The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE

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Dim Mak 833928155
Cover The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE
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Cover The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE
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Cover The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE
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Muziek/Tekst:Andrew Taggart
Producer:Andrew Taggart
Gecoverd door:De Smurfen (Smurf een selfie)
Les Schtroumpfs (Selfie)
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Binnenkomst:01/03/2014 (Positie 98)
Laatste week notering:14/06/2014 (Positie 73)
Piekpositie:12 (1 week)
Aantal weken:16
Positie aller tijden:3758 (945 Punten)
Dance:01/03/2014 / Piek: 4 / Weken: 23
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 33 / Weken: 6
de  Piek: 38 / Weken: 22
at  Piek: 16 / Weken: 19
fr  Piek: 55 / Weken: 20
nl  Piek: 12 / Weken: 16
be  Piek: 14 / Weken: 12 (V)
  Piek: 24 / Weken: 13 (W)
se  Piek: 2 / Weken: 21
fi  Piek: 1 / Weken: 11
no  Piek: 3 / Weken: 10
dk  Piek: 9 / Weken: 9
es  Piek: 45 / Weken: 1
au  Piek: 3 / Weken: 9
nz  Piek: 12 / Weken: 5


Promo - Digital Dim Mak 00602537792764 (UMG) / EAN 0602537792764
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Digital Dim Mak 833928155 (UMG)
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
Digital Dim Mak 845033990 (UMG)
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.#SELFIE (Instrumental Mix)
Digital Dim Mak DM558
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.#SELFIE (Club Mix)
The Remixes - Digital Dim Mak / Universal / Island 888375724 (UMG)
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1.#SELFIE (Will Sparks Remix)
2.#SELFIE (Botnek Remix)
3.#SELFIE (Caked Up Remix)

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3:03#SELFIE [Promo]Dim Mak
3:03#SELFIEDim Mak
Instrumental Mix3:03#SELFIEDim Mak
Club Mix4:01#SELFIEDim Mak
3:03Now That's What I Call Music! 87Now
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Puntengemiddelde: 2.32The Chainsmokers - #SELFIE (Reviews: 103)

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I feel really silly for taking this so seriously up until now when it's supposed to be parodical and satirical *facepalm*. It's actually quite an amusing track, especially since I know tonloads of people who are like the girl in this song. Musically it's also fairly enjoyable so it can kind of function as a normal non parodical song. Now I just need to stop being so serious and pessimistic and be able to enjoy more music that's supposed to be humorous.
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/03/2014 10:21

I remember in Grade 3 going to my best friend's birthday party. I don't remember the circumstances leading up to it; possibly I'd been so excited the night before that I couldn't sleep and was as a result quite grumpy, but I did not have a fun time. Maybe I just lost one of the party games and cracked the sads; I could be a shit of a kid at times. There is a photo of me from this party in one of my photo albums and I'm smiling (or forcing a smile) in that, so I can't have been in a terrible mood all the way through. But I do recall that there was crystallised sugar around the tops of all the drinking glasses. This was probably meant to be a fun thing for the kids of the party but I hated it. I hated the feel of the hardened sugar on my lips every time I wanted a drink, and bits kept falling off into my drink and I hated seeing them float around in my drink and I hated even more if I got a clump of it in my mouth when drinking. I also didn't know most of the other kids there aside from his siblings so I kind of felt awkward, but that didn't stop me having a massive sook before the end of the party and leaving and going outside which was really quite rude. His mother had to come out looking for me and they had a large property. She was quite nice about it, and convinced me to come back inside. Either the party was about to end anyway or she called my mum to come and pick me up. I even remember that before we'd left the driveway I was complaining to my mum about everything at the party (especially the sugared glasses) and blaming my friend's mother for the horrible party and my mum was probably thinking what a brat I was and just said "She tried her best". This is probably one of my most shameful and awkward memories to think about even though I have a lot of them. Because it's one of the ones where I can see now that I was so far in the wrong that I don't like thinking about it. There's little I can do about it now but I can't forget it which I don't like. We moved away the next year and I changed schools and lost contact with my friend and probably wouldn't recognise him or his family anymore, but they'll stick with me for that.

As for Selfie, I don't know how to take it. At first I was horrified with the vocals, lyrics and beat, and I still don't like it at all. I don't find it funny, or enjoyable, or to be anything resembling good music. The lyrics are vapid and shallow, but I guess if I were in a restaurant or something and overheard this conversation, I might eavesdrop for a few minutes just for the wtf nature of it, and that's the same feeling I get here really. I do hate the beat drop but now that I've heard this song in full a few times it does seem less irritating than I initially thought. I probably wouldn't be able to bear hearing this much more but the main thing that saves it from being completely and utterly unbearable for me is that it's at least something somewhat different for a dance/club track in a period where most of them seem to have the same boring sound to me. And for that I shall give it a second star.
Laatst gewijzigd: 02/04/2014 13:48

Ok I shall elaborate. I can imagine there are two main crowds of people that this appeals to: the people who like the satire, and then there's those... others. I clearly do not fall into either category, because there is not much that is funny about the odd culture choices people my age tend to make. No thanks. 1.25
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/03/2014 11:00

Yeah, the # was overkill :P

This is the Internet Friends / Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat of 2014 :P
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/03/2014 08:38

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Géén hoogvlieger, maar ook géén bagger, deze éénvoudige vlotte "selfie" dansplaat uit begin januari 2014 van het New Yorkse producersduo: "The Chainsmokers" !!! Nipt voldoende, 3 sterren dus ☺!!!

Well this is random, dumb and annoying, but I just can't help liking it. Could be a big hit.

Jammer dat David Hasselhoff hier geen credit voor krijgt. Dit nummer doet me op een gekke manier overigens denken aan Britt Dekker. Ze zou de tekst op deze plaat ingesproken kunnen hebben.


