Dave Sardy

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Pseudoniemen / Alternatieve spelling: David Sardy
A Perfect CircleBy And Down The River2018Producer
A Perfect CircleDelicious2018Producer
A Perfect CircleDisillusioned2018Producer
A Perfect CircleDLB2018Producer
A Perfect CircleEat The Elephant2018Producer
A Perfect CircleFeathers2018Producer
A Perfect CircleGet The Lead Out2018Producer
A Perfect CircleHourglass2018Producer
A Perfect CircleSo Long, And Thanks For All The Fish2018Producer
A Perfect CircleTalkTalk2018Producer
A Perfect CircleThe Contrarian2018Producer
A Perfect CircleThe Doomed2018Producer
Black MountainBuried By The Blues2010Producer
Black MountainRollercoaster2010Producer
Black MountainStay Free2007Producer
Black MountainThe Hair Song2010Producer
Black MountainThe Space Of Your Mind2010Producer
Black MountainThe Way To Gone2010Producer
Boy Kill BoyMakeshift Generation2008Producer
Boy Kill BoyPromises2008Producer
Brand NewAt The Bottom2009Producer
BushHeadful Of Ghosts2001Producer
Catfish And The Bottlemen72016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenAnything2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenEmily2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenGlasgow2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenHeathrow2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenOutside2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenOxygen2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenPostpone2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenRed2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenSoundcheck2016Producer
Catfish And The BottlemenTwice2016Producer
David SardyAlley Escape2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyFollow Me Into The House2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyFuneral2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyHeroes2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyHold The Baby / You Can't Live Without Her2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyI Am The Police2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyMinivan Tail2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyMy Evil Is Big2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
David SardyTake Care Of Janet2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
Death From Above 1979Always On2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Cheap Talk2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Crystal Ball2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Gemini2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Government Trash2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Nothin' Left2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Right On, Frankenstein!2014Producer
Death From Above 1979The Physical World2014Producer
Death From Above 1979Trainwreck 19792014Producer
Death From Above 1979Virgins2014Producer
Death From Above 1979White Is Red2014Producer
Dirty Pretty ThingsBang Bang You're Dead2006Producer
Dirty Pretty ThingsDeadwood2006Producer
Dirty Pretty ThingsGin & Milk2006Producer
Dirty Pretty ThingsThe Gentry Cove2006Producer
Dirty Pretty ThingsWondering2006Producer
Dirty Pretty ThingsYou Fucking Love It2006Producer
Emmylou HarrisCosmonaut2012Producer
Emmylou HarrisFire In The Blood2012Producer
Emmylou HarrisSo You'll Aim Toward The Sky2012Producer
Evil Superstars(We Want) The New Pain1998Producer
(David Sardy)
Evil SuperstarsB.A.B.Y.1998Producer
(David Sardy)
Evil SuperstarsGood News For Women1998Producer
Evil SuperstarsIt's A Sad Sad Planet1996Producer
Evil SuperstarsX-Masless Forever1998Producer
(David Sardy)
Evil SuperstarsYears Of Science1998Producer
Fall Out BoyHeaven's Gate2018Producer
Fall Out BoyStay Frosty Royal Milk Tea2018Producer
Fall Out BoyWilson (Expensive Mistakes)2018Producer
HelmetExactly What You Wanted1997Producer
Hot Hot HeatDirty Mouth2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatElevator2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatGoodnight Goodnight2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatIsland Of The Hornest Man2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatJingle Jangle2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatLadies And Gentleman2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatMiddle Of Nowhere2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatPickin' It Up2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatRunning Out Of Time2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatShame On You2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatSoldier In A Box2005Producer
Hot Hot HeatYou Owe Me And Iou2005Producer
