Van Morrison - The Authorized Bang Collection

Cover Van Morrison - The Authorized Bang Collection
Exile / Legacy 88985424672


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CD Exile / Legacy 88985424672 (Sony) / EAN 0889854246723
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CD 1:
The Original Masters
1.Brown Eyed Girl (Original Stereo Mix)
2.He Ain't Give You None (Original Stereo Mix)
3.T.B. Sheets (Original Stereo Mix)
4.Spanish Rose (Original Stereo Mix)
5.Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (Original Stereo Mix)
6.Ro Ro Rosey (Original Stereo Mix)
7.Who Drove The Red Sports Car (Original Stereo Mix)
8.Midnight Special (Original Stereo Mix)
9.It's All Right (Original Stereo Mix)
10.Send Your Mind (Original Stereo Mix)
11.The Smile You Smile (Original Stereo Mix)
12.The Back Room (Original Stereo Mix)
13.Joe Harper Saturday Morning (Original Stereo Mix)
14.Beside You (Original Mono Mix)
15.Madame George (Original Mono Mix)
16.Chick-A-Boom (Original Mono Mix)
17.The Smile You Smile (Demo)
CD 2:
Bang Sessions & Rarities
1.Brown Eyed Girl (Original Edited Mono Single Mix)
2.Ro Ro Rosey (Original Mono Single Mix With Backing Vocals)
3.T.B. Sheets (Take 2)
4.Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (Takes 10 & 11)
5.Send Your Mind (Take 3)
6.Midnight Special (Take 7)
7.He Ain't Give You None (Take 4)
8.Ro Ro Rosey (Take 2)
9.Who Drove The Red Sports Car (Take 6)
10.Beside You (Take 2)
11.Joe Harper Saturday Morning (Take 6)
12.Beside You (Take 5)
13.Spanish Rose (Take 14)
14.Brown Eyed Girl (Takes 1-6)
15.Brown Eyed Girl (Takes 7-11)
CD 3:
Contractual Obligation Session
1.Twist And Shake
2.Shake And Roll
3.Stomp And Scream
4.Scream And Holler
5.Jump And Thump
6.Drivin' Wheel
7.Just Ball
8.Shake It Mable
9.Hold On George
10.The Big Royalty Check
11.Ring Worm
12.Savoy Hollywood
13.Freaky If You Got This Far
14.Up Your Mind
15.Thirty Two
16.All The Bits
17.You Say France And I Whistle
18.Blowin' Your Nose
19.Nose In Your Blow
20.La Mambo
21.Go For Yourself
22.Want A Danish
23.Here Comes Dumb George
24.Chickee Coo
25.Do It
26.Hang On Groovy
27.Goodbye George
28.Dum Dum George
29.Walk And Talk
30.The Wobble
31.Wobble And Ball

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Brown Eyed Girl02/09/1967127
Spanish Rose13/03/1971183
Wild Night27/11/1971242
Bright Side Of The Road13/10/1979481
Have I Told You Lately08/07/19891413
Gloria (Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker)12/06/1993374
Precious Time13/03/1999963
Hey Mister DJ18/05/2002914
Albums - Dutch Charts
Saint Dominic's Preview02/09/1972102
Into The Music06/10/1979332
Beautiful Vision20/03/1982259
Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart02/04/1983145
Live At The Grand Opera House Belfast24/03/1984501
A Sense Of Wonder23/02/1985303
No Guru, No Method, No Teacher09/08/1986308
Poetic Champions Compose19/09/1987137
Irish Heartbeat (Van Morrison & The Chieftains)02/07/1988357
Avalon Sunset17/06/1989825
The Best Of14/04/19901315
Hymns To The Silence28/09/1991347
The Best Of Van Morrison Volume Two13/03/1993385
Too Long In Exile19/06/19932115
A Night In San Francisco07/05/19943915
Days Like This01/07/19953310
How Long Has This Been Going On (Van Morrison with Georgie Fame & Friends)06/01/1996814
The Healing Game15/03/19972911
The Philosopher's Stone27/06/1998803
Back On Top20/03/19992111
The Skiffle Sessions - Live In Belfast (Van Morrison, Lonnie Donegan & Chris Barber)12/02/2000991
You Win Again (Van Morrison & Linda Gail Lewis)14/10/2000943
Down The Road25/05/20021315
What's Wrong With This Picture?01/11/20031315
Magic Time21/05/20051016
Pay The Devil11/03/2006318
At The Movies - Soundtrack Hits17/02/20071612
The Best Of Van Morrison Volume 316/06/2007892
Still On Top - The Greatest Hits27/10/20072524
Keep It Simple22/03/20081212
Astral Weeks: Live At The Hollywood Bowl14/02/20093110
Born To Sing: No Plan B06/10/2012208
Duets - Re-Working The Catalogue28/03/2015318
The Essential12/09/2015882
Astral Weeks07/11/2015591
It's Too Late To Stop Now18/06/2016352
Keep Me Singing08/10/2016712
Roll With The Punches30/09/2017134
You're Driving Me Crazy (Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco)05/05/2018292
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Live At Montreux 1980 / 1974 [DVD]28/10/2006643
In Concert [DVD]24/02/2018122


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