Considering the song has a hashtag and the word "selfie" in the title, my chances of liking this song were already on a weak foundation.

Then I listen to the song, and my doubts are confirmed. The lyrics are deliberately idiotic and bitchy, but not even in an entertaining way that "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" was.

Add that banal beat drop, and altogether we get this piece of trash.

Chris A

I could make this another review where I complain about the common incapability for people to notice irony in pop music, but the thing is that it doesn't matter whether you take this at face value or not because it's simply lame and infact seeing it as an ironic attack on the type of culture it's satirising just makes it pissy and cynical, the 'Hate My Life' of EDM club music perhaps

Als dat irritante gebrabbel er niet in had gezeten, zou ik dit nog best een leuk nummer gevonden hebben. Nu vind ik het voornamelijk een erg vervelend plaatje, over een hype die ik sowieso al nergens op vind slaan. Wat een troep, weg ermee!

I don't care what it is trying to do, I struggle to listen through the whole thing. Even the drop is painfully average and ordinary.

Not funny or musically interesting.

Not good but considering that they're aren't really signed to a major record, I can excuse them from this song. Just stick to remixing hits instead.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Ich finds geil!
Mit Sprechgesang (wen mans so nennen kann), wie bei "Loca People"! Ich liebe diese Beats, geht richtig schön ab! Wird sicherlich der nächste grosse Hit! In den USA schon in den Top10 der itunes Charts! Ich würde mich freuen, wie die Leute reagieren würden wen das ein Hit wird! looool xD

PS: Ich freue mich auch auf die comments die kommen werden, wen ich hier die 6* reindrücke ;)

Wow, this is actually catchy even though the lyrics are spoken O_O. The backing music is alright and generic to the other EDM stuff we hear. This is most likely going to be a hit around the globe.

Haha! toch wel een beetje grappig. Maar verder is het kwalitatief gewoon bagger.

I kinda like the self-deprecating vibe I get from this track.
Not usually a fan of the banal drop it has, but the "Let me take a selfie" is catchy enough to get a 3* for its humour.


klinkt té plattekes


Heel laag niveau dit. Een hype nummertje die denk ik na een week of 6 verdwenen is. Soort harlem shake, maar dan nog poverder omdat er niet raar op gedanst kan worden

#thisgoesouttolikeallthepartypeoplewhowannaraisetheirhandsand swapsweatandomgijustthrewuponmeummmmmmohwhateveritotally sawHasselhoffyougottacheckoutmynewcolorenhancedselfie

Two words: MIND RAPE

This is amusing on a painful level.

Chief O'Hara
It's just shit...

Absoluut géén hoogvliegerplaatje van het duo: "The Chainsmokers", in het dagelijkse leven: "Andrew Taggart" & "Alex Pall", genaamd !!! Ook géén bagger, het doe me terug denken aan de grote hit: "Loca People", en daar krijg ik dan uiteraard véél zin van in de zomer !!! Exact 4 sterren zijn hier zéker op zijn plaats !!! 😏

Though I've been personally spared the opposing notion, it is important to note that this IS music. It's not a disgrace to music, it's not an insult to music, it's just a comedy record. Been there, done that.

I'm rather fond of the notion of acknowledging just how unexpected future events can be, particularly in the closed off circle of music. This track gets a bonus for showing one off. To illustrate this, try to think back 2 years ago. Now that you've done that, imagine the premise that's being shown here: Someone can complain about the fact that a Lana Del Rey song is being played too much at the club, and it is completely irony free. While I could be entertained by the fumblings of the Instagram generation, in truth I don't encounter it very much, so that line is the one that hits closest to home for me.

Ik heb niks maar dan ook helemaal niks met "selfie's", maar stiekem vind ik dit foute dance plaatje nog best redelijk oké, net genoeg voor de 3 punten.

WTF? It's not even a song, it's a rant about first world problems and because of this I can’t take them seriously even though they have been very successful since!
Laatst gewijzigd: 15/11/2018 07:53

matty d

Inderdaad een vreselijk nummer. Ik snap dat stomme geklets ook totaal niet. Dat dit zo hoog scoort is wel logisch, aangezien jongeren dit totaal niet zullen negeren. De titel is bovendien erg hitpotentieel (#Selfie, dat is zowat het populairste woord van het moment..).

De beat is goed hoor maar dat wijvengewawwel trek ik niet.
Die zelfingenomen Amerikaanse stem doet me de haren ten berge rijzen.
De jeugd vind dit helemaal te gek natuurlijk vooral de dametjes.
Zal wel op 1 komen maar ik mijdt dit nummer zoveel mogelijk.

Love it or hate it, Selfie is genius!

De jeugd anno 2014 gaat op vakantie naar Cherso of Sunny Beach en staat daar te daggeren of te fistpumpen op knallende house van Afrojack, Martin Garrix of Hardwell. Met wodka of bacardi (bij voorkeur gemixt met iets mierzoets) zuipen ze zichzelf haast in een coma en ze twitteren, facebooken of instagrammen daarover. Als ze thuis zijn kijken ze naar jongeren die hetzelfde doen in Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore of The Valleys.

Is er wat mis mee? Mwah, ik denk zelf dat het vroeger gemiddeld wel iets minder trashy was - maar ach, de jeugd doet gewoon z'n ding. En als we ooit terugdenken aan deze tijd, dan geeft #selfie wel een perfecte samenvatting. Ook dat is wat waard: 1 ster, en die andere voor de vette beat.


I'm in the group that kind of likes this for the satire. 3.3.

This inspired my sister to take 200 selfies in one day at an airport.

Just no.

Kaahu Leef
Up in the ass

No thank you.
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