Jon Kelly

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Ali ThomsonA Goodnight Song1980Producer
Ali ThomsonA Simple Song1981Producer
Ali ThomsonAfrican Queen1980Producer
Ali ThomsonArt Gallery1981Producer
Ali ThomsonDon't Hold Back1981Producer
Ali ThomsonFoolish Child1981Producer
Ali ThomsonFools' Society1980Producer
Ali ThomsonJamie1980Producer
Ali ThomsonLive Every Minute1980Producer
Ali ThomsonMan Of The Earth1981Producer
Ali ThomsonPage By Page1980Producer
Ali ThomsonSafe And Warm1981Producer
Ali ThomsonSaturday Heartbreaker1980Producer
Ali ThomsonSecrets Hide Inside1981Producer
Ali ThomsonShells Lay Scattered1981Producer
Ali ThomsonSomeone In Motion1981Producer
Ali ThomsonTake A Little Rhythm1980Producer
Ali ThomsonThe Hollywood Role1980Producer
Ali ThomsonThe One And Only1981Producer
Ali ThomsonWe Were All In Love1980Producer
Chris Rea19751989Producer
Chris ReaAnd You My Love1991Producer
Chris ReaAuberge1991Producer
Chris ReaCandles1983Producer
Chris ReaDaytona1989Producer
Chris ReaDo It For Your Love1981Producer
Chris ReaDo You Still Dream?1981Producer
Chris ReaDon't Look Back1981Producer
Chris ReaEvery Beat Of My Heart1981Producer
Chris ReaEvery Second Counts1991Producer
Chris ReaFool (If You Think It's Over) ('88 Remix)1988Producer
Chris ReaFootprints In The Snow1991Producer
Chris ReaGone Fishing1991Producer
Chris ReaGoodbye Little Columbus1981Producer
Chris ReaGuitar Street1981Producer
Chris ReaHe Should Know Better1989Producer
Chris ReaHeaven1991Producer
Chris ReaHudson's Dream1991Producer
Chris ReaI Can Hear Your Heartbeat '881988Producer
Chris ReaI Just Wanna Be With You1989Producer
Chris ReaIf You Choose To Go1981Producer
Chris ReaI'm Taking The Day Out1988Producer
Chris ReaJosephine1985Producer
Chris ReaJust Want To Be With You1981Producer
Chris ReaLet Me Be The One1981Producer
Chris ReaLooking For A Rainbow1989Producer
Chris ReaLooking For The Summer1991Producer
Chris ReaLoving You1981Producer
Chris ReaOn The Beach1986Producer
Chris ReaOn The Beach (Summer '88)1988Producer
Chris ReaOne Sweet Tender Touch1981Producer
Chris ReaRed Shoes1991Producer
Chris ReaRunaway1981Producer
Chris ReaSet Me Free1991Producer
Chris ReaShamrock Diaries1985Producer
Chris ReaSing A Song Of Love To Me1991Producer
Chris ReaSix Up1991Producer
Chris ReaStainsby Girls1985Producer
Chris ReaSteel River1985Producer
Chris ReaTeach Me To Dance1991Producer
Chris ReaTell Me There's A Heaven1989Producer
Chris ReaTexas [1989]1989Producer
Chris ReaThat's What They Always Say1989Producer
Chris ReaThe Mention Of Your Name1991Producer
Chris ReaThe Road To Hell (Part 2)1989Producer
Chris ReaThe Road To Hell (Part I)1989Producer
Chris ReaTheme From The Pantile Journals1991Producer
Chris ReaTrue To You1991Producer
Chris ReaWhen You Know Your Love Has Died1981Producer
Chris ReaWinter Song1991Producer
Chris ReaWorking On It1988Producer
Chris ReaYou Must Be Evil1989Producer
Chris ReaYour Warm And Tender Love1989Producer
Chris ReaYou're Not A Number1991Producer
David Dundas12 Bar Blues1978Producer
David DundasAmerica1978Producer
David DundasDoing The Best I Can1978Producer
David DundasGimme A Little Bit1978Producer
David DundasGuy The Gorilla1978Producer
David DundasIt Ain't Easy1978Producer
David DundasLady You Are My Only Worry1978Producer
David DundasNever Surrender1978Producer
David DundasRadio Fun1978Producer
David DundasWhen I Saw You Today1978Producer
Deacon BlueA Brighter Star Than You Will Shine1991Producer
Deacon BlueAre You There (With Another Girl)?1990Producer
Deacon BlueBorn In A Storm1987Producer
Deacon BlueChocolate Girl1987Producer
Deacon BlueClosing Time1991Producer
Deacon BlueCover From The Sky1991Producer
Deacon BlueDignity1987Producer
Deacon BlueFellow Hoodlums1991Producer
Deacon BlueGoodnight Jamsie1991Producer
Deacon BlueHe Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now1987Producer
Deacon BlueI Will See You Tomorrow1991Producer
Deacon BlueI'll Never Fall In Love Again1990Producer
Deacon BlueI've Been Making Such A Fool...1992Producer
Deacon BlueJames Joyce Soles1991Producer
Deacon BlueKings Of The Western World1987Producer
Deacon BlueLoaded1987Producer
Deacon BlueLove's Great Fears1987Producer
Deacon BlueMessage To Michael1990Producer
Deacon BlueOne Day I'll Go Walking1991Producer
Deacon BlueRagman1987Producer
Deacon BlueRaintown1987Producer
Deacon BlueRiches1987Producer
Deacon BlueS.H.A.R.O.N.1988Producer
Deacon BlueThe Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail1991Producer
