThe Last Time I Was Fooled1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzThe Look That's In Your Eye Tonight1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzThe Slow One1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzThe Ugly Things1974Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzThere's A Cloud In My Heart1975Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzUnknown Number1972Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzWhat Do You Suggest1970Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzWhy Do We Hurt To One We Love1973Muziek/Tekst
Brinsley SchwarzWhy, Why, Why, Why, Why1972Muziek/Tekst
Caitlin RoseLately I've Let Things Slide2012Muziek/Tekst
Candi Staton(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding2018Muziek/Tekst
Carlene Carter300 Pounds Of Hungry1981Producer
Carlene CarterBilly1981Producer
Carlene CarterBorn To Move1981Producer
Carlene CarterDo It In A Heartbeat1979Muziek/Tekst
Carlene CarterDo Me Lover1981Muziek/Tekst
Carlene CarterDon't Give My Heart A Break1983Muziek/Tekst
Carlene CarterHome Run Hitter1981Muziek/Tekst
Carlene CarterI Need A Hit1981Producer
Carlene CarterLove Is A 4 Letter Verb1981Producer
Carlene CarterMe And My .381981Muziek/Tekst
Carlene CarterOh How Happy1981Producer
Carlene CarterRing Of Fire1980Producer
Carlene CarterRockababy1981Producer
Carlene CarterThat Boy1981Producer
Carlene CarterThat Very First Kiss1980Producer
Carlene CarterThink Dirty1981Producer
Carlene CarterToo Bad About Sandy1980Producer
Carlene CarterTougher Stuff1981Muziek/Tekst
Carlene Carter with Dave EdmundsBaby Ride Easy1980Producer
Chatham County LineHeart Of The City2012Muziek/Tekst
Colin GilmoreYou Make Me2012Muziek/Tekst
Curtis Stigers(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding1992Muziek/Tekst
Curtis StigersYou Inspire Me2003Muziek/Tekst
Dave Edmunds(I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me1981Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsAs Lovers Do1976Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsDeborah1978Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsGonna Move1988Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsHeart Of The City1978Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsHere Comes The Weekend1976Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsI Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)1977Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsI'm Only Human1981Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsLittle Darlin'1977Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsNever Been In Love1978Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsShe's My Baby1974Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsTelevision1978Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsWhat Did I Do Last Night?1977Muziek/Tekst
Dave EdmundsWhat Looks Best On You1978Muziek/Tekst
Dave Edmunds & The Stray Cats(I´m Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me1981Muziek/Tekst
Diana RossBattlefield1991Muziek/Tekst
Dr. Feelgood60 Minutes Of Your Love1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodA Case Of The Shakes1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodAs Long As The Price Is Right1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodBaby Jane1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodBecause You're Mine1975Muziek/Tekst
Dr. FeelgoodBest In The World1980Muziek/Tekst
Dr. FeelgoodComing To You1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodDrives Me Wild1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodGoing Some Place Else1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodHeart Of The City1991Muziek/Tekst
Dr. FeelgoodHi Rise1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodI Don't Wanna Know1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodI Thought I Had It Made1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodIt Wasn't Me1978Muziek/Tekst
Dr. FeelgoodJumping From Love To Love1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodKing For A Day1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodLooking Back1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodLove Hound1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodMilk And Alcohol1978Muziek/Tekst
Dr. FeelgoodMy Buddy Buddy Friends1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodNinety Nine And A Half (Won't Do)1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodNo Mo' Do Yakamo1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodPunch Down1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodShe's A Windup1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodThat's It, I Quit1977Muziek/Tekst
Dr. FeelgoodThe Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock 'N' Roll1977Producer
Dr. FeelgoodViolent Love1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodWho's Winning1980Producer
Dr. FeelgoodYou Upset Me Baby1977Producer
Elvis Costello(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes1977Producer
Elvis CostelloAccidents Will Happen1978Producer
Elvis CostelloAlison1977Producer
Elvis CostelloBig Boys1978Producer
Elvis CostelloBlame It On The Cain1977Producer
Elvis CostelloBusy Bodies1978Producer
Elvis CostelloChemistry Class1978Producer
Elvis CostelloClowntime Is Over1980Producer
Elvis CostelloCrawling To The U.S.A.2012Producer