JetAll You Have To Do2006Producer
JetAre You Gonna Be My Girl2003Producer
JetBring It On Back2006Producer
JetCigarettes & Cola2004Producer
JetCold Hard Bitch2003Producer
JetCome Around Again2003Producer
JetCome On Come On2006Producer
JetComing Home Soon2006Producer
JetFalling Star2007Producer
JetGet Me Outta Here2003Producer
JetGet What You Need2003Producer
JetHold On2004Producer
JetKings Horse2006Producer
JetLast Chance2003Producer
JetLazy Gun2003Producer
JetLook What You've Done2003Producer
JetMove On2003Producer
JetPut Your Money Where Your Mouth Is2006Producer
JetRadio Song2003Producer
JetRip It Up2006Producer
JetRollover DJ2003Producer
JetShine On2006Producer
JetShiny Magazine2006Producer
JetSkin And Bones2006Producer
JetStand Up2006Producer
JetTake It Or Leave It2003Producer
JetThat's All Lies2006Producer
JetThe Only Place That's Up From Here Is Down2006Producer
Josh Homme & David SardyNobody To Love2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
Latin RascalsLisa's Coming1985Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
Marilyn Manson"President Dead"2000Producer
Marilyn MansonA Place In Dirt2000Producer
Marilyn MansonAstonishing Panorama Of The End Times1999Producer
Marilyn MansonBorn Again2000Producer
Marilyn MansonBurning Flag2000Producer
Marilyn MansonComa Black a) Eden Eye b) The Apple Of Discord2000Producer
Marilyn MansonCount To 6 And Die2000Producer
Marilyn MansonCruci-Fiction In Space2000Producer
Marilyn MansonDiamonds & Pollen2000Producer
Marilyn MansonDisposable Teens2000Producer
Marilyn MansonFive To One1999Producer
Marilyn MansonGodeatgod2000Producer
Marilyn MansonIn The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death2000Producer
Marilyn MansonKing Kill 332000Producer
Marilyn MansonLamb Of God2000Producer
Marilyn MansonTarget Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)2000Producer
Marilyn MansonThe Death Song2000Producer
Marilyn MansonThe Fall Of Adam2000Producer
Marilyn MansonThe Fight Song2000Producer
Marilyn MansonThe Love Song2000Producer
Marilyn MansonThe Nobodies2000Producer
Marilyn MansonThe Nobodies [2005]2005Producer
Marilyn MansonValentine's Day2000Producer
Marilyn MansonWorking Class Hero2000Producer
Mark LaneganFire And Brimstone2012Producer
Mark LaneganSure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do2012Producer
Mark LaneganWhite Light / White Heat2012Producer
Mauro [BE]A Faint Smile2000Producer
Mauro [BE]Ballad With One Arm2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Can't Fight It No Longer2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Cover Up2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Everybody's Friend2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Finish It All Off (With Love)2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Let Me Know2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Love Once Again2001Producer
Mauro [BE]She Sits At Home2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Shot Of Shame2001Producer
Mauro [BE]Sky Tiger2001Producer
Modest MouseFuck Your Acid Trip2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseJapanese Trees2021Producer
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseLace Your Shoes2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseLeave A Light On2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseNever Fuck A Spider On The Fly2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseThe Sun Hasn't Left2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseTransmitting Receiving2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseWe Are Between2021Producer
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseWe're Lucky2021Producer
(David Sardy)
Modest MouseWooden Soldiers2021Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
(David Sardy)
Mousse T. vs. The Dandy WarholsHorny As A Dandy2006Producer
Nick CaveBurnin' Hell2012Producer
Nick Cave and Warren EllisEnd Crawl2012Producer
Nine Black AlpsPocket Full Of Stars2007Producer
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsAka... Broken Arrow2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsAKA... What A Life!2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsDream On2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsEverybody's On The Run2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsIf I Had A Gun...2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsSoldier Boys And Jesus Freaks2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsStop The Clocks2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsThe Death Of You And Me2011Producer
(David Sardy)
Oasis(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady2008Producer
