Keith Olsen

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Pseudoniemen / Alternatieve spelling: Keith Olson
38 SpecialAgainst The Night1986Producer
38 SpecialHas There Ever Been A Good Goodbye1986Producer
38 SpecialHearts On Fire1986Producer
38 SpecialJust A Little Love1986Producer
38 SpecialLast Time1986Producer
38 SpecialLike No Other Night1986Producer
38 SpecialNever Give An Inch1986Producer
38 SpecialOnce In A Lifetime1986Producer
38 SpecialOne In A Million1986Producer
38 SpecialSomebody Like You1986Producer
707Mega Force1982Producer
AxxisAll My Life1995Producer
AxxisAnother Day1995Producer
AxxisBack In My Bones1995Producer
AxxisC'est la vie1995Producer
AxxisFan The Flames1995Producer
AxxisFreedom Comes1995Producer
AxxisHide Away1995Producer
AxxisJust A Story1995Producer
AxxisOn My Own1995Producer
AxxisWatch Out1995Producer
Bob WeirBombs Away1977Producer
Bob WeirEasy To Slip1977Producer
Bob WeirHeaven Help Us All1977Producer
Bob WeirI'll Be Doggone1977Producer
Bob WeirSalt Lake City1977Producer
Bob WeirShade Of Grey1977Producer
Bob WeirThis Time Forever1977Producer
Bob WeirWrong Way1977Producer
DareCry Wolf1991Producer
DareLive To Fight Another Day1991Producer
DareReal Love1990Producer
DareWe Don't Need A Reason1991Producer
DareWild Heart1991Producer
DareWings Of Fire1991Producer
Eddie And The TideWeak In The Presence Of Beauty1987Producer
Eddie MoneyHeaven In The Back Seat1991Producer
(Keith Olson)
Eddie MoneyI'll Get By1991Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerChange1994Muziek/Tekst
Emerson, Lake & PalmerDaddy1994Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerGive Me A Reason To Stay1994Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerGone Too Soon1994Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerHand Of Truth1994Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerHeart On Ice1994Muziek/Tekst
Emerson, Lake & PalmerMan In The Long Black Coat1994Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerOne By One1994Muziek/Tekst
Emerson, Lake & PalmerStreet War1994Producer
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThin Line1994Muziek/Tekst
Eternity's ChildrenFrom You Unto Us1970Producer
Eternity's ChildrenLittle Boy1968Producer
Eternity's ChildrenMrs. Bluebird1968Producer
Eternity's ChildrenSunshine Among Us1968Producer
FarrenheitFool In Love1987Producer
FarrenheitStand Out1987Producer
Fleetwood MacBlue Letter1975Producer
Fleetwood MacCrystal1975Producer
Fleetwood MacI'm So Afraid1975Producer
Fleetwood MacJam #22004Producer
Fleetwood MacLandslide1975Producer
Fleetwood MacMonday Morning1975Producer
Fleetwood MacOver My Head1975Producer
Fleetwood MacRhiannon1975Producer
Fleetwood MacSay You Love Me1975Producer
Fleetwood MacSugar Daddy1975Producer
Fleetwood MacWarm Ways1975Producer
Fleetwood MacWorld Turning1975Producer
Fools GoldCan Hear The Whistle Blow1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldCaptain1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldFly Away1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldGypsy Brew1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldMr. Lucky1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldRunnin' And Hidin'1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldSweet Country Air1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldWhere Did Our Love Go Wrong1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
Fools GoldWouldn't I Love To Love You1977Producer
(Keith Olson)
ForeignerBack Where You Belong1978Producer
ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day1978Producer
ForeignerDouble Vision1978Producer
ForeignerHot Blooded1978Producer
ForeignerI Have Waited So Long1978Producer
ForeignerLonely Children1978Producer
