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Binnenkomst:16/10/2010 (Positie 14)
Laatste week notering:13/08/2011 (Positie 68)
Piekpositie:14 (1 week)
Aantal weken:44
Positie aller tijden:951 (2393 Punten)
Midprice:13/10/2012 / Piek: 9 / Weken: 39
Combialbum:16/10/2010 / Piek: 16 / Weken: 46
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CD RCA 88697 754492 (Sony) / EAN 0886977544927
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1.You Won't Feel A Thing
2.For The First Time
4.Science & Faith
5.If You Ever Come Back
6.Long Gone And Moved On
7.Dead Man Walking
8.This = Love
9.Walk Away
10.Exit Wounds
LP RCA 88875159431 (Sony) / EAN 0888751594319
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Singles - Dutch Charts
The Man Who Can't Be Moved27/09/20085010
For The First Time11/09/20102513
Hall Of Fame (The Script feat.
Six Degrees Of Separation15/12/2012508
If You Could See Me Now23/02/20132725
Hail Rain Or Sunshine13/09/2014931
Army Of Angels13/09/2014971
No Good In Goodbye13/12/2014778
The Last Time26/10/20195319
Albums - Dutch Charts
The Script11/10/20082519
Science & Faith16/10/20101444
No Sound Without Silence20/09/2014346
Freedom Child09/09/2017328
Sunsets & Full Moons16/11/2019817
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Homecoming - Live At The Aviva Stadium Dublin [DVD]02/02/2013252


Puntengemiddelde: 4.62 (Reviews: 13)

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Pretty good I must say! They have a good sound, even if their music is a little generic.

Chris A
Good Album, lots of nice songs

Quite a solid album. I think it gets better further down the tracklisting.

Overall, it's a nice listen. I love The Script's sound but listening to it all day can end up a bit boring which was what happened when I listened to the album in full. All of them are nice tracks but there's still some improvement that could be done on the overall sound and vocals. The lyrics are at times creative but are quite generic and ordinary. The standouts are the singles that have been released so far.

Track listing (numbers denote rating out of 6, * indicate released singles)

1. You Won't Feel A Thing (5)
2. For The First Time * (6)
3. Nothing * (5)
4. Science & Faith * (4)
5. If You Ever Come Back * (6)
6 Long Gone And Moved On (5)
7. Dead Man Walking (4)
8. This = Love (5)
9. Walk Away (5)
10. Exit Wounds (4)
11. Bullet From A Gun (4)

Album average: 4.9
Final Grade: B+

Bullets From A Gun must have been a bonus track or an extra track on the US version as it does not appear on the UK album.
Laatst gewijzigd: 19/04/2012 14:29

Excellent album, the vocals are perfect and there are some very nice songs on here. It's not quite as brilliant as their debut, but it comes close. My standout tracks are Nothing, For The First Time and Long Gone And Moved On but there are no duds.

goed hoor...

Niks tegen The Script, leuk popalbum.

A very solid follow up to the great self titled debut.
Find this release to be slightly better with a little more variety but more stability lyrically with a more mature content.


geiles Alternative Rock / Soft-Rock / Pop-Rock Album :D klare highlights sind For the First Time, Science & Faith, Nothing, und If You Ever Come Back :)
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