Deacon BlueThe Look Of Love1990Producer
Deacon BlueThe Very Thing1987Producer
Deacon BlueThe Wildness1991Producer
Deacon BlueTown To Be Blamed1987Producer
Deacon BlueTwist And Shout1991Producer
Deacon BlueWhen Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)?1999Producer
Deacon BlueWhen Will You Make My Telephone Ring1987Producer
Deacon BlueYour Swaying Arms1991Producer
East Yorkshire Motor Services BandOne Last Love Song1998Producer
FishBig Wedge1989Producer
FishFamily Business1990Producer
FishState Of Mind1989Producer
FishThe Company1990Producer
FishThe Voyeur (I Like To Watch)1989Producer
FishView From The Hill1990Producer
Fruits Of PassionEverything (I Ever Wanted)1986Producer
Fruits Of PassionKiss Me Now1986Producer
Fruits Of PassionLove's Glory1986Producer
Heather NovaAvalanche1998Producer
Heather NovaBlood Of Me1998Producer
Heather NovaHeart And Shoulder1998Producer
Heather NovaI'm Alive1998Producer
Heather NovaI'm The Girl1998Producer
Heather NovaLondon Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)1998Producer
Heather NovaMake You Mine1998Producer
Heather NovaNot Only Human1998Producer
Heather NovaPaper Cup1998Producer
Heather NovaRuby Red1998Producer
Heather NovaValley Of Sound1998Producer
Heather NovaWhat A Feeling1998Producer
Heather NovaWidescreen1998Producer
Heather NovaWinter Blue1998Producer
Kate BushAll We Ever Look For1980Producer
Kate BushArmy Dreamers1980Producer
Kate BushBabooshka1980Producer
Kate BushBlow Away (For Bill)1980Producer
Kate BushBreathing1980Producer
Kate BushDecember Will Be Magic Again1980Producer
Kate BushDelius (Song Of Summer)1980Producer
Kate BushDon't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake1978Producer
Kate BushEgypt1980Producer
Kate BushJames And The Cold Gun1978Producer
Kate BushL'Amour Looks Something Like You1978Producer
Kate BushNight Scented Stock1980Producer
Kate BushRan Tan Waltz1980Producer
Kate BushThe Empty Bullring1980Producer
Kate BushThe Infant Kiss1980Producer
Kate BushThe Wedding List1980Producer
Kate BushThem Heavy People1978Producer
Kate BushThem Heavy People (On Stage)1979Producer
Kate BushUn baiser d'enfant1983Producer
Kate BushViolin1980Producer
Kate BushWarm And Soothing1980Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseAllons à Messine2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseAmsterdam2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseAu trente-et-un du mois d'août2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseEric2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseHardi les gars!2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseJean-François de Nantes2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseLa complainte de Louis-Marie Jossic2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseLe quatre-mâts barque2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseLes filles de Lorient2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseMy Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseSantiano2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseSouth Australia2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseSur la route de San Francisco2011Producer
Les Marins d'IroiseTri martolod yaouank2011Producer
Lynsey De PaulBeautiful1977Producer
Lynsey De PaulStrange Changes1981Producer
Lynsey De PaulYou Give Me Those Feelings1977Producer
Nolwenn LeroyÀ la vie à la mort2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyAhès2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyAmazing Grace2011Producer
Nolwenn LeroyAux filles de l'eau2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyBrest2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyBro gozh va zadoù2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyCe que je suis2017Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyDans les prisons de Nantes2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyDavy Jones2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyDavy Jones [English Version]2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyD'émeraude2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyDirty Old Town2011Producer