ForeignerLove Has Taken Its Toll1978Producer
ForeignerYou're All I Am1978Producer
Grateful DeadDancin' In The Streets1977Producer
Grateful DeadEstimated Prophet1977Producer
Grateful DeadPassenger1977Producer
Grateful DeadSamson And Delilah1977Producer
Grateful DeadSunrise1977Producer
Grateful DeadTerrapin Station1977Producer
Heart(Beat By) Jealousy1984Producer
HeartBlue Guitar1984Producer
HeartHeavy Heart1984Muziek/Tekst
HeartHow Can I Refuse1983Producer
HeartJohnny Moon1983Producer
HeartLanguage Of Love1984Producer
HeartLove Mistake1983Producer
HeartSleep Alone1984Producer
HeartTogether Now1983Producer
i-TenI Don't Want To Lose You1983Producer
i-TenI've Been Crying1983Producer
i-TenLonely In Each Other's Arms1983Producer
i-TenPressing My Luck1983Producer
i-TENTaking A Cold Look1983Producer
i-TenThe Easy Way Out1983Producer
i-TenTime To Say Goodbye1983Producer
i-TenWorkin' For A Lovin'1983Producer
James GangAin't Seen Nothing Yet1972Producer
James GangDrifting Girl1972Producer
James GangEverybody Needs A Hero1972Producer
James GangHad Enough1972Producer
James GangOne Way Street1972Producer
James GangOut Of Control1972Producer
James GangRun, Run, Run1972Producer
James GangThings I Want To Say To You1972Producer
James GangUp To Yourself1972Producer
Joe Walsh15 Years1985Producer
Joe WalshBubbles1985Producer
Joe WalshDear John1985Producer
Joe WalshGood Man Down1985Producer
Joe WalshI Broke My Legs1985Producer
Joe WalshProblems1985Producer
Joe WalshRosewood Bittens1985Producer
Joe WalshSlow Dancing1985Producer
Joe WalshThe Confessor1985Producer
Kim CarnesA Kick In The Heart1983Producer
Kim CarnesHangin' On By A Thread (A Sad Affair Of The Heart)1983Producer
Kim CarnesHurricane1983Producer
Kim CarnesI Pretend1983Producer
Kim CarnesI'll Be Here Where The Heart Is1983Producer
Kim CarnesInvisible Hands1983Producer
Kim CarnesMet You At The Wrong Time Of My Life1983Producer
Kim CarnesThe Universal Song1983Producer
Kim CarnesYou Make My Heart Beat Faster (And That's All That Matters)1983Producer
Kim CarnesYoung Love1983Producer
Kingdom ComeDo You Like It1989Producer
Kingdom ComeGotta Go (Can't Wage A War)1989Producer
Kingdom ComeHighway 61989Producer
Kingdom ComeJust Like A Wild Rose1989Producer
Kingdom ComeMean Dirty Joe1989Producer
Kingdom ComeOverrated1989Producer
Kingdom ComePerfect 'O'1989Producer
Kingdom ComeStargazer1989Producer
Kingdom ComeThe Wind1989Producer
Kingdom ComeWho Do You Love1989Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksCrying In The Night1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksCrystal1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksDjango1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksDon't Let Me Down Again1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksFrozen Love1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksLola (My Love)1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksLong Distance Winner1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksRaces Are Round1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksStephanie1973Producer
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie NicksWithout A Leg To Stand On1973Producer
Lynch MobCold Is The Heart1992Muziek/Tekst
Lynch MobDream Until Tomorrow1992Muziek/Tekst
Lynch MobHeaven Is Waiting1992Producer
Lynch MobI Want It1992Producer
Lynch MobJungle Of Love1992Muziek/Tekst
Lynch MobNo Good1992Muziek/Tekst
Lynch MobTangled In The Web1992Muziek/Tekst
Lynch MobThe Secret1992Muziek/Tekst
Lynch MobTie Your Mother Down1992Producer
Lynch MobWhen Darkness Calls1992Producer
MagnumBorn To Be King1990Producer
MagnumCry For You1990Producer
MagnumHeartbroke & Busted1990Producer
MagnumMatter Of Survival1990Producer
MagnumNo Way Out1990Producer
