Gerry Bron

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Bonzo Dog Band11 Mustachioed Daughters1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandBeautiful Zelda1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandCan Blue Men Sing The Whites?1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandHello Mabel1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandHumanoid Boogie1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandKama Sutra1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandMy Pink Half Of The Drainpipe1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandPostcard1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandRhinocratic Oaths1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandRockaliser Baby1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandThe Intro And The Outro1967Producer
Bonzo Dog BandTrouser Press1968Producer
Bonzo Dog BandWe Are Normal1968Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah Band(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandBig Shot1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandCool Brittannia1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandDeath Cab For Cutie1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandI'm Bored1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandJazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold!1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandJollity Farm1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandLook Out, There's A Monster Coming1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandMickey's Son And Daughter1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandMusic For The Head Ballet1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandNarcissus1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandPiggy Bank Love1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo / Dah BandThe Sound Of Music1967Producer
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah BandThe Equestrian Statue1967Producer
ColosseumBackwater Blues1968Producer
ColosseumBeware The Ides Of March1969Producer
ColosseumBring Out Your Dead1970Producer
ColosseumButty's Blues1969Producer
ColosseumDaughter Of Time1970Producer
ColosseumDownhill And Shadows1970Producer
ColosseumEncore ... Stormy Monday1971Producer
ColosseumGrass Is Greener1969Producer
ColosseumI Can't Live Without You1971Producer
ColosseumJumping Off The Sun1970Producer
ColosseumLost Angeles1970Producer
ColosseumPlenty Hard Luck1969Producer
ColosseumRope Ladder To The Moon1970Producer
ColosseumSkelington Producer
ColosseumTake Me Back To Doomsday1970Producer
ColosseumTanglewood '63 Producer
ColosseumThe Kettle1969Producer
ColosseumThe Machine Demands A Sacrifice1969Producer
ColosseumThe Road She Walked Before1969Producer
ColosseumThe Time Lament1970Producer
ColosseumThe Time Machine1970Producer
ColosseumThe Valentyne Suite1969Producer
ColosseumTheme For An Imaginary Western1970Producer
ColosseumThose About To Die1969Producer
ColosseumThree Score And Ten, Amen1970Producer
ColosseumValentyne Suite: 1. January's Search1969Producer
ColosseumValentyne Suite: 2. February's Valentyne1969Producer
ColosseumWalking In The Park1969Producer
Gene Pitney24 Sycamore1968Producer
Gene PitneyA Street Called Hope1970Producer
Gene PitneyAll My Love1975Producer
Gene PitneyBilly You're My Friend1968Producer
Gene PitneyHeaven Held1968Muziek/Tekst
Gene PitneyIf I Only Had Time1968Muziek/Tekst
Gene PitneyLove Grows1968Muziek/Tekst
Gene PitneyMaria Elena (I'm Going To War)1968Producer
Gene PitneyOceans Away1975Producer
Gene PitneySkyline Pigeon1975Producer
Gene PitneyThe French Horn1969Producer
Gene PitneyThink Of Us1970Producer
Gene PitneyYou Are1975Producer
Juicy LucyAre You Satisfied1969Producer
Juicy LucyBuilt For Comfort1970Producer
Juicy LucyChanged My Mind1970Producer
Juicy LucyChicago North-Western1969Producer
Juicy LucyHello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham1970Producer
Juicy LucyI'm A Thief1969Producer
Juicy LucyJessica1971Producer
Juicy LucyJust One Time1969Producer
Juicy LucyLie Back And Enjoy It1970Producer
Juicy LucyMidnight Rider1971Producer
Juicy LucyMississippi Woman1969Producer
Juicy LucyMr. Skin1971Producer
Juicy LucyNadine1969Producer
Juicy LucyOh Pretty Woman1970Producer
Juicy LucyShe's Mine /She's Yours1969Producer
Juicy LucyThat Woman's Got Something1970Producer
Juicy LucyThinking Of My Life1970Producer
Juicy LucyTrain1969Producer
Juicy LucyWalking Down The Highway1969Producer
Juicy LucyWhisky In My Jar1970Producer
Juicy LucyWho Do You Love1969Producer
Juicy LucyWillie The Pimp1970Producer
Ken HensleyBlack-Hearted Lady1973Producer
Ken HensleyCold Autumn Sunday1973Producer
Ken HensleyEager To Please1975Producer
Ken HensleyFortune1973Producer
Ken HensleyFrom Time To Time1973Producer
Ken HensleyGo Down1973Producer
Ken HensleyHow Shall I Know1975Producer
Ken HensleyIn The Morning1975Producer
Ken HensleyKing Without A Throne1973Producer
Ken HensleyLonger Shadows1975Producer
Ken HensleyPart Three1975Producer
Ken HensleyProud Words1973Producer
Ken HensleyRain1973Producer
Ken HensleySecret1975Producer
Ken HensleyStargazer1975Producer
Ken HensleyTake And Take1975Producer
Ken HensleyThe House On The Hill1975Producer
Ken HensleyThe Last Time1973Producer
Ken HensleyThrough The Eyes Of A Child1975Producer
