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Binnenkomst:13/10/2012 (Positie 58)
Laatste week notering:29/08/2015 (Positie 45)
Piekpositie:45 (1 week)
Aantal weken:6
Positie aller tijden:10236 (144 Punten)
Alternative:13/10/2012 / Piek: 8 / Weken: 13
Combialbum:13/10/2012 / Piek: 82 / Weken: 2
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CD Modular MODCD157 / EAN 0602537065189
CD Caroline / Fiction MODCD157 (UMG) / EAN 0602537950348
LP Caroline / Fiction 3795300 (UMG) / EAN 0602537953004
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1.Be Above It
2.Endors toi
3.Apocalypse Dreams
4.Mind Mischief
5.Music To Walk Home By
6.Why Won't They Talk To Me?
7.Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
8.Keep On Lying
10.She Just Won't Believe Me
11.Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
12.Sun's Coming Up
LP Modular MODVL161 / EAN 0602537065219
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CD Universal 060255700227 (UMG) / EAN 0602557002270
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Puntengemiddelde: 4.29 (Reviews: 7)

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It's no Innerspeaker, but wow the production on this is stunning! Hard to pick a favourite outside of the singles just yet, may have to wait on that. Glad to see it picking up the accolades it deserves.

After the phenomenal success of "Innerspeaker", Tame Impala had a massive level of expectation with a follow up. This was made more critical as they had since achieved worldwide notoriety, and were no longer another one of Australia's hidden secrets. After listening to both albums several times, I can safely say that Lonerism not only satisfies as a follow up, but outdoes its predecessor!

Much like "Innerspeaker", there's a theme of isolation present on the album. Interestingly, with the songs "Apocalypse Dreams" & "Elephant", this is the first time that Kevin Parker has shared writing credit on any of their releases.

"Lonerism" I think is more adventurous than "Innerspeaker". The latter tended to blend in the same sound a bit, but "Lonerism" explores further territory with its soundscape. The production quality is stepped up, and now finds more of the hooks in the music rather than the lyrics. This could be a problem because a quick scan of "Innerspeaker"'s tracklisting quickly reveals to me which song is which, whereas for "Lonerism", it's not as immediately obvious. On the other hand, once I do listen to them, it becomes immediately obvious (eg the opening riff on "Endors moi".

I'm loving how much international praise they're getting for this album and just hope they can keep it up because this album is great!

I think I enjoy this more than Innerspeaker, but I've certainly developed more of an appreciation for their kind of music in between those albums so that likely helps with that choice too. So much of what they do reminds me of The Beatles and that can't be a bad thing.

I thought I would like this more, since I like Currents quite a bit, but I think i'll stick to Currents, which has a more refined and exciting sound. This sort of meanders for me I reckon.

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