OasisA Bell Will Ring2005Producer
OasisAin't Got Nothin'2008Producer
OasisBag It Up2008Producer
OasisBoy With The Blues2009Producer
OasisEyeball Tickler2005Producer
OasisFalling Down2008Producer
OasisGuess God Thinks I'm Abel2005Producer
OasisI Believe In All2009Producer
OasisI'm Outta Time2008Producer
OasisKeep The Dream Alive2005Producer
OasisLet There Be Love2005Producer
OasisLove Like A Bomb2005Producer
OasisMucky Fingers2005Producer
OasisPart Of The Queue2005Producer
OasisPass Me Down The Wine2005Producer
OasisSoldier On2008Producer
OasisThe Importance Of Being Idle2005Producer
OasisThe Meaning Of Soul2005Producer
OasisThe Nature Of Reality2008Producer
OasisThe Shock Of The Lightning2008Producer
OasisThe Turning2008Producer
OasisTo Be Where There's Life2008Producer
OasisTurn Up The Sun2005Producer
OasisWaiting For The Rapture2008Producer
Paolo Nutini feat. Janelle MonŠeFashion2014Producer
Portugal. The ManCheer Up2017Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)
Ralph StanleyFire And Brimstone2012Producer
Ralph StanleySure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do2012Producer
Ralph StanleyWhite Light / White Heat2012Producer
Ralph Stanley / Emmylou HarrisFire In The Blood / Snake Song2012Producer
Robert FrancisClimb A Mountain2010Producer
Robert FrancisDarkness2010Producer
Robert FrancisHallways2010Producer
Robert FrancisI Like The Air2010Producer
Robert FrancisJunebug2009Producer
Robert FrancisKeep On Running2010Producer
Robert FrancisMescaline2010Producer
Robert FrancisNightfall2010Producer
Robert FrancisOne By One2010Producer
Robert FrancisPlayground2010Producer
Robert FrancisWhere You Came From2010Producer
Rodrigo Y GabrielaCumbť2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rodrigo Y GabrielaEchoes2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rodrigo Y GabrielaElectric Soul2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rodrigo Y GabrielaKrotona Days2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rodrigo Y GabrielaMettavolution2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rodrigo Y GabrielaTerracentric2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rodrigo Y GabrielaWitness Tree2019Producer
(David Sardy)
Rogue WaveSightlines2007Producer
Simon DawesScared Of Myself2007Producer
SlayerAbolish Government / Superficial Love1996Producer
SlayerCan't Stand You1996Producer
SlayerDisintegration / Free Money1996Producer
SlayerFiller / Don't Want To Hear It1996Producer
SlayerGuilty Of Being White1996Producer
SlayerI Hate You1996Producer
SlayerI'm Gonna Be Your God1996Producer
SlayerMr. Freeze1996Producer
SlayerRichard Hung Himself1996Producer
SlayerSick Boy1996Producer
SlayerSpiritual Law1996Producer
SlayerVerbal Abuse / Leeches1996Producer
SlayerViolent Pacification1996Producer
SoulwaxConversation Intercom1998Producer
SoulwaxFlying Without Wings1998Producer
SoulwaxMore Than This1998Producer
SoulwaxMuch Against Everyone's Advice1998Producer
SoulwaxOverweight Karate Kid1998Producer
SoulwaxProverbial Pants1998Producer
SoulwaxTemptingly Yours1998Producer
SoulwaxThe Salty Knowledge Of Tears1998Producer
SoulwaxToo Many DJ's1998Producer
SoulwaxWhen Logics Die1998Producer
System Of A DownMetro2001Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventAll At Once2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventAll For A Woman2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventAll I Ever Wanted2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventChanging2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventHalf Of Something Else2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventIt Doesn't Mean A Thing2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventNumb2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventStrange Girl2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventThe Graveyard Near The House2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventThe Kids Are Ready To Die2011Producer
The Airborne Toxic EventWelcome To Your Wedding Day2011Producer
The Black AngelsBad Vibrations2010Producer
The Black AngelsEntrance Song2010Producer
The Black AngelsHaunting At 1300 McKinley2010Producer
The Black AngelsPhosphene Dream2010Producer
The Black AngelsRiver Of Blood2010Producer
The Black AngelsSunday Afternoon2010Producer
The Black AngelsTelephone2010Producer
The Black AngelsThe Sniper2010Producer
The Black AngelsTrue Believers2010Producer
The Black AngelsYellow Elevator #22010Producer
The Dandy WarholsBohemian Like You2000Producer
The Dandy WarholsGet Off2000Producer
The HivesI'm Alive2019Producer
The Record CompanyAinít Going Home2021Producer
The Record CompanyAwake2021Producer