Elvis CostelloGetting Mighty Crowded1980Producer
Elvis CostelloGhost Train1980Producer
Elvis CostelloGoon Squad1978Producer
Elvis CostelloGreen Shirt1978Producer
Elvis CostelloHand In Hand1978Producer
Elvis CostelloHigh Fidelity1980Producer
Elvis CostelloI'm Not Angry1977Producer
Elvis CostelloLess Than Zero1977Producer
Elvis CostelloLip Service1978Producer
Elvis CostelloLipstick Vogue1978Producer
Elvis CostelloLittle Triggers1978Producer
Elvis CostelloLiving In Paradise1978Producer
Elvis CostelloMiracle Man1977Producer
Elvis CostelloMoods For Modern1978Producer
Elvis CostelloMy Funny Valentine1979Producer
Elvis CostelloMystery Dance1977Producer
Elvis CostelloNight Rally1978Producer
Elvis CostelloNo Action1978Producer
Elvis CostelloNo Dancing1977Producer
Elvis CostelloOliver's Army1978Producer
Elvis CostelloParty Girl1978Producer
Elvis CostelloPay It Back1977Producer
Elvis CostelloRadio Sweetheart1977Producer
Elvis CostelloSenior Service1978Producer
Elvis CostelloSneaky Feelings1977Producer
Elvis CostelloStranger In The House1978Producer
Elvis CostelloSunday's Best1978Producer
Elvis CostelloTalking In The Dark1978Producer
Elvis CostelloThe Beat1978Producer
Elvis CostelloThe Ugly Things1989Muziek/Tekst
Elvis CostelloThis Year's Girl1978Producer
Elvis CostelloTwo Little Hitlers1978Producer
Elvis CostelloWaiting For The End Of The World1977Producer
Elvis CostelloWatching The Detectives1977Producer
Elvis CostelloWednesday Week1978Producer
Elvis CostelloWelcome To The Working Week1977Producer
Elvis Costello & The Attractions(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding1979Muziek/Tekst
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBig Tears1978Producer
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsNeat, Neat, Neat1978Producer
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsPump It Up1978Producer
Elvis Costello & The AttractionsYou Belong To Me1978Producer
Elvis Costello And The Attractions(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea1978Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsB Movie1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsBeaten To The Punch1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsBig Sister1982Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsBig Sister's Clothes1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsBlack And White World1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsClubland1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsDifferent Finger1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsFish'n Chip Paper1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsFrom A Whisper To A Scream1981Producer
Elvis Costello and The AttractionsGirls Talk1979Muziek/Tekst
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsHuman Touch1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsI Can't Stand Up For Falling Down1979Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsI Hope You're Happy Now1986Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsI Stand Accused1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsI Want You1986Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsKing Horse1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsLove For Tender1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsLovers Walk1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsLuxembourg1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsMan Called Uncle1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsMotel Matches1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsNew Amsterdam1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsNew Lace Sleeves1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsOpportunity1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsPossession1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsPretty Words1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsRadio Radio1978Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsRiot Act1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsSecondary Modern1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsShot Whit His Own Gun1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsSive Gears In Reserve1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsStrict Time1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsTemptation1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsThe Imposter1980Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsTiny Steps1978Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsTokyo Storm Warning1986Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsWatch Your Step1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsWhite Knuckles1981Producer
Elvis Costello And The AttractionsYou'll Never Be A Man1981Producer
EngelbertYou Inspire Me2005Muziek/Tekst
Erin EnderlinLover Don't Go2012Muziek/Tekst
Frank ZanderBlut und Alkohol1980Muziek/Tekst