MagnumOnly A Memory1990Producer
MagnumReckless Man1990Producer
MagnumRockin' Chair1990Producer
MagnumWhat Kind Of Love Is This1990Producer
MagnumWhere Do You Run To1990Producer
Mike Reno & Ann WilsonAlmost Paradise1983Producer
Night RangerDon't Start Thinking (I'm Alone Tonight)1988Producer
Night RangerHalfway To The Sun1988Producer
Night RangerHere She Comes Again1988Producer
Night RangerKiss Me Where It Hurts1988Producer
Night RangerLove Shot Me Down1988Producer
Night RangerMan In Motion1988Producer
Night RangerReason To Be1988Producer
Night RangerRight On You1988Producer
Night RangerWoman In Love1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneBloodbath In Paradise1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneBreakin' All The Rules1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneCrazy Babies1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneDemon Alcohol1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneDevil's Daughter (Holy War)1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneFire In The Sky1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneHero1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneMiracle Man1988Producer
Ozzy OsbourneTattooed Dancer1988Producer
Pat BenatarEvil Genius1981Producer
Pat BenatarFire And Ice1981Producer
Pat BenatarHard To Believe1981Producer
Pat BenatarHelter Skelter1981Producer
Pat BenatarI'm Gonna Follow You1980Producer
Pat BenatarIt's A Tuff Life1981Producer
Pat BenatarJust Like Me1981Producer
Pat BenatarLittle Paradise1980Producer
Pat BenatarNever Wanna Leave You1980Producer
Pat BenatarOut-A-Touch1980Producer
Pat BenatarPrecious Time1981Producer
Pat BenatarPrisoner Of Love1980Producer
Pat BenatarPromises In The Dark1981Producer
Pat BenatarTake It Any Way1981Producer
Pat BenatarTreat Me Right1980Producer
Pat BenatarWuthering Heights1980Producer
Pat BenatarYou Better Run1980Producer
REO SpeedwagonHere With Me1988Producer
REO SpeedwagonI Don't Want To Lose You1988Producer
Rick Springfield(If You Think You're) Groovy1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldApril 24, 19811982Producer
Rick SpringfieldBlack Is Black1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldCalling All Girls1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldDon't Talk To Strangers1981Producer
Rick SpringfieldDream In Colour1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldHold On To Your Dream1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldHoneymoon In Beirut1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldHow Do You Talk To Girls1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldI Get Excited1981Producer
Rick SpringfieldI Need You1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldI've Done Everything For You1981Producer
Rick SpringfieldJessie's Girl1980Producer
Rick SpringfieldJust One Kiss1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldKristina1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldOne Reason (To Believe)1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldRock Of Life1987Producer
Rick SpringfieldSoul To Soul1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldStill Crazy For You1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldTear It All Down1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldThe American Girl1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldThe Language Of Love1987Producer
Rick SpringfieldTonight1982Producer
Rick SpringfieldWhat Kind Of Fool Am I1981Producer
Rick SpringfieldWoman1988Producer
Rick SpringfieldWorld Start Turning1988Producer
SagaChase The Wind1987Producer
SagaDon't Look Down1987Producer
SagaDon't Put Out The Fire1987Producer
SagaOnly Time Will Tell1987Producer
SagaThe Way Of The World1987Producer
