Jim Abbiss

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AdeleBest For Last2008Producer
AdeleCrazy For You2008Producer
AdeleFirst Love2008Producer
AdeleHometown Glory2008Producer
AdeleMake You Feel My Love2008Producer
AdeleMy Same2008Producer
AdeleNow And Then2008Producer
AdelePainting Pictures2008Producer
AdeleRight As Rain2008Producer
AdeleTake It All2011Producer
AdeleTurning Tables2011Producer
All TvvinsThank You2015Producer
Arctic MonkeysA Certain Romance2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysDancing Shoes2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysFake Tales Of San Francisco2005Producer
Arctic MonkeysFrom The Ritz To The Rubble2005Producer
Arctic MonkeysI Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor2005Producer
Arctic MonkeysPerhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But...2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysRed Light Indicates Doors Are Secured2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysRiot Van2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysStill Take You Home2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysThe View From The Afternoon2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysWhen The Sun Goes Down2006Producer
Arctic MonkeysYou Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me2006Producer
BirdyAll About You2013Producer
BirdyAll You Never Say2013Producer
BirdyFarewell And Goodnight2011Producer
BirdyGrowing Pains2016Producer
BirdyI'll Never Forget You2011Producer
BirdyNo Angel2013Producer
BirdyStart Again2016Producer
BirdyStrange Birds2013Producer
BirdyThe District Sleeps Alone Tonight2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubBad Timing2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubBeggars2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubHow Can You Swallow So Much Sleep2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubLeave It2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubTake The Right One2011Producer
Bombay Bicycle ClubWhat You Want2011Producer
Boo HewerdineDreamlife1996Producer
Broken DollsAny Other Day2005Producer
Broken DollsWhat The Hell2005Producer
Catfish And The Bottlemen262014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenBusiness2014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenCocoon2014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenFallout2014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenHomesick2013Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenHourglass2014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenKathleen2014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenPacifier2013Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenRango2013Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenSidewinder2014Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenTyrants2014Producer
Circa WavesStuck In My Teeth2014Producer
EditorsAll Sparks2005Producer
EditorsFingers In The Factories2005Producer
EditorsOpen Your Arms2005Producer
EditorsSomeone Says2005Producer
Half Moon RunConsider Yourself2015Producer
Half Moon RunDevil May Care2015Producer
Half Moon RunEverybody Wants2015Producer
Half Moon RunHands In The Garden2015Producer
Half Moon RunI Can't Figure Out What's Going On2015Producer
Half Moon RunIt Works Itself Out2015Producer
Half Moon RunNarrow Margins2015Producer
Half Moon RunSun Leads Me On2015Producer
Half Moon RunThe Debt2015Producer
Half Moon RunThroes2015Producer
Half Moon RunTrust2015Producer
Half Moon RunTurn Your Love2015Producer
Half Moon RunWarmest Regards2015Producer
Jamie CullumGet A Hold Of Yourself2013Producer
Jamie CullumMomentum2013Producer
Jamie CullumSad Sad World2013Producer
Jamie CullumTake Me Out (Of Myself)2013Producer
Jamie CullumThe Same Things2013Producer
KasabianBritish Legion2006Producer
KasabianButcher Blues2004Producer
KasabianBy My Side2006Producer
KasabianClub Foot2004Producer
KasabianCutt Off2004Producer
KasabianLast Trip (In Flight)2006Producer
KasabianMe Plus One2006Producer
KasabianOvary Stripe2004Producer
KasabianPinch Roller2004Producer
KasabianProcessed Beats2004Producer
KasabianReason Is Treason2003Producer
KasabianRunning Battle2004Producer
KasabianSeek & Destroy2006Producer
KasabianShoot The Runner2006Producer
KasabianSun Rise Light Flies2006Producer
KasabianTest Transmission2004Producer
KasabianThe Doberman2006Producer
KasabianU Boat2004Producer
KassidyThe Betrayal2011Producer
KT Tunstall(Still A) Weirdo2010Producer
KT TunstallCome On, Get In2010Producer
KT TunstallDifficulty2010Producer
KT TunstallFade Like A Shadow2010Producer
KT TunstallGlamour Puss2010Producer
KT TunstallGolden Frames2010Producer
KT TunstallLost2010Producer
KT TunstallMadame Trudeaux2010Producer
KT TunstallPush That Knot Away2010Producer
KT TunstallThe Entertainer2010Producer
KT TunstallUummannaq Song2010Producer
LadytronDestroy Everything You Touch2005Producer
Louis BerryShe Wants Me2017Muziek/Tekst