Graham ParkerBetween You And Me1975Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourBack Door Love1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourBack To Schooldays1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourClear Head1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourDon't Ask Me Questions1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourGypsy Blood1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourHowling Wind1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourI'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourI'm Gonna Use It Now1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourLady Doctor1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourNot If It Pleases Me1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourNothin's Gonna Pull Us Apart1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourProblem Child1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourSilly Thing1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourSoul On Ice1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourSoul Shoes1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourStick To Me1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourThe Heat In Harlem1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourThe New York Shuffle1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourThe Raid1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourThunder And Rain1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourWatch The Moon Come Down1977Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourWhite Honey1976Producer
Graham Parker & The RumourYou've Got To Be Kidding1976Producer
Griffin HouseCracking Up2012Muziek/Tekst
Guido BelcantoHalf een man en half een vrouw2008Muziek/Tekst
Hayes Carll(I'm Gonna Start) Living Again If It Kills Me2012Muziek/Tekst
Huey Lewis And The NewsDo You Love Me, Or What?1991Muziek/Tekst
Huey Lewis And The NewsWhen I Write The Book2001Muziek/Tekst
JEFF The BrotherhoodMarie Provost2012Muziek/Tekst
Jimmy Cliff & Elvis Costello and The AttractionsSeven-Day Weekend1986Producer
Jochen DistelmeyerI Read A Lot2016Muziek/Tekst
John HiattBook Lovers1983Producer
John HiattFalling Up1983Producer
John HiattLove Like Blood1983Producer
John HiattRiding With The King1983Producer
John HiattThe Love That Harms1983Producer
John HiattYou May Already Be A Winner1983Producer
John Hiatt & Rosanne CashThe Way We Make A Broken Heart1983Producer
Johnny CashThe Beast In Me1994Muziek/Tekst
Johnny CashWithout Love1980Muziek/Tekst
Jona LewieGod Bless Whoever Made You1979Muziek/Tekst
KikkiHalf A Boy Half A Man1985Muziek/Tekst
Lene LovichTonight1978Muziek/Tekst
Leo KottkeEndless Sleep1978Muziek/Tekst
Letters To CleoCruel To Be Kind1999Muziek/Tekst
Linda RonstadtSo Right, So Wrong1989Muziek/Tekst
Linda Ronstadt feat. Aaron NevilleI Need You1989Muziek/Tekst
Little VillageFool Who Knows1992Muziek/Tekst
Lori McKennaWhat's Shakin' On The Hill2012Muziek/Tekst
Los StraitjacketsShake That Rat2001Muziek/Tekst
Mark LaneganThe Beast In Me2011Muziek/Tekst
Matthias LensSamen uit, samen thuis2015Muziek/Tekst
Mickey JuppDown In Old New Orleans1978Producer
Mickey JuppIf Only Mother1978Producer
Mickey JuppMaking Friends1978Producer
Mickey JuppOld Rock 'N' Roller1978Producer
Mickey JuppSchool1978Producer
Mickey JuppShort List1978Producer
Midnight Oil(What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding1987Muziek/Tekst
Neal Morse(What's So Funny Bout) Peace Love And Understanding2014Muziek/Tekst
Nick Lowe(For Every Woman Who Ever Made A Fool Of A Man There's A Woman Made A) Man Of A Fool1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick Lowe36 Inches High1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweAll Men Are Liars1990Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweAmerican Squirm1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweAwesome1984Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweBa Doom1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweBig Kick, Plain Scrap!1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweBorn A Woman1977Producer
Nick LoweBorn Fighter1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweBurning1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweCheckout Time2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweChicken And Feathers1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweCold Grey Light Of Dawn2011Producer
Nick LoweCool Reaction1983Producer
Nick LoweCouldn't Love You (Any More Than I Do)1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweCracking Up1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweCruel To Be Kind1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweDon't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive1999Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweDose Of You1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweEndless Grey Ribbon1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweEndless Sleep1977Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweFaithless Lover1998Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweGai-Gin Man1990Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHalf A Boy & Half A Man1984Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHalfway To Paradise1977Producer