SagaWe've Been Here Before1987Producer
SagaWildest Dreams1987Producer
Sammy HagarBaby, It's You1981Producer
Sammy HagarBaby's On Fire1981Producer
Sammy HagarCan't Get Loose1981Producer
Sammy HagarGrowing Up1982Producer
Sammy HagarHeavy Metal1981Producer
Sammy HagarI Don't Need Love1982Producer
Sammy HagarI Wouldn't Change A Thing1982Producer
Sammy HagarI'll Fall In Love Again1981Producer
Sammy HagarIn The Room1982Producer
Sammy HagarInside Lookin' In1981Producer
Sammy HagarNever Give Up1982Producer
Sammy HagarPiece Of My Heart1981Producer
Sammy HagarRemember The Heroes1982Producer
Sammy HagarRemote Love1982Producer
Sammy HagarRise Of The Animal1982Producer
Sammy HagarSurrender1981Producer
Sammy HagarSweet Hitchhiker1981Producer
Sammy HagarThere's Only One Way To Rock1981Producer
Sammy HagarThree Lock Box1982Producer
Sammy HagarYour Love Is Driving Me Crazy1982Producer
SantanaAll I Ever Wanted1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
SantanaAqua Marine1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
SantanaHard Times1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
SantanaLightning In The Sky1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
(Keith Olson)
(Keith Olson)
(Keith Olson)
SantanaStand Up1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
SantanaStay (Beside Me)1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
SantanaSummer Lady1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
SantanaYou Know That I Love You1979Producer
(Keith Olson)
ScorpionsBETEP ПEPEMEH (Wind Of Change)1991Producer
ScorpionsCrazy World1990Producer
ScorpionsDon't Believe Her1990Producer
ScorpionsHit Between The Eyes1990Producer
ScorpionsKicks After Six1990Producer
ScorpionsLust Or Love1990Producer
ScorpionsMoney And Fame1990Producer
ScorpionsRestless Nights1990Producer
ScorpionsSend Me An Angel1990Producer
ScorpionsTease Me Please Me1990Producer
ScorpionsTo Be With You In Heaven1990Producer
ScorpionsVientos de cambio1990Producer
ScorpionsWhen You Came Into My Life1996Producer
ScorpionsWhite Dove1994Producer
ScorpionsWild Child1996Producer
ScorpionsWind Of Change1990Producer
Sebastian BachCommunication Breakdown2001Producer
Sebastian BachImmigrant Song2001Producer
Shadow KingAnytime, Anywhere1991Producer
Shadow KingBoy1991Producer
Shadow KingDanger In The Dance Of Love1991Producer
Shadow KingDon't Even Know I'm Alive1991Producer
Shadow KingI Want You1991Producer
Shadow KingNo Man's Land1991Producer
Shadow KingOnce Upon A Time1991Producer
Shadow KingRussia1991Producer
Shadow KingThis Heart Of Stone1991Producer
Shadow KingWhat Would It Take1991Producer
Sheena EastonIt's Christmas All Over The World1985Producer
(Keith Olson)
SheilaI'm Still Believin'1981Producer
SheilaIt's Only Make Believe1981Producer
SheilaLittle Darlin'1981Producer
SheilaNothing Less Than Love1981Producer
SheilaPut It In Writing1981Producer
SheilaSaturday Night1981Producer
SheilaWaiting For The Night1981Producer
SkinLook But Don't Touch1993Producer
SkinShine Your Light1993Producer
Skin [UK]House Of Love1994Producer
StarshipIt's Not Over ('Til It's Over)1987Producer
StarshipSay When1987Producer
Stevie NicksHas Anyone Ever Written Anything For You1985Muziek/Tekst
Tané CainAlmost Any Night1982Producer
Tané CainCrazy Eyes1982Producer
Tané CainDanger Zone1982Producer
Tané CainHoldin' On1982Producer
Tané CainHurtin' Kind1982Producer
Tané CainMy Time To Fly1982Producer
Tané CainSuspicious Eyes1982Producer
Tané CainTemptation1982Producer
Tané CainVertigo1982Producer
The AssociationJust About The Same1970Producer
The BabysAnytime1980Producer
The BabysBack On My Feet Again1980Producer
The BabysDarker Side Of Town1980Producer
The BabysDowntown1980Producer
The BabysGonna Be Somebody1980Producer
