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Binnenkomst:17/01/2015 (Positie 85)
Laatste week notering:10/10/2015 (Positie 90)
Piekpositie:8 (2 Weken)
Aantal weken:39
Positie aller tijden:896 (1850 Punten)
Single Tip:03/01/2015 / Piek: 6 / Weken: 2
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ch  Piek: 7 / Weken: 38
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es  Piek: 7 / Weken: 38
pt  Piek: 74 / Weken: 10
au  Piek: 13 / Weken: 12
nz  Piek: 7 / Weken: 20


Digital XO&co / Republic - (UMG)
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1.Earned It (Radio Edit)

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Radio Edit3:34Earned ItXO&co / Republic
4:11Fifty Shades Of GreyRepublic
4:37Beauty Behind The MadnessXO&co / Republic
06025 4750330
4:37The HighlightsXO&co / Republic

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Beauty Behind The Madness05/09/2015252
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The Highlights13/02/2021294
Dawn FM15/01/2022156
Live At Sofi Stadium27/04/2024441


Puntengemiddelde: 3.91The Weeknd - Earned It (Reviews: 75)

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Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Ben na 3 x luisteren nog altijd niet erg enthousiast over deze nieuwe plaat uit eind 2014 van de 24 jarige Canadese producer en zanger: "Abel Tesfaye", alias: "The Weeknd" !!! Blijf nipt op 3 sterren steken ☺!!!

Naar mijn smaak iets te 'smooth'.

Edit : +1.
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/06/2015 17:10

Niet zo briljant.

Ik ben blijkbaar 1 van de weinige die dit nummer best oke vind

Every time I hear this I will now think of the trailer it was used in for that 50 Shades Of Grey crap, awkward. Track itself is OK though.

Inoffensive and pleasant enough but not especially interesting.

Door Ariana Grande heeft The Weeknd uiteraard enige bekendheid gekregen. Met alle hype rondom de verfilming van de erotische boekentrilogie Fifty Shades Of Grey heeft dit sexy plaatje een erg grote kans om tot een hit uit te groeien. En terecht, want over het arrangement is goed nagedacht: de sfeer van het nummer past namelijk heel goed bij het thema van de film (dat neem ik dan maar aan, tenminste). Deze plaat zit heel goed in elkaar!

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Nichts spezielles.
Kann irgendwie daran gefallen finden.
Sollte man bestimmt nicht zu oft hören!
The Weeknd sollte sich entlich einen neuen Haarschnitt verpsssen. Schrecklich, nerve mich jedes mal wieder aufs neue!!

edit: es ging einige Zeit, aber es ist ein echter Grower, passt perfekt in den Film! Seine Stimme ist ja sowiso toll! 6*
Laatst gewijzigd: 22/08/2015 19:36

This Song is amazing ! I liked it from the first Time ive heard it....It has everything !

Love the voice of this men ! Reminds me a bit of Michael jackson in his smooth songs

Liking this, oh wait look what movie it's in, nev...

I suppose I've always been on the fence with The Weeknd, because while so many of his tracks have had such musical depth to them, I need a lot more patience with R&B as it for me has always been far less instantly impressive than that particular genre I stan far too much. Nevertheless, I'm not sure if this is the track to do it, but it's a rather decent smooth track. 3.5

Laat ik voorop stellen dat ik The Weeknd echt wel een muzikaal talent vind. Maar op de één of andere manier spreekt dit nummer me niet zo aan. Toch iets te eentonig naar mijn zin.

Decent enough, which I can mainly put down to the song's production.

EDIT: I don't think I gave this enough credit on first listen.

The production is great, and I stand by that, but I don't think I gave the vocals enough credit the first time around. They really match the mood of the song perfectly and are really quite well done.

Easily better than that Ellie Goulding song that became popular off the same soundtrack

His best song that I've heard so far.

3* -> 4.25*
Laatst gewijzigd: 23/06/2015 11:26

Pretty good and doesn't stray too much from his usual style. I like it.

This is a great song. The production is very classy and I especially like how it is his voice that creates the melody and he does an amazing job at that.

Ik moest ook ff wennen maar vind m nu echt lekker

Sterk nummer.

Prachtig gearrangeerd en geproduceerd.

Soulful gezongen.

Beste single van het jaar tot nog toe.

5.5 punten

One of the funniest moments of 2015: The Weeknd gets roped in to work on the soundtrack for "50 Shades Of Grey" (because of course), but because it's such a blockbuster event, he actually needs to tone DOWN his lyrics. Which is kind of a shame actually because it doesn't leave much on his part to take away from this.

The other key difference with this single is that the hazey backdrops are substituted in for strings. And they're there I suppose but they don't offer much but a mood. There is a nice climax for the bridge but by then the momentum feels a bit drained. 3.4

Kind of bewildering to think that this isn't even The Weeknd's 2nd biggest hit from 2015.

Nothing special.

So it wasn't the obvious pop smash by a female pop star that I ended up enjoying the most of the two big 50 Shades Of Grey tracks, but the other one by that Weeknd guy who's music I hadn't really explored much. It's still weird to me that I liked this so much but it's just so good. His voice is so good and I love how classy the song is, especially given it's The Weeknd and for a movie about BDSM. Even the string production is really cool and suits his beautiful voice well. It's just so lovely and I'm pleased I still like it so much a year after first listening to it.

Irritante nummer.


This is such a sexy track and deserved it's success and place on the 50 Shades soundtrack at the time!

Peaked at #6 on my personal chart.

Came in at #19 on my TOP 100 OF 2015.

P = 84
Laatst gewijzigd: 07/04/2021 07:12

Pretty nice
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