Soundtrack - Walk The Line

Cover Soundtrack - Walk The Line
Cover Soundtrack - Walk The Line
Wind-Up 6870472


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Binnenkomst:11/02/2006 (Positie 91)
Laatste week notering:25/03/2006 (Positie 84)
Piekpositie:80 (2 Weken)
Aantal weken:7
Positie aller tijden:12371 (102 Punten)
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at  Piek: 3 / Weken: 20
fr  Piek: 55 / Weken: 6
nl  Piek: 80 / Weken: 7
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dk  Piek: 39 / Weken: 1
au  Piek: 2 / Weken: 23
nz  Piek: 6 / Weken: 17


CD Wind-Up 82876 76232 2 (Sony BMG) / EAN 0828767623221
CD Wind-Up 6870472 (EMI) / EAN 5099968704728
LP Craft / Concord 888072029279 (UMG) / EAN 0888072029279
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1.Joaquin Phoenix - Get Rhythm
2.Joaquin Phoenix - I Walk The Line
3.Reese Witherspoon - Wildwood Flower
4.Waylon Malloy Payne - Lewis Boogie
5.Joaquin Phoenix - Ring Of Fire
6.Johnathan Rice - You're My Baby
7.Joaquin Phoenix - Cry Cry Cry
8.Joaquin Phoenix - Folsom Prison Blues
9.Tyler Hilton - That's All Right
10.Reese Witherspoon - Juke Box Blues
11.Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon - It Ain't Me Babe
12.Joaquin Phoenix - Home Of The Blues
13.Tyler Hilton - Milk Cow Blues
14.Shooter Jennings - I'm A Long Way From Home
15.Joaquin Phoenix - Cocaine Blues
16.Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon - Jackson
CD Wind-Up 82876 76894 2 / EAN 0828767689425
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CD Bicycle 088807237519 / EAN 0888072375192
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Singles - Dutch Charts
Albums - Dutch Charts
The Graduate (Soundtrack / Simon & Garfunkel)12/04/19691017
More (Soundtrack / Pink Floyd)02/08/196946
Easy Rider20/12/1969102
Love Story (Soundtrack / Francis Lai)01/05/197192
Friends (Soundtrack / Elton John)15/05/197165
200 Motels (Soundtrack / Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention)20/11/197166
Obscured By Clouds (Soundtrack / Pink Floyd)03/06/197237
Turks Fruit (Soundtrack / Rogier van Otterloo mmv Trio Louis van Dyke)24/03/197375
Jesus Christ Superstar (Soundtrack / Andrew Lloyd Webber)22/12/1973142
The Sting (Soundtrack / Marvin Hamlisch)07/09/1974118
Once Upon A Time In The West (Soundtrack / Ennio Morricone)04/01/19752123
Tommy - The Movie12/04/19751110
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Soundtrack / Neil Diamond)26/07/1975811
Mahogany (Soundtrack / Diana Ross / Michael Masser)06/03/1976106
All This And World War II11/12/1976172
Saturday Night Fever11/03/1978170
Bilitis (Soundtrack / Francis Lai)29/04/1978254
Thank God It's Friday17/06/19783211
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band05/08/19781411
The Stud16/09/197857
Watership Down26/05/19792510
Uit elkaar (Soundtrack / Herman van Veen / Erik van der Wurff)22/09/1979412
The Wiz06/10/1979228
Cha Cha (Soundtrack / Herman Brood / Nina Hagen / Lene Lovich)29/12/1979285
The Rose (Soundtrack / Bette Midler)19/04/19801622
Xanadu (Soundtrack / Electric Light Orchestra & Olivia Newton-John)26/07/1980123
Can't Stop The Music (Soundtrack / Village People)09/08/1980202
The Jazz Singer (Soundtrack / Neil Diamond)29/11/1980628
Flash Gordon (Soundtrack / Queen)10/01/198179
Les uns et les autres (Soundtrack / Francis Lai & Michel Legrand)06/03/19821213
Singin' In The Rain27/03/1982286
Chariots Of Fire (Soundtrack / Vangelis)08/05/198295
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (Soundtrack / John Williams)12/02/1983235
Als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel - De Bommelplaat05/03/1983491
Local Hero (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)16/04/1983217
Staying Alive (Soundtrack / Bee Gees)16/07/19831711
Furyo - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Soundtrack / Ryuichi Sakamoto)23/07/1983811
Octopussy (Soundtrack / John Barry)13/08/1983392
Mike's Murder (Soundtrack / Joe Jackson)24/09/1983109