Nolwenn LeroyGreensleeves2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyHomeland2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyJ'ai volé le lit de la mer2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyJe ne serai jamais ta Parisienne2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyJuste pour me souvenir2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyKarantez vro2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyLa jument de Michao2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyLe bagad de Lann-Bihoué2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyLimitless2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyLost Again2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyMa Bretagne quand elle pleut2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyMnà na H-Eireann2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyMoonlight Shadow2011Producer
Nolwenn LeroyOphélia2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyOphélia (Live)2014Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyRentrer en Bretagne2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyRun It Down2017Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyScarborough Fair2011Producer
Nolwenn LeroySiuil a ruin2011Producer
Nolwenn LeroySixième continent2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroySuite Sudarmoricaine2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroySur mes lèvres2012Producer
Nolwenn LeroyTo France2011Producer
Nolwenn LeroyTout a une fin2012Muziek/Tekst
Nolwenn LeroyTri martolod2010Producer
Nolwenn LeroyWhiskey In The Jar2011Producer
PeleDon't Worship Me1993Producer
Prefab SproutCars And Girls1988Producer
Prefab SproutEnchanted1988Producer
Prefab SproutNancy (Let Your Hair Down For Me)1988Producer
Prefab SproutNightingales1988Producer
Red BoxHungry1990Producer
Red BoxMoving1990Producer
Red BoxNew England1990Producer
Red BoxNow Ask1990Producer
Red BoxSoldier Of Love1990Producer
Red BoxThe Clapping Song1990Producer
Red BoxThe Power Is Down1990Producer
Red BoxWalk On My Hands1990Producer
Richard AshcroftA Man In Motion2018Producer
Richard AshcroftAll My Dreams2018Producer
Richard AshcroftBirds Fly2018Producer
Richard AshcroftBorn To Be Strangers2018Producer
Richard AshcroftMoney Money2018Producer
Richard AshcroftOne Day2021Producer
Richard AshcroftStreets Of Amsterdam2018Producer
Richard AshcroftSurprised By The Joy2018Producer
Richard AshcroftThat's How Strong2018Producer
Richard AshcroftThat's When I Feel It2018Producer
Richard AshcroftWe All Bleed2018Producer
Rosalie DeightonBe Easy On Me2001Producer
Rosalie DeightonBruised2001Producer
Rosalie DeightonI Believe2001Producer
Rosalie DeightonInstant Fix2001Producer
Rosalie DeightonSend Me An Angel2001Producer
The Beautiful South10'000 Feet2000Producer
The Beautiful South101% Man2003Producer
The Beautiful South36D1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthA Little Piece Of Advice2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthA Minute's Silence1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthA Way With The Blues1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthAlone1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthAngels And Devils2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthArtificial Flowers1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthBaby Please Go2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthBell Bottomed Tear1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthBig Coin1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthBlackbird On The Wire1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthBlitzkrieg Bop2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthChicken Wings2018Producer
The Beautiful SouthCiao!2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthCloser Than Most2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthDiamonds1991Producer
The Beautiful SouthDomino Man1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthDon't Fear The Reaper2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthDon't Marry Her1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthDon't Stop Moving2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthDream A Little Dream1995Producer
The Beautiful SouthDumb1997Producer
The Beautiful SouthEspecially For You1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthEverybody's Talkin'1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthFinal Spark2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthFleet St. B.C.1991Producer