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearBeen In A Ditch2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearDaisy Jane2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearDead Daffodils2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearDown In Mississippi2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearFight On2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearLive By The Water2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearModern Day Mystery2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearSilent Movies2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearSorrows And Woes2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearUndertaker And Juniper2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearWhole Lotta Problems2015Producer
Madisen Ward And The Mama BearYellow Taxi2015Producer
Nic CesterEyes On The Horizon2017Producer
Nic CesterGod Knows2017Producer
Nic CesterHard Times2017Producer
Nic CesterLittle Things2017Producer
Nic CesterNot Fooling Anyone2017Producer
Nic CesterOn Top Of The World2017Producer
Nic CesterStrange Dreams2017Producer
Nic CesterSugar Rush2017Producer
Nic CesterWalk On2017Producer
Nic CesterWho You Think You Are2017Producer
Noisettes24 Hours2009Producer
NoisettesBeat Of My Heart2009Producer
NoisettesCheap Kicks2009Producer
NoisettesDon't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go)2009Producer
NoisettesEvery Now And Then2009Producer
NoisettesNever Forget You2009Producer
NoisettesPrisoner Of Love2013Producer
NoisettesSaturday Night2009Producer
NoisettesSo Complicated2009Producer
NoisettesWild Young Hearts2009Producer
Nothing But ThievesForever & Ever More2018Producer
PeaceCalifornia Daze2013Producer
PeaceFloat Forever2013Producer
PeaceFollow Baby2013Producer
PeaceGen Strange2015Producer
PeaceGod's Gloves2015Producer
PeaceHappy People2015Producer
PeaceHigher Than The Sun2013Producer
PeaceLost On Me2014Producer
PeaceLove Me2015Producer
PeaceO You2015Producer
PeaceStep A Lil Closer2013Producer
PeaceThe Music Was To Blame2015Producer
PeaceWaste Of Paint2013Producer
PeaceWorld Pleasure2015Producer
PlaceboBulletproof Cupid2003Producer
PlaceboEnglish Summer Rain2003Producer
PlaceboI'll Be Yours2003Producer
PlaceboProtect Me From What I Want2003Producer
PlaceboSecond Sight2003Producer
PlaceboSleeping With Ghosts2003Producer
PlaceboSomething Rotten2003Producer
PlaceboSpecial Needs2003Producer
PlaceboThe Bitter End2003Producer
PlaceboThis Picture2003Producer
Sneaker Pimps6 Underground1996Producer
Sneaker PimpsPost Modern Sleaze1997Producer
StereophonicsCould You Be The One?2009Producer
StereophonicsI Got Your Number2009Producer
StereophonicsShe's Alright2009Producer
StereophonicsShow Me How2009Producer
StereophonicsStuck In A Rut2009Producer
The Family RainAll The Best2014Producer
The Family RainBinocular2014Producer
The Family RainCarnival2014Producer
The Family RainDon't Waste Your Time2014Producer
The Family RainOn My Back2014Producer
The Family RainPushing It2013Producer
The Family RainReason To Die2014Producer
The Family RainTogether2014Producer
The Family RainTrust Me... I'm A Genius2014Producer
The HeavyCause For Alarm2009Producer
The HeavyHow You Like Me Now?2009Producer
The HeavyLong Way From Home2009Producer
The HeavyLove Like That2009Producer
The HeavyNo Time2009Producer
The HeavyOh No! Not You Again!2009Producer
The HeavyShort Change Hero2009Producer
The HeavySixteen2009Producer
The HeavyStuck2009Producer
The HeavyWhat You Want Me To Do?2009Producer
The MusicThe People2002Producer
The OrwellsBlack Francis2017Producer
The OrwellsBuddy2017Producer
The OrwellsCreatures2017Producer
The OrwellsDirty Sheets2014Producer
The OrwellsDouble Feature2017Producer
The OrwellsFry2017Producer
The OrwellsHeavy Head2017Producer
The OrwellsHippie Soldier2017Producer
The OrwellsLast Call (Go Home)2017Producer
The OrwellsM.A.D.2017Producer
The OrwellsRing Pop2017Producer
The OrwellsThe Righteous One2014Producer
The OrwellsThey Put A Body In The Bayou2017Producer
The OrwellsVacation2017Producer
The StrypesHard To Say No2014Producer
The Temper TrapDown River2009Producer
The Temper TrapDrum Song2009Producer
The Temper TrapFader2009Producer
The Temper TrapFools2009Producer
The Temper TrapLove Lost2009Producer
The Temper TrapRest2009Producer
The Temper TrapResurrection2009Producer
The Temper TrapScience Of Fear2009Producer
The Temper TrapSoldier On2009Producer
The Temper TrapSweet Disposition2008Producer
Tom OdellConstellations2016Producer
Tom OdellDaddy2016Producer
Tom OdellHere I Am2016Producer
Tom OdellJealousy2016Producer
Tom OdellMagnetised2016Producer
Tom OdellMystery2016Producer
Tom OdellShe Don't Belong To Me2016Producer
Tom OdellSilhouette2016Producer
Tom OdellSparrow2016Producer
Tom OdellStill Getting Used To Being On My Own2016Producer
Tom OdellWrong Crowd2016Producer
Van SheCat & The Eye2008Producer
Van SheChanges2008Producer
Van SheStrangers2008Producer