Nick LoweHas She Got A Friend?2001Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHeart1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHeart Of The City1976Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHomewrecker2001Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHope For Us All2007Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHouse for Sale2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweHow Do You Talk To An Angel1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Don't Want The Night To End1977Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)1985Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Live On A Battlefield1994Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Love My Label1974Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Read A Lot2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweI Trained Her To Love Me2007Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweIndian Queens2007Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweL.A.F.S.1984Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLately I've Let Things Slide2001Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLet Me Kiss Ya1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLet's Stay In And Make Love2001Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLittle Hitler1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLonesome Reverie1998Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLong Limbed Girl2007Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLove So Fine1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweLovers Jamboree1988Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweMan That I've Become1998Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweMarie Provost1977Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweMess Around With Love1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweMusic For Money1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweMy Heart Hurts1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweNo Reason1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweNutted By Reality1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweOne's Too Many (And A Hundred Ain't Enough)1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LowePaid The Price1983Producer
Nick LowePeople Change2007Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweQueen Of Sheba1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweRagin' Eyes1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweRaining Raining1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweRestless Feeling2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweRollers Show1975Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSaint Beneath The Paint1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSensitive Man2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweShake And Pop1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweShake That Rat1977Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweShelley My Love1994Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweShting-Shtang1990Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSkin Deep1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSo It Goes1976Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSomebody Cares for Me2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSoulful Wind1994Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweStick It Where The Sun Don't Shine1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweStoplight Roses2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweSwitchboard Susan1979Producer
Nick LoweTanque-Rae1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweThe Beast In Me1994Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweThe Gee And The Rick And The Three Card Trick1984Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweThe Rose Of England1985Muziek/Tekst
Nick Lowe'Til The Real Thing Comes Along2011Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweTime Wounds All Heels1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweTonight1978Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweToo Many Teardrops1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweWe Want Action1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweWhat Lack Of Love Has Done1998Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweWhat's Shakin' On The Hill1990Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweWishing Well1988Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweWithout Love1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweYou Inspire Me1998Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweYou Make Me1979Muziek/Tekst
Nick LoweZulu Kiss1982Muziek/Tekst
Nick Lowe & Paul CarrackWish You Were Here1983Muziek/Tekst
Nick Lowe And His SoundWhat's So Funny, 'Bout (Peace, Love And Understanding)1978Muziek/Tekst
(The Artist)
Nick Lowe with RockpileThey Called It Rock1975Muziek/Tekst
Niklas StrömstedtEtt hjärta som regnar1981Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackA Little Unkind1982Producer
Paul CarrackAlways Better With You1982Producer
Paul CarrackBattlefield1989Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackCall Me Tonight1982Producer
Paul CarrackDon't Give My Heart A Break1982Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackFrom Now On1982Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackFrom Now On [2012]2012Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackI Found Love1982Producer
Paul CarrackI Need You1982Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackI'm In Love1982Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackI'm On Your Tail1989Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackLesson In Love1982Producer
Paul CarrackOut Of Touch1982Producer
Paul CarrackSo Right, So Wrong1982Muziek/Tekst
Paul CarrackWhat A Way To Go1982Muziek/Tekst