The Beautiful SouthFoundations1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthFrank And Delores1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthGet Here2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthGood As Gold (Stupid As Mud)1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthHalf Of Him2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthHalf-Hearted Get (Is Second Best)2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthHave Fun1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthHere It Is Again1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthHidden Jukebox1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthHis Time Ran Out1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthHit Parade2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthHold Me Close (Underground)1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthHold On To What?1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthHooligans Don't Fall In Love1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthHot On The Heels Of Heartbreak2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthHow Long's A Tear Take To Dry?1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthI May Be Ugly1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthI Started A Joke1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthIf We Crawl2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthI'm Stone In Love With You2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthI'm Your No. 1 Fan1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthJust A Few Things That I Ain't2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthJust Checkin'2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthLet Go With The Flow2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthLiars' Bar1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthLife vs. The Lifeless2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthLittle Blue1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthLivin' Thing2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthLook What I Found In My Beer1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthLosing Things1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthLoving Arms1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthMasculine Eclipse2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthMini Correct1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthMirror1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthOld Red Eyes Is Back1991Producer
The Beautiful SouthOne God1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthPerfect 101998Producer
The Beautiful SouthPockets1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthPoppy1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthPretenders To The Throne1995Producer
The Beautiful SouthPrettiest Eyes1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthPretty2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthProperty Quiz2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthRebel Prince2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthRotterdam (Or Anywhere)1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthSailing Solo2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthSomething That You Said1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthTattoo1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Gates2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Last Waltz2003Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Lure Of The Sea1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Mediterranean2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe River2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Rocking Chair1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Root Of All Evil2001Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Slide1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Sound Of North America1996Producer
The Beautiful SouthThe Table1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthThis Old Skin2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthThis Will Be Our Year2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthTil You Can't Tuck It In2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthTill I Can't Take It Anymore2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthTupperware Queen2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthValentine2004Producer
The Beautiful SouthWe Are Each Other1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthWe'll Deal With You Later1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthWhen I'm 841992Producer
The Beautiful SouthWhite Teeth2018Producer
The Beautiful SouthWho's Gonna Tell?2018Producer
