Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

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Muziek/Tekst:Max Martin
Taylor Swift
Producer:Max Martin
Gecoverd door:Taylor Swift (Shake It Off (Taylor's Version))
Us The Duo
Reese Witherspoon & Nick Kroll
Ryan Adams
Kate Rusby
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Puntengemiddelde: 3.9Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Reviews: 150)

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Lekker nummer en mooie sound, al herken ik wel een beetje Avril Lavigne 'Girlfriend' erin!!

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. But I actually don't mind this. Nice track from Taylor Swift.

groovy, infact excellent

of course YouTube is going to choose that thumbnail to bait slut-shamers and crypto-racists (or people who are a wee bit too quick to accuse people of being a slut-shamer or crypt-racist, like Earl Sweatshirt or me on a bad day), gits.
Laatst gewijzigd: 12/11/2014 05:04


Just boring and awful like her previous songs, with that bit around the two-and-a-half minute mark being particularly horrid and immature in the way that only Taylor Swift can be.

Will become a hit unfortunately due to the public's general poor taste in music.

Well, at least she'll be able to "shake off" this criticism.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Ich empfand "We are never..." als eine sehr gute Leadsingle! Das kann ich von "Shake It Off" nicht so ganz behaupten...
Catchy ist es, jedoch auch total nervig! Das Video finde ich dazu komplett bescheuert!

edit: ein fieser Ohrwurm, der aber ungalublich Spass macht! Höre ich sehr gerne! 6*
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/09/2015 17:32

It will grow on me, but unfortunately I didn't like it first listen. Even though I love(d) Glee, it sounds like a Glee song, and not in a good way.

EDIT: This kind of grew on me, but probably more because of its international success and its popularity at parties. Decent enough, but I think there are better tracks on here.
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/01/2015 02:32

Awful! I didn't find it too bad on first listen but I quickly begun to have an allergic reaction to this pretty quickly. This then turned into a dislike when I became more familiar with it and then it just kept getting worse for me until I really hated it. And the worst part is that almost everyone else loves it!

Many, many things wrong with this in my opinion. For starters it reminds me of "Whip My Hair" which is just really cringeworthy. Not quite as bad as that, but that's not much of a compliment. The lyrics are awful and Taylor Swift really shouldn't have written a song about her haters. It's actually really annoying that Lady Gaga constantly gets called out for being pretentious, yet little hate has been directed towards Taylor. The whole thing reeks of pretension imo and I absolutely cannot stand it. If you really shook off people's criticism you wouldn't have needed to write a song about it! The way she prances around in the music video like this isn't a desperate song to release as a comeback track and how she and this song are above and beyond other pop artist's work is revolting. And don't get me started on whatever the bridge is supposed to be, just ugh. Really hate the use of "haters gonna hate" as I find that saying really dumb. I guess musically this is okay, but there's so many tracks with this sound from the past few years that I have no reason to care about it here. While I've never been huge on Taylor, I've always thought she has been good at writing relatable songs. How is this relatable to most of the general public? I don't approve of people slagging her off for her love life but this was totally not a necessary thing to release. The worst part is that when I went into it I was expecting something really good, so disappointing is an understatement. Really vile and I greatly despise that it was such a massive hit.

I just really hope that this disappears as quickly as possible now, it's excruciating seeing so many people still buying it in December. My worst song of 2014 and Taylor's worst for me.

Laatst gewijzigd: 30/12/2014 00:42

Yeah really enjoying this one.

Enorm verrast door deze omslag van Swift, die tot nu toch vooral brave liefdesliedjes zong. Dit heeft alles in zich om een enorme hit te worden. Aanstekelijk en blijft in je hoofd hangen. Zonder meer het beste wat Swift heeft gemaakt.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Ben wat minder enthousiast over deze stotterplaat uit augustus 2014 van de 24 jarige Amerikaanse zangeres: "Taylor Alison Swift" !!! Vind 4 sterren persoonlijk meer dan voldoende ☺!!!

Matig nummer. Niet echt leadsinglewaardig te noemen.

Edit 31/08/2014:
Is inmiddels voor mij wel een leuk nummer geworden. Leuke tekst en videoclip ook!

Edit 15/11/2017:
Ontzettend verslavend, mede dankzij de boodschap 5 sterren!

Edit 21/12/2017:
Niet alleen is het nummer catchy, de boodschap doet het hem echt! De volle bak!
Laatst gewijzigd: 21/12/2017 20:43

Redelijk nummer maar niet meer.. Ik had gehoopt op iets als I Knew You Were Trouble.