The BabysIn Your Eyes1980Producer
The BabysJesus, Are You There1980Producer
The BabysLove Is Just A Mystery1980Producer
The BabysLove Won't Wait1980Producer
The BabysMidnight Rendezvous1980Producer
The BabysPostcard1980Producer
The BabysRock 'n' Roll Is Alive And Well1980Producer
The BabysShe's My Girl1980Producer
The BabysSweet 171980Producer
The BabysToo Far Gone1980Producer
The BabysTrue Love, True Confession1980Producer
The BabysTurn And Walk Away1980Producer
The BabysTurn Around In Tokyo1980Producer
The BabysUnion Jack1980Producer
The MillenniumThere Is Nothing More To Say1968Producer
The OracleDon't Say No1968Producer
(Keith Olson)
WhitesnakeCheap An' Nasty1989Producer
WhitesnakeFool For Your Loving1980Producer
WhitesnakeGive Me All Your Love1987Producer
WhitesnakeHere I Go Again [1987]1987Producer
WhitesnakeIs This Love1987Producer
WhitesnakeJudgement Day1989Producer
WhitesnakeKitten's Got Claws1989Producer
WhitesnakeNow You're Gone1989Producer
WhitesnakeSailing Ships1989Producer
WhitesnakeSlip Of The Tongue1989Producer
WhitesnakeSlow Poke Music1989Producer
WhitesnakeStill Of The Night1987Producer
WhitesnakeSweet Lady Luck1989Producer
WhitesnakeThe Deeper The Love1989Producer
WhitesnakeWings Of The Storm1989Producer



Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)28/08/1976166
Hot Blooded (Foreigner)09/09/1978462
The Universal Song (Kim Carnes)21/01/1984402
It's Not Over ('Til It's Over) (Starship)18/07/1987904
Here I Go Again [1987] (Whitesnake)17/10/1987614
Is This Love (Whitesnake)26/12/1987319
Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake)27/01/1990198
Wind Of Change (Scorpions)13/04/1991118
Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)06/07/1991414
Amambanda (Treble)25/03/20061011

De best beoordeelde nummers van Keith Olsen

Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)605.02
Tattooed Dancer (Ozzy Osbourne)55
Fire In The Sky (Ozzy Osbourne)55
I'm So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac)254.96
I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is (Kim Carnes)474.94
Almost Paradise (Mike Reno & Ann Wilson)314.9
Now You're Gone (Whitesnake)244.88
Mega Force (707)74.86
Hangin' On By A Thread (A Sad Affair Of The Heart) (Kim Carnes)74.86
Bloodbath In Paradise (Ozzy Osbourne)74.86
Fire And Ice (Pat Benatar)324.84
Give Me All Your Love (Whitesnake)224.82
Here I Go Again [1987] (Whitesnake)1094.82
Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)924.82
Sleep Alone (Heart)54.8
Angel (Saga)54.8
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (Stevie Nicks)244.79
Only Time Will Tell (Saga)144.79
Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)1304.77
The Deeper The Love (Whitesnake)254.76

De bekendste platen van Keith Olsen

Wind Of Change (Scorpions)4244.59
Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)1304.77
Is This Love (Whitesnake)1214.73
Here I Go Again [1987] (Whitesnake)1094.82
Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)924.82
Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield)764.63
Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac)634.65
Hot Blooded (Foreigner)614.56
Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)605.02
White Dove (Scorpions)554.05
Double Vision (Foreigner)524.54
Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake)494.63
I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is (Kim Carnes)474.94
Amambanda (Treble)473.26
Over My Head (Fleetwood Mac)394.26
Still Of The Night (Whitesnake)374.54
Monday Morning (Fleetwood Mac)374.38
Don't Talk To Strangers (Rick Springfield)354.51
Blue Morning, Blue Day (Foreigner)334.42
Fire And Ice (Pat Benatar)324.84
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