Yentl (Soundtrack / Barbra Streisand)10/12/1983623
Ciske de rat28/04/1984148
Against All Odds23/06/1984401
The Woman In Red (Soundtrack / Stevie Wonder)22/09/1984219
Cal (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)10/11/1984315
Paris, Texas (Soundtrack / Ry Cooder)09/03/1985441
The Falcon And The Snowman (Soundtrack / Pat Metheny Group)30/03/1985462
Amadeus (Soundtrack / Neville Marriner)30/03/19851015
Beverly Hills Cop08/06/19851813
A View To A Kill (Soundtrack / John Barry)20/07/1985491
Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome (Soundtrack / Maurice Jarre / Tina Turner)21/09/1985501
L'amour en héritage / Mistral's Daughter (Soundtrack / Vladimir Cosma)26/10/1985295
Rocky IV08/02/1986119
A Chorus Line01/03/1986466
The Jewel Of The Nile15/03/1986582
Out Of Africa29/03/19862019
Absolute Beginners19/04/1986298
Miami Vice10/05/19861826
Labyrinth (Soundtrack / David Bowie / Trevor Jones)12/07/1986394
Top Gun23/08/1986520
Miami Vice II10/01/1987237
The Singing Detective13/06/19871814
Who's That Girl (Soundtrack / Madonna)01/08/1987124
The Living Daylights29/08/1987681
Yellow Submarine (Soundtrack / The Beatles)05/09/1987332
Dirty Dancing09/01/1988156
More Dirty Dancing19/03/1988432
Cry Freedom16/04/1988475
Tucker - The Man And His Dream (Soundtrack / Joe Jackson)24/09/1988991
The Blues Brothers (Soundtrack / The Blues Brothers)29/10/1988230
Imagine: John Lennon (Soundtrack / John Lennon)17/12/1988746
De hit muziek van de televisieserie Spijkerhoek15/04/19891214
Rain Man20/05/1989696
Batman (Soundtrack / Prince)01/07/1989123
Licence To Kill22/07/19894010
Shaka Zulu12/08/1989811
Road House (Soundtrack / Jimmy Iovine)02/09/1989836
Batman Original Motion Picture Score (Soundtrack / Danny Elfman)02/09/1989914
Lily Was Here (Soundtrack / David A. Stewart)11/11/19892014
Pretty Woman08/09/1990567
Days Of Thunder15/09/19904113
Rocky V12/01/1991419
Twin Peaks (Soundtrack / Angelo Badalamenti)26/01/1991525
Medisch Centrum West30/03/1991735
Dances With Wolves (Soundtrack / John Barry)27/04/1991588
The Doors (Soundtrack / The Doors)25/05/19913618
Jungle Fever (Soundtrack / Stevie Wonder)08/06/1991526
New Jack City29/06/1991834
Robin Hood - Prince Of Thieves (Soundtrack / Michael Kamen)10/08/19914512
Rush (Soundtrack / Eric Clapton)01/02/19925112
1492 - Conquest Of Paradise (Soundtrack / Vangelis)07/11/1992158
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air14/11/19921424
The Bodyguard (Soundtrack / Whitney Houston)28/11/1992191
Beverly Hills 9021009/01/19933513
Indecent Proposal24/07/1993719
Last Action Hero14/08/19932211
Het allerbeste uit de TV Serie Strauss Dynasty25/09/1993357
Schindler's List (Soundtrack / John Williams)02/04/19942624
The Piano (Soundtrack / Michael Nyman)09/04/1994587
The Flintstones23/07/1994429
Forrest Gump17/09/19945611
The Lion King03/12/1994661
Pulp Fiction11/02/19952429
Bad Boys15/07/19953811
Batman Forever26/08/1995427
Black Beauty (Soundtrack / Danny Elfman)02/09/1995903
The Sound Of Music (Soundtrack / Julie Andrews)09/09/1995365
Waiting To Exhale25/11/19951624
Filmpje! (Soundtrack / Paul de Leeuw)06/01/19961010
Dangerous Minds24/02/19965610
Girl 6 (Soundtrack / Prince)13/04/1996835
Mission: Impossible27/07/1996658
Evita (Soundtrack / Madonna)16/11/1996625
Naar de klote!07/12/1996459
The Preacher's Wife (Soundtrack / Whitney Houston)07/12/19961718
Space Jam15/02/1997523
Set It Off01/03/1997437
Romeo + Juliet05/04/1997806
The English Patient (Soundtrack / Gabriel Yared)05/04/1997758
Jerry Maguire12/04/1997892
Men In Black19/07/19971012
Paradise Road - Song Of Survival11/10/1997377
Seven Years In Tibet (Soundtrack / John Williams)17/01/1998823
Titanic (Soundtrack / James Horner)07/02/1998148
Long Journey Home07/02/1998489
Wag The Dog (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler)14/02/1998831
City Of Angels18/04/19982819
Jackie Brown27/06/1998844
Blues Brothers 200011/07/1998636
Back To Titanic (Soundtrack / James Horner)29/08/19981017
The Prince Of Egypt16/01/1999774