Taylor, I believe you have something belonging to Avril. Please return it immediately and release a country single. I still want to care about your success.

Not that this is bad, it's quite catchy and fun, although sometimes cringeworthy. It's just not what I want from her.

The video looks like an advert and seems a bit forced, but the song is rather likable.

It's unashamedly very catchy, certainly my favourite of hers.
Laatst gewijzigd: 10/11/2014 11:35

Goed zo Taylor! ik ben positief verrast! keep it coming like this!

This is epic. So catchy!

It is making me cringe. The track wasn't worth all the hype but it was going to be hyped because it is Taylor Swift!
Laatst gewijzigd: 24/09/2014 10:54

Felt really fresh when it came out but now that it's been lingering for a few years now, I understand why people find it annoying. Her voice feels a bit whiny here and she sounds like she's trying way too hard. It's a shame because I used to enjoy this unironically.

(and about the rap section, yeah it's still cringe)
Laatst gewijzigd: 03/02/2020 09:37

Ik was er in eerste instantie van overtuigd dat het nummer wel heel erg op iets van Miley lijkt (met dito twerk-videoclip), maar het heeft achteraf meer weg van Avril Lavigne. Het klinkt in ieder geval niet als Taylor Swift, en dat is misschien maar goed ook, want dezelfde zeurderige Taylor gaat ook alleen maar vervelen. Het is nummer is catchy en verdient zeker een goede voldoende, ook al vond ik er eerst niet veel aan.

Geen kritiek-alleen een dikke zes voor deze dikke hit in wording

So annoying now...
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/05/2017 21:35

What is this crap.....The video is pretty good....the song is so lame I couldn't even get through the whole song

Een nieuwe single van: "Taylor Swift", en ik moet zeggen dat ik niet érg onder de indruk ben, integendeel!!! Ik vind er voorlopig nog niet veel aan!!! Exact 3 sterren!!! ☺

It's OK. Decent enough.

Finally a hit single that appreciates the awesomeness that is Mischief Makers, shake shake! And you don't even need to shake it to get the gold because it's far from dire.

In all seriousness though, this speaks volumes to me. As music is (despite being super popular) something of a nichey hardcore interest, when it gets pulled up in mainstream media, it's subject to small reference pools (eg. Bob Marley is the only reggae artist people have heard of, so if you say a reggae artist, it has to be Bob Marley). But this in itself is subject to a deeper rooted version of the same problem. Namely, yeah, the average person has heard of this handful of musical artists, but what do they actually know ABOUT them? And it always disappoints me when it's not actually about the music. I mean sure, you could remember Kanye West (oh look I'm doing it too :P) for all the acclaimed albums, or it's much easier to remember him for silly things he's said and done on TV and who he's married to. For Taylor, at least since "Red" came out, it's a rarity to see some tabloid mention on her on anything other than 'Woah, the dump tally just keeps on rising, date Taylor Swift now and maybe she'll write a hateful song about you :O', which is just really condescending and she doesn't deserve it.

So I like this song for totally sticking it to those tabloids right in the first verse. Granted it could be seen as immature, but it's still always gonna be a step above those irrational neckbeard hatres. And a bonus is that the song is quite catchy too. Following a string of 'lol, let's just stick some brass awkwardly into the song because "Thrift Shop"' hits of late, this is one that does so in a tasteful manner that actually fits with the song. Two good Shellback hits in a row, what are the odds?!

The spoken word bridge reminds me a whole lot of "On A Mission" by Gabrielle Cilmi and like that it's pretty cringey and detracts from the song, but not enough to stop me from being glad that she finally has a #1 hit that's worth getting there. 4.2

A fun and quirky track.

Reasonably enjoyable, lighthearted track. I don't like the bridge but the rest is fine. 3.7*

EDIT: Upgrade - Probably her 3rd best for me now. 4*
Laatst gewijzigd: 21/12/2014 13:56

Eigenlijk is geen enkele plaat van Taylor Swift echt leuk. 2* lijkt mij meer dan genoeg.

15-12-14 Tja ik vind het opeens een heel leuk nummer :o
Laatst gewijzigd: 15/12/2014 19:36

I predict double or triple Platinum certification for this song. It's really good, and well-thought out.

matty d
2 stars

Catchy at first, but it gets old fast.

Laatst gewijzigd: 28/11/2014 14:23

Amazing song!6 stars!!!!!!