The Record CompanyGet Up And Dance!2021Producer
The Record CompanyGotta Be Movin'2021Producer
The Record CompanyHow High2021Producer
The Record CompanyLady Lila2021Producer
The Record CompanyLive As One2021Producer
The Record CompanyMidnight Moon2021Producer
The Record CompanyNever Leave You2021Producer
The Record CompanyOut Of My Head2021Producer
The Record CompanyParadise2021Producer
The Record CompanyToday Forever2021Producer
The ThrillsFaded Beauty Queens2004Producer
The ThrillsFound My Rosebud2004Producer
The ThrillsNot For All The Love In The World2004Producer
The ThrillsOur Wasted Lives2004Producer
The ThrillsSaturday Night2004Producer
The ThrillsTell Me Something I Don't Know2004Producer
The ThrillsThe Curse Of Comfort2004Producer
The ThrillsThe Irish Keep Gate-Crashing2004Producer
The ThrillsWhatever Happened To Corey Haim?2004Producer
The ThrillsYou Can't Fool Old Friends With Limousines2004Producer
The WhoAll This Music Must Fade2019Producer
The WhoBall And Chain2019Producer
The WhoBeads On One String2019Producer
The WhoBreak The News2019Producer
The WhoDetour2019Producer
The WhoGot Nothing To Prove2019Producer
The WhoHero Ground Zero2019Producer
The WhoI Don't Wanna Get Wise2019Producer
The WhoI'll Be Back2019Producer
The WhoRockin' In Rage2019Producer
The WhoShe Rocked My World2019Producer
The WhoStreet Song2019Producer
The WhoThis Gun Will Misfire2019Producer
Twisted WheelBad Candy2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelBouncing Bomb2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelLet Them Have It All2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelLucy The Castle2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelOh What Have You Done2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelOne Night On The Street2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelShe's A Weapon2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelStrife2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelWe Are Us2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelWhat's Your Name2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Twisted WheelYou Stole The Sun2009Producer
(David Sardy)
Willie NelsonMidnight Run2012Producer
WolfmotherApple Tree2004Producer
WolfmotherJoker & The Thief2005Producer
WolfmotherLove Train2005Producer
WolfmotherMind's Eye2005Producer
WolfmotherPleased To Meet You2007Producer
WolfmotherTales From The Forest Of Gnomes2006Producer
WolfmotherThe Earth's Rotation Around The Sun2005Producer
WolfmotherWhere Eagles Have Been2006Producer
WolfmotherWhite Unicorn2004Producer
ZZ TopFlyin' High2012Muziek/Tekst
(David Sardy)



Bohemian Like You (The Dandy Warhols)14/10/20002418
Disposable Teens (Marilyn Manson)23/12/2000991
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)22/11/20032214
Lyla (Oasis)21/05/2005526
The Importance Of Being Idle (Oasis)03/09/2005844
Let There Be Love (Oasis)03/12/2005853
Horny As A Dandy (Mousse T. vs. The Dandy Warhols)04/03/2006387
Falling Down (Oasis)30/08/2008714
The Shock Of The Lightning (Oasis)11/10/2008473

De best beoordeelde nummers van Dave Sardy

When Logics Die (Soulwax)95.11
Conversation Intercom (Soulwax)135.08
Too Many DJ's (Soulwax)155.07
Wondering (Dirty Pretty Things)85
Metro (System Of A Down)85
Ball And Chain (The Who)65
Holiday (Jet)94.89
The Importance Of Being Idle (Oasis)844.85
Look What You've Done (Jet)624.84
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel (Oasis)124.83
All This Music Must Fade (The Who)64.83
Let There Be Love (Oasis)564.82
Saturday (Soulwax)104.8
Five To One (Marilyn Manson)54.8
Gin & Milk (Dirty Pretty Things)54.8
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)1114.79
Joker & The Thief (Wolfmother)524.79
Middle Of Nowhere (Hot Hot Heat)144.79
Shine On (Jet)234.78
Soldier On (Oasis)184.78

De bekendste platen van Dave Sardy

Bohemian Like You (The Dandy Warhols)1524.78
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Jet)1114.79
Horny As A Dandy (Mousse T. vs. The Dandy Warhols)953.79
Lyla (Oasis)934.11
The Importance Of Being Idle (Oasis)844.85
Junebug (Robert Francis)733.96
The Shock Of The Lightning (Oasis)674.09
Disposable Teens (Marilyn Manson)663.09
Look What You've Done (Jet)624.84
Let There Be Love (Oasis)564.82
Woman (Wolfmother)554.75
I'm Outta Time (Oasis)544.39
The Nobodies (Marilyn Manson)533.58
Joker & The Thief (Wolfmother)524.79
Falling Down (Oasis)504.4
Cold Hard Bitch (Jet)444.64
Rollover DJ (Jet)354.57
The Fight Song (Marilyn Manson)353.74
The Death Of You And Me (Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds)324.41
The Nobodies [2005] (Marilyn Manson)313.45
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