Ken HensleyWhen Evening Comes1973Producer
Ken HensleyWho Will Sing For You1975Producer
Ken HensleyWinter Or Summer1975Producer
Linda Hoyle with AffinityEli's Coming1970Producer
OsibisaBum To Bum1975Producer
OsibisaChooboi (Heave ho!)1975Producer
OsibisaDance The Body Music1976Producer
OsibisaDo It (Like It Is)1975Producer
OsibisaFlying Bird 'Anoma'1976Producer
OsibisaKeep On Trying1976Producer
OsibisaOjah Awake1976Producer
OsibisaRight Now1975Producer
OsibisaSunshine Day1975Producer
OsibisaThe Coffee Song1976Producer
OsibisaThe Warrior1976Producer
OsibisaWelcome Home1975Producer
PaladinGet One Together1972Producer
Rex GildoVerschone mich mit Tršnen1979Muziek/Tekst
Richard BarnesBut It's Now I Need Your Love1970Producer
Richard BarnesGo North1970Producer
Richard BarnesHigh Flying Electric Bird1970Producer
Richard BarnesHomeward Bound1970Producer
Richard BarnesIt's Getting Better1970Producer
Richard BarnesMamma1970Producer
Richard BarnesMaria Elena1970Producer
Richard BarnesSo Will I1970Producer
Richard BarnesTake My Hand For A While1970Producer
Richard BarnesTake To The Mountains1970Producer
Richard BarnesThe Princess And The Soldier1968Producer
Richard BarnesThe Way I Feel1970Producer
Richard BarnesTomorrow Never Comes1970Producer
Richard BarnesWoman, Woman1968Producer
Richard BarnesYour Song1970Producer
Uriah HeepA Far Better Way1977Producer
Uriah HeepA Year Or A Day1975Producer
Uriah HeepAll My Life1972Producer
Uriah HeepBeautiful Dream1975Producer
Uriah HeepBeen Away Too Long1977Producer
Uriah HeepBeen Hurt1979Producer
Uriah HeepBird Of Prey1970Producer
Uriah HeepBlind Eye1972Producer
Uriah HeepCheater1978Producer
Uriah HeepCheat'N Lie1977Producer
Uriah HeepChoices1977Producer
Uriah HeepCircle Of Hands1972Producer
Uriah HeepCircus1973Producer
Uriah HeepCome Away Melinda1970Producer
Uriah HeepCome Back To Me1978Producer
Uriah HeepCrime Of Passion1976Producer
Uriah HeepDevil's Daughter1975Producer
Uriah HeepDo You Know1977Producer
Uriah HeepDreamer1973Producer
Uriah HeepDreammare1970Producer
Uriah HeepDreams1974Producer
Uriah HeepEasy Livin'1972Producer
Uriah HeepEchoes In The Dark1972Producer
Uriah HeepFallen Angel1978Producer
Uriah HeepFalling In Love1978Producer
Uriah HeepFirefly1977Producer
Uriah HeepFlyin' High1977Producer
Uriah HeepFree Me1977Producer
Uriah HeepFree'N Easy1977Producer
Uriah HeepGimme Love (Struttin')1978Producer
Uriah HeepGypsy1970Producer
Uriah HeepHere Am I Producer
Uriah HeepHigh Priestess1970Producer
Uriah HeepI Wanna Be Free1971Producer
Uriah HeepI Won't Mind1974Producer
Uriah HeepIf I Had The Time1973Producer
Uriah HeepI'll Keep On Trying1970Producer
Uriah HeepIllusion1977Producer
Uriah HeepI'm Alive1978Producer
Uriah HeepJuly Morning1971Producer
Uriah HeepJuly Morning (Live)1973Producer
Uriah HeepKeep On Ridin'1977Producer
Uriah HeepLady In Black1970Producer
Uriah HeepLook At Yourself1971Producer
Uriah HeepLove Machine1971Producer
Uriah HeepLove Machine (Live)1973Producer
Uriah HeepLove Or Nothing1978Producer
Uriah HeepLucy Blues1970Producer
Uriah HeepMasquerade1977Producer
Uriah HeepOne Day1973Producer
Uriah HeepOne More Night1978Producer
Uriah HeepParadise1972Producer
Uriah HeepParadise / The Spell1972Producer
Uriah HeepPilgrim1973Producer
Uriah HeepPoet's Justice1972Producer
Uriah HeepPrima Donna1975Producer
Uriah HeepPut Your Lovin' On Me1978Producer
Uriah HeepPut Your Music Where Your Mouth Is1977Producer
Uriah HeepRain1972Producer
Uriah HeepRainbow Demon1972Producer
Uriah HeepReal Turned On1970Producer
Uriah HeepReturn To Fantasy1975Producer
Uriah HeepRock 'N' Roll Medley1973Producer
Uriah HeepRoll Over Beethoven1973Producer
Uriah HeepRoller1977Producer
Uriah HeepRollin' On1977Producer
Uriah HeepSalisbury1970Producer
Uriah HeepSave It1978Producer
Uriah HeepSeven Stars1973Producer
Uriah HeepShadows Of Grief1971Producer
Uriah HeepShady Lady1975Producer
Uriah HeepShout It Out1975Producer
Uriah HeepShowdown1975Producer
Uriah HeepSimon The Bullet Freak1970Producer
Uriah HeepSo Tired1974Producer
Uriah HeepSomething Or Nothing1974Producer
Uriah HeepSpider Woman1972Producer
Uriah HeepStealin'1973Producer
Uriah HeepSuicidal Man1974Producer
Uriah HeepSunrise1972Producer
Uriah HeepSunshine1973Producer
Uriah HeepSweet Freedom1973Producer
Uriah HeepSweet Lorraine1972Producer
Uriah HeepSympathy1976Producer
Uriah HeepTales1972Producer
Uriah HeepTears In My Eyes1971Producer
Uriah HeepThe Dance1977Producer
Uriah HeepThe Easy Road1974Producer
Uriah HeepThe Hanging Tree1977Producer
Uriah HeepThe Magician's Birthday1972Producer
Uriah HeepThe Park1970Producer
Uriah HeepThe River1977Producer
Uriah HeepThe Shadow And The Wind1974Producer
Uriah HeepThe Spell1972Producer
Uriah HeepThe Wizard1972Producer
Uriah HeepTime To Live1970Producer
Uriah HeepTime Will Come1975Producer
Uriah HeepTraveller In Time1972Producer
Uriah HeepWake Up (Set Your Sights)1970Producer
Uriah HeepWalking In Your Shadow1970Producer
Uriah HeepWe Got We1974Producer
Uriah HeepWhat Can I Do1974Producer
Uriah HeepWhat Should Be Done1971Producer
Uriah HeepWhat Ya Say1978Producer
Uriah HeepWho Needs Me1977Producer
Uriah HeepWhy1972Producer
Uriah HeepWhy Did You Go1975Producer
Uriah HeepWise Man1977Producer
Uriah HeepWoman Of The Night1978Producer
Uriah HeepWonderworld1974Producer
Uriah HeepYour Turn To Remember1975Producer