As corny as it is, this song has been quite inspiring to me and I admire it in many ways. Taylor has always been in my good books somehow, and as someone who used to be very critical on public personalities of artists in the earlier years of this decade, she has always impressed me with her politeness and professionalism. (I have since ceased to care about artists' personal lives nowadays because I have matured a lot since then and frankly it is none of my business. That said, I still think artists are very responsible for whatever image or personality they choose to portray to the public and they should be accountable for that).

Taylor has certainly been quite unavoidable in terms of hearing about gossip over the past few years though. And I found what she does with this song to be very admirable. A lead single from her 5th album? It could have been anything really. Love, a relationship, another "signature" break-up song like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? Instead, she steps out of the box and writes about something that many artists struggle to execute well.

I don't find anything wrong with engaging with the media or with public perception. If anything, it's what artists should be doing more often! It demonstrates an intelligent and mature knowledge of your position and understanding of your surroundings, and to creatively present a response couldn't be more interesting for a songwriter while still being very personal and engaging. It's what we all do in a society that is constantly changing and evolving. And honestly, I'm sick of all the same love tripe that we get literally 90% of the time. However, as I said before, the execution of this idea is much easier said than done.

So what does Taylor do here? Yes, this is very much a response to the criticism she has faced over the past few years. But how she does it is even more impressive. It could have very well been a song filled with spite and hate to the media, for her past relationships, for anyone simply because they're haters. Instead, she transforms the negativity into her own fun, upbeat, positive and uplifting track, 'shaking' off the criticism and getting on with her life just like we all should when facing such things in our lives. What was technically a really lame "f**k you" has evolved into an uplifting, catchy and upbeat track that is easy to dance to and make your day feel better. It's the failed-inspirational anthem that is actually inspirational! Taylor doesn't care, so why should you! Everything about the song reflects this, from the obvious lyrics to the upbeat brass loops and beat, and just how it all culminates into honestly one of the funnest and most positive tracks of 2014.

To me, this exceptionally mature step from Taylor has been really impressive for not only me, but surely the other millions of people that this track has resonated with. It's one thing to write a song like this, but then to execute it and perform it so naturally, this surely will become one of her best songs ever. After a very clunky and forced "Red" era, this basically felt like an effortless transition into pop. It's really quite fascinating how at-home she feels despite this not being her 'home' genre. Her endearing VMAs performance and the fun music video only affirm all these points and are both worth watching.
Laatst gewijzigd: 25/02/2015 07:29

Vlotte song van Taylor Swift, afkomstig uit haar succesalbum '1989', uitgebracht in het jaar 2014. De singel stond erg lang genoteerd in de Vlaamse Ultratop 50: 28 weken, maar geraakte wel niet hoger dan de zeventiende plaats. Vier sterren zijn voldoende, want er staan betere nummers op haar album.

Simple catchy pop with a good message. Taylor swift is a musical genius and can do no wrong

Love this

de muziek van Taylor Swift en ik gaan niet samen, vind het gewoon niet veel aan, zo ook deze track, ik geef de track dan dus ook een krappe 3


That's how pop music should sound. So damn catchy!

Upon release this sounded fresh and went pop in the ears, already it's sounding very dated and stale and in all honesty it doesn't scream hit.
Apart from Bad Blood this will be the second worst released singles off 1979.

Peaked at #6 on my personal chart.

Came in at #67 on my TOP 200 OF 2014.

Laatst gewijzigd: 27/03/2018 06:52

Ik haat Taylor Swift, but i like this.

Kaahu Leef
Addictive and really catchy. I'm glad she stepped out of country music
Laatst gewijzigd: 16/03/2017 01:26

Eigentlich mag ich Taylor nicht, aber der Song hat was.

Als der Song neu war mochte ich ihn nicht sonderlich.
Das war mir so sehr anders für Taylor Swift Verhältnisse. Zu sehr auf Pop getrimmt. Dann noch der "Rap" Part mittendrin, was Taylor so gar nicht kann, fand ich extremst nervig.
Mit der Zeit allerdings und ständiger Bedudelung aus dem Radio, gefiel mir der Song immer besser.
Finde ihn toll so wie er ist, passt einfach. Ist ein Spaß Song, von daher ist der "Rap" Part auch nicht zu ernst zu nehmen.

taylor sshould be glad that i gave her 2 stars cuz the song is shitty
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/11/2019 21:53

Richard (NL)
Toch wel een goed nummer.

This artist is overrated, if another artist did the exact same song people would be shitting on it harder than what Swift gets… doesn’t make sense her vocals are trash and her writings good yeah but everything else makes my ears bleed

Best aardig

Niet het sterkste nummer van Taylor Swift, maar zo veel stoort het mij niet.
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