Paul Carrack with the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraI Live On A Battlefield2010Muziek/Tekst
Powerage [DE]Milk & Alcohol1994Muziek/Tekst
PretendersWindows Of The World1988Producer
PromisesReal Thing1979Muziek/Tekst
René Klijn feat. Candy DulferI Need You1993Muziek/Tekst
Richard Hell & The VoidoidsI'm Your Man1979Producer
Richard Hell & The VoidoidsThe Kid With The Replaceable Head1979Producer
Robert EllisAll Men Are Liars2012Muziek/Tekst
Robert FinleyReal Love is Like Hard Time2017Muziek/Tekst
RockpileA Knife And A Fork1980Producer
RockpileFool Too Long1980Muziek/Tekst
RockpileIf Sugar Was As Sweet As You1980Producer
RockpileNow And Always1980Muziek/Tekst
RockpileOh, What A Thrill1980Producer
RockpilePet You And Hold You1980Muziek/Tekst
RockpilePlay That Fast Thing (One More Time)1980Muziek/Tekst
RockpileTeacher, Teacher1980Producer
RockpileWhen I Write The Book1980Muziek/Tekst
RockpileWrong Again (Let's Face It)1980Producer
RockpileWrong Way1981Muziek/Tekst
RockpileYou Ain't Nothin' But Fine1980Producer
Rocky Sharpe And The ReplaysHeart1981Muziek/Tekst
Rod StewartShelly My Love1998Muziek/Tekst
Ron SexsmithWhere's My Everything?2012Muziek/Tekst
Sam GoorisSamen uit, samen thuis1990Muziek/Tekst
Simple MindsPeace, Love And Understanding2009Muziek/Tekst
Solomon BurkeThe Other Side Of The Coin2002Muziek/Tekst
StretchCruel To Be Kind1978Muziek/Tekst
Sugarfoot(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding2016Muziek/Tekst
The Damned1 Of The 21977Producer
The DamnedBorn To Kill1977Producer
The DamnedFan Club1977Producer
The DamnedFeel The Pain1977Producer
The DamnedFish1977Producer
The DamnedHelp1976Producer
The DamnedI Fall1977Producer
The DamnedI Feel Alright1977Producer
The DamnedNeat Neat Neat1977Producer
The DamnedNew Rose1976Producer
The DamnedSee Her Tonite1977Producer
The DamnedSingalongascabies1977Producer
The DamnedSo Messed Up1977Producer
The DamnedStab Yor Back1977Producer
The Disco Bros.Everybody Dance1976Muziek/Tekst
The Disco Bros.Let's Go To The Disco1976Muziek/Tekst
The KnackI Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll)1979Muziek/Tekst
The MavericksAll I Get1998Muziek/Tekst
The MavericksBlue Moon1995Producer
The Parson Red HeadsDon't Lose Your Grip On Love2012Muziek/Tekst
The PretendersStop Your Sobbing1978Producer
The PretendersThe Wait1978Producer
The RumourLeaders1979Muziek/Tekst
The StrypesHeart Of The City2013Muziek/Tekst
The Tartan HordeAllorolla1977Producer
The Tartan HordeBay City Rollers, We Love You1975Producer
The Tartan HordeRollers Show1977Producer
The Tartan HordeRollers Theme1975Producer
The Unsinkable BoxerWhen I Write The Book2012Muziek/Tekst
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersCracking Up1985Muziek/Tekst
Wreckless EricWhole Wide World1977Producer
Züri WestVerchoufe ds Huus2017Muziek/Tekst



Here Comes The Weekend (Dave Edmunds)06/11/1976282
I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass (Nick Lowe)25/03/1978176
Don't Ask Me Questions (Graham Parker & The Rumour)27/05/1978284
Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello)07/04/1979327
I Need You (Paul Carrack)29/01/1983216
Half A Boy & Half A Man (Nick Lowe)23/06/1984810
I Want You (Elvis Costello And The Attractions)22/11/1986256

De best beoordeelde nummers van Nick Lowe

Baby Ride Easy (Carlene Carter with Dave Edmunds)75.29
I'm Not Angry (Elvis Costello)55
Because You're Mine (Dr. Feelgood)55
Milk And Alcohol (Dr. Feelgood)614.82
No Mo' Do Yakamo (Dr. Feelgood)94.78
Baby Jane (Dr. Feelgood)94.78
As Long As The Price Is Right (Dr. Feelgood)124.75
Battlefield (Paul Carrack)124.75
Stop Your Sobbing (The Pretenders)294.66
Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello)384.63
Here Comes The Weekend (Dave Edmunds)134.62
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll) (Nick Lowe)54.6
Pump It Up (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)234.57
I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll) (Dave Edmunds)114.55
Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello)394.54
Without Love (Johnny Cash)84.5
Cracking Up (Nick Lowe)64.5
Peace Love And Understanding (A Perfect Circle)64.5
Cruel To Be Kind (Nick Lowe)274.48
All Men Are Liars (Nick Lowe)74.43

De bekendste platen van Nick Lowe

Milk And Alcohol (Dr. Feelgood)614.82
Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello)394.54
Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello)384.63
Stop Your Sobbing (The Pretenders)294.66
Cruel To Be Kind (Nick Lowe)274.48
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Elvis Costello And The Attractions)254.28
I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass (Nick Lowe)244.25
Pump It Up (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)234.57
Alison (Elvis Costello)224.14
I Want You (Elvis Costello And The Attractions)223.95
Don't Ask Me Questions (Graham Parker & The Rumour)214.24
Accidents Will Happen (Elvis Costello)203.85
Half A Boy & Half A Man (Nick Lowe)174.24
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding (Curtis Stigers)174.18
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)174.12
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (Elvis Costello And The Attractions)173.59
I Need You (Paul Carrack)144.29
Radio Radio (Elvis Costello And The Attractions)144.14
Here Comes The Weekend (Dave Edmunds)134.62
The Wait (The Pretenders)134.15
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