Who Do You Love (Juicy Lucy)11/04/1970233
Take To The Mountains (Richard Barnes)25/07/1970115
Easy Livin' (Uriah Heep)08/09/197357
The Coffee Song (Osibisa)11/12/1976127

De best beoordeelde nummers van Gerry Bron

Butty's Blues (Colosseum)55.6
Grass Is Greener (Colosseum)85.5
Lost Angeles (Colosseum)65.5
Elegy (Colosseum)65.5
Take Me Back To Doomsday (Colosseum)65.5
Valentyne Suite: 2. February's Valentyne (Colosseum)75.43
Three Score And Ten, Amen (Colosseum)55.4
Beware The Ides Of March (Colosseum)65.33
The Spell (Uriah Heep)135.31
Valentyne Suite: 1. January's Search (Colosseum)105.3
The Kettle (Colosseum)75.29
Salisbury (Uriah Heep)235.26
Lady In Black (Uriah Heep)2385.25
Easy Livin' (Uriah Heep)885.2
July Morning (Uriah Heep)555.2
Rope Ladder To The Moon (Colosseum)55.2
Theme For An Imaginary Western (Colosseum)55.2
The Park (Uriah Heep)175.18
Come Away Melinda (Uriah Heep)205.15
Stealin' (Uriah Heep)355.11

De bekendste platen van Gerry Bron

Lady In Black (Uriah Heep)2385.25
Free Me (Uriah Heep)944.73
Easy Livin' (Uriah Heep)885.2
Gypsy (Uriah Heep)575.07
July Morning (Uriah Heep)555.2
The Wizard (Uriah Heep)554.76
Look At Yourself (Uriah Heep)494.61
Stealin' (Uriah Heep)355.11
Sunshine Day (Osibisa)314.55
Bird Of Prey (Uriah Heep)304.87
Sweet Lorraine (Uriah Heep)284.32
Return To Fantasy (Uriah Heep)254.6
Salisbury (Uriah Heep)235.26
Come Away Melinda (Uriah Heep)205.15
Sunrise (Uriah Heep)195.05
The Magician's Birthday (Uriah Heep)195.05
Spider Woman (Uriah Heep)194.11
Who Do You Love (Juicy Lucy)194
The Park (Uriah Heep)175.18
The Coffee Song (Osibisa)174.41
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