Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra - Live In Berlin

Cover Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra - Live In Berlin


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CD Deutsche Grammophon 275 3097 (UMG) / EAN 0602527530970
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Live)
2.Englishman In New York (Live)
3.Fields Of Gold (Live)
4.Why Should I Cry For You? (Live)
5.All Would Envy (Live)
6.Tomorrow We'll See (Live)
7.The End Of The Game (Live)
8.Whenever I Say Your Name (Live)
9.Shape Of My Heart (Live)
10.Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live)
11.Mad About You (Live)
12.King Of Pain (Live)
13.Desert Rose (Live)
14.Fragile (Live)
1. A Thousand Years (Live)
2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Live)
3. Englishman In New York (Live)
4. Roxanne (Live)
5. When We Dance (Live)
6. Russians (Live)
7. I Hung My Head (Live)
8. Why Should I Cry For You? (Live)
9. Whenever I Say Your Name (Live)
10. This Cowboy Song (Live)
11. Tomorrow We'll See (Live)
12. Moon Over Bourbon Street (Live)
13. The End Of The Game (Live)
14. You Will Be My Ain True Love (Live)
15. All Would Envy (Live)
16. Mad About You (Live)
17. King Of Pain (Live)
18. Every Breath You Take (Live)
19. Desert Rose (Live)
20. She's Too Good For Me (Live)
21. Fragile (Live)
22. I Was Brought To My Senses (Intro) (Live)

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Singles - Dutch Charts
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free15/06/1985386
Love Is The Seventh Wave07/09/19851011
Fortress Around Your Heart15/02/1986263
We'll Be Together17/10/1987339
Englishman In New York13/02/19881313
They Dance Alone17/09/1988279
Englishman In New York [The Ben Liebrand Mix]15/09/1990605
All This Time12/01/1991229
Mad About You02/03/1991447
The Soul Cages11/05/1991774
It's Probably Me (Sting with Eric Clapton)11/07/1992715
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You20/02/1993306
Fields Of Gold14/08/1993445
All For Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting)15/01/1994312
Nothing 'Bout Me16/04/1994413
When We Dance12/11/1994324
This Cowboy Song (Sting feat. Pato Banton)25/02/1995482
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot16/03/1996433
Roxanne 97 (Puff Daddy Remix) (Sting & The Police)29/11/1997694
Terre d'oru (I Muvrini feat. Sting)09/01/1999933
Brand New Day11/09/1999467
Desert Rose (Sting feat. Cheb Mami)18/03/20002920
Rise & Fall (Craig David feat. Sting)03/05/2003721
Send Your Love20/09/2003435
Whenever I Say Your Name (Sting & Mary J Blige)06/12/2003607
Albums - Dutch Charts
Amnesty International Presents The Secret Policeman's Concert (Jeff Beck / Eric Clapton / Sting / Phil Collins / Bob Geldof / Donovan)10/04/1982129
The Dream Of The Blue Turtles06/07/1985162
Bring On The Night28/06/1986216
...Nothing Like The Sun24/10/1987361
The Soul Cages02/02/1991122
Ten Summoner's Tales13/03/1993557
Demolition Man09/10/1993704
Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-199419/11/1994541
Mercury Falling16/03/1996320
The Very Best Of (Sting & The Police)22/11/19971731
Brand New Day02/10/1999748
...All This Time17/11/20011235
Sacred Love04/10/2003341
Songs From The Labyrinth (Sting and Edin Karamazov)21/10/20063911
If On A Winter's Night...31/10/20091016
Live In Berlin (Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)04/12/20103726
The Best Of 25 Years29/10/20111624
The Last Ship28/09/201367
57th & 9th19/11/201678
44/876 (Sting & Shaggy)28/04/2018164
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
All This Time [DVD]16/11/200298
The Brand New Day Tour - Live From The Universal Amphitheatre [DVD]12/04/2003252
Inside - The Songs Of Sacred Love [DVD]18/10/2003134
The Journey & The Labyrinth - The Music Of John Dowland [DVD] (Sting & Edin Karamazov)17/03/2007181
A Winter's Night... Live From Durham Cathedral [DVD]09/01/2010262
Live In Berlin [DVD] (Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)11/12/2010228
The Last Ship - Live At The Public Theater [DVD]27/09/201459
Every Breath You Take - Live In Concert 2011 [DVD]25/10/2014271
Live At The Olympia Paris [DVD]18/11/2017443

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Albums - Dutch Charts
Live In Berlin (Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)04/12/20103726
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Live In Berlin [DVD] (Sting feat. The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra)11/12/2010228


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Iets voor de liefhebbers van orkesten. Het orkest voegt echt wat toe, zonder dat het geforceerd klinkt. De jazz invloeden zijn wat minder al speelt Branford Marsalis wel op enkele nummers mee.
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