The Beautiful SouthWindow Shopping For Blinds1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthWorthless Lie1994Producer
The Beautiful SouthYou Can Call Me Leisure2000Producer
The Beautiful SouthYou Play Glockenspiel, I'll Play Drums1992Producer
The Beautiful SouthYour Father And I1998Producer
The Beautiful SouthYou're The One That I Want2004Producer
The DamnedActually Yeah I Think I Can1986Producer
The DamnedAlone Again Or1986Producer
The DamnedAnything1986Producer
The DamnedEloise1986Producer
The DamnedGigolo1986Producer
The DamnedIn Dulce Decorum1986Producer
The DamnedIs It A Dream1985Producer
The DamnedPretty Vacant1998Producer
The DamnedPsychomania1986Producer
The DamnedRestless1986Producer
The DamnedSanctum Sanctorum1985Producer
The DamnedStreet Of Dreams1985Producer
The DamnedThe Eighth Day1985Producer
The DamnedThe Girl Goes Down1986Producer
The DamnedThe Portrait1986Producer
The DamnedThe Shadow Of Love1985Producer
The DamnedThere'll Come A Day1985Producer
The DamnedTightrope Walk1986Producer
The DamnedTrojans1985Producer
The DamnedWild Thing1985Producer
The DrivenLondon1997Producer
The DrivenMonkey In A Cage1997Producer
The DrivenSecret Police1997Producer
The LevellersAll Your Dreams1997Producer
The LevellersAngels1998Producer
The LevellersBar Room Jury1997Producer
The LevellersC.C.T.V.1997Producer
The LevellersCaptains' Courageous1997Producer
The LevellersCelebrate1997Producer
The LevellersChemically Free1997Producer
The LevellersDog Train1997Producer
The LevellersElation1997Producer
The LevellersFar Away1997Producer
The LevellersRain And Snow1997Producer
The LevellersSail Away1997Producer
The LevellersSurvivors1997Producer
The LevellersToo Real1998Producer
The LevellersWhat A Beautiful Day1997Producer
Thomas DutroncÀ toute berzingue2015Producer
Thomas DutroncAllongés dans l'herbe2015Producer
Thomas DutroncAragon2015Producer
Thomas DutroncArchimède2015Producer
Thomas DutroncChez les yé-yé2015Producer
Thomas DutroncCroc madam2015Producer
Thomas DutroncI'll See You In My Dreams2015Producer
Thomas DutroncJ'me fous de tout2015Producer
Thomas DutroncMinuit moins le quart2015Producer
Thomas DutroncPrincesses2015Producer
Thomas DutroncQui je suis2015Producer
Thomas Dutronc avec Jacques DutroncJe n'suis personne2015Producer



Breathing (Kate Bush)24/05/1980443
Babooshka (Kate Bush)09/08/1980248
Army Dreamers (Kate Bush)08/11/1980258
Every Beat Of My Heart (Chris Rea)18/09/1982393
Josephine (Chris Rea)22/06/1985815
On The Beach (Chris Rea)12/07/1986347
Dignity (Deacon Blue)27/06/1987456
Fool (If You Think It's Over) ('88 Remix) (Chris Rea)05/11/1988903
The Company (Fish)28/07/1990597
I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Deacon Blue)22/09/1990725
Auberge (Chris Rea)23/02/1991458
Looking For The Summer (Chris Rea)01/06/19913712

De best beoordeelde nummers van Jon Kelly

Breathing (Kate Bush)555.04
Dignity (Deacon Blue)255
The Company (Fish)135
Winter Blue (Heather Nova)95
The Road To Hell (Part 2) (Chris Rea)1104.99
Suite Sudarmoricaine (Nolwenn Leroy)114.91
Looking For The Summer (Chris Rea)764.91
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake (Kate Bush)214.9
Auberge (Chris Rea)724.89
Juste pour me souvenir (Nolwenn Leroy)124.83
Don't Fear The Reaper (The Beautiful South)64.83
You're The One That I Want (The Beautiful South)64.83
On The Beach (Chris Rea)1134.82
Tell Me There's A Heaven (Chris Rea)484.81
Egypt (Kate Bush)204.8
And You My Love (Chris Rea)184.78
Heart And Shoulder (Heather Nova)254.76
Them Heavy People (On Stage) (Kate Bush)294.76
The Table (The Beautiful South)84.75
Brest (Nolwenn Leroy)84.75

De bekendste platen van Jon Kelly

Babooshka (Kate Bush)1714.68
Josephine (Chris Rea)1404.73
On The Beach (Chris Rea)1134.82
The Road To Hell (Part 2) (Chris Rea)1104.99
Army Dreamers (Kate Bush)874.59
Looking For The Summer (Chris Rea)764.91
Perfect 10 (The Beautiful South)764.36
Auberge (Chris Rea)724.89
Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) (The Beautiful South)584.74
Breathing (Kate Bush)555.04
Stainsby Girls (Chris Rea)554.33
Don't Marry Her (The Beautiful South)504.5
Tell Me There's A Heaven (Chris Rea)484.81
Heaven (Chris Rea)474.4
December Will Be Magic Again (Kate Bush)414.49
Eloise (The Damned)404.3
Cars And Girls (Prefab Sprout)394.62
Dream A Little Dream (The Beautiful South)374.46
Them Heavy People (Kate Bush)354.46
The Road To Hell (Part I) (Chris Rea)344.53
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