The Bitter End (Placebo)12/04/2003963
L.S.F. (Kasabian)13/11/2004883
Processed Beats (Kasabian)29/01/20053012
Munich (Editors)12/11/2005971
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys)26/11/2005994
When The Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys)28/01/20067210
Make You Feel My Love (Adele)29/11/2008136
Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) (Noisettes)23/05/2009754
Hometown Glory (Adele)18/07/2009864
Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap)07/11/20095411
How You Like Me Now? (The Heavy)27/02/2010673
Turning Tables (Adele)17/12/20114512
No Angel (Birdy)28/09/2013511

De best beoordeelde nummers van Jim Abbiss

Blood (Editors)95.22
Fall (Editors)65.17
Shadow (Birdy)65.17
L.S.F. (Kasabian)235.04
Growing Pains (Birdy)85
Camera (Editors)55
Strange Birds (Birdy)184.89
A Certain Romance (Arctic Monkeys)434.88
6 Underground (Sneaker Pimps)364.86
Special Needs (Placebo)424.86
Munich (Editors)204.85
Fake Tales Of San Francisco (Arctic Monkeys)394.85
From The Ritz To The Rubble (Arctic Monkeys)304.83
The Bitter End (Placebo)1044.82
Shoot The Runner (Kasabian)274.81
Pacifier (Catfish And The Bottlemen)54.8
No Angel (Birdy)234.78
I.D. (Kasabian)84.75
Sparrow (Tom Odell)74.71
Destroy Everything You Touch (Ladytron)164.69

De bekendste platen van Jim Abbiss

Make You Feel My Love (Adele)1204.32
Turning Tables (Adele)1054.65
The Bitter End (Placebo)1044.82
Hometown Glory (Adele)884.59
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Arctic Monkeys)844.52
Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) (Noisettes)693.81
Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap)674.54
When The Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys)654.66
Never Forget You (Noisettes)564.41
My Same (Adele)543.5
Take It All (Adele)524.5
English Summer Rain (Placebo)514.18
ProtŤge-moi (Placebo)494.08
The View From The Afternoon (Arctic Monkeys)444.61
Daydreamer (Adele)443.66
A Certain Romance (Arctic Monkeys)434.88
This Picture (Placebo)434.51
Right As Rain (Adele)434.23
First Love (Adele)433.84
Special Needs (Placebo)424.86
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