The Mask Of Zorro (Soundtrack / James Horner)23/01/1999818
South Park - Chef Aid06/02/1999456
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (Soundtrack / John Williams)22/05/19994014
Wild Wild West26/06/1999759
The Matrix10/07/19992722
Notting Hill17/07/1999125
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me07/08/1999872
Tarzan (Soundtrack / Phil Collins)04/12/19995115
The Virgin Suicides (Soundtrack / Air)18/03/2000893
The Million Dollar Hotel25/03/2000524
The Beach01/04/2000742
Pokémon - Score29/04/2000791
Pokémon - The First Movie06/05/2000971
Pokémon - Schnapp' sie dir alle!13/05/2000863
Gladiator (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)03/06/20005712
Mission: Impossible 208/07/20003211
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps05/08/2000991
Romeo Must Die09/09/2000593
Selmasongs (Soundtrack / Björk)30/09/2000853
Coyote Ugly11/11/20006013
Hannibal (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)10/03/2001704
Save The Last Dance28/04/2001208
Ally McBeal - For Once In My Life (Soundtrack / Vonda Shepard)05/05/2001408
Bridget Jones's Diary16/06/2001127
Pearl Harbor (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)21/07/2001914
Moulin Rouge06/10/20012221
The Wash (Soundtrack / Dr. Dre)17/11/2001157
Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone (Soundtrack / John Williams)24/11/2001972
The Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)22/12/2001739
Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (Soundtrack / Yann Tiersen)23/03/20023137
Ali G Indahouse27/04/2002495
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones (Soundtrack / John Williams)11/05/2002685
Spirit - Stallion Of The Cimarron (Soundtrack / Bryan Adams / Hans Zimmer)03/08/20022212
Ramses (Soundtrack / Ramses Shaffy)12/10/20022325
Ja Zuster Nee Zuster26/10/2002488
8 Mile09/11/2002245
The Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)14/12/20022018
Chicago - Music From The Miramax Motion Picture (Soundtrack / Danny Elfman)08/03/2003862
Liever Verliefd29/03/2003338
Matrix Reloaded24/05/2003129
Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl (Soundtrack / Klaus Badelt)06/09/2003695
Bad Boys II25/10/2003822
Brother Bear (Soundtrack / Phil Collins)08/11/20033815
Kill Bill Vol. 129/11/20031621
Love Actually06/12/20031913
The Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)13/12/20031916
The Lord Of The Rings - Box Set (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)17/01/2004559
Kill Bill Vol. 201/05/2004605
Troy (Soundtrack / James Horner)29/05/2004771
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Soundtrack / John Williams)05/06/2004941
Ultimate Dirty Dancing26/06/20041715
Música Cubana - The Sons Of Cuba23/10/2004309
Bridget Jones - The Edge Of Reason20/11/20043813
Ray (Soundtrack / Ray Charles)12/02/2005813
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (Soundtrack / John Williams)07/05/2005226
The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home (Soundtrack / Bob Dylan)10/09/2005314
Beauty And The Beast15/10/2005259
Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Soundtrack / 50 Cent)12/11/20055413
Walk The Line11/02/2006807
The Da Vinci Code (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)27/05/2006991
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)15/07/2006538
Step Up30/09/2006821
About A Boy (Soundtrack / Badly Drawn Boy)21/10/20061001
High School Musical24/02/20071135
Pirates Of The Caribbean - At Worlds End (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)26/05/2007424
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Soundtrack / Nicholas Hooper)21/07/2007821
Into The Wild (Soundtrack / Eddie Vedder)22/09/20073044
Het Huis Anubis (Muziek uit de tv-serie) (Soundtrack / Het huis Anubis)06/10/2007726
High School Musical 206/10/20072133
Alles is liefde20/10/20072311
Step Up 2 - The Streets15/03/2008972
Mamma Mia!19/07/2008539
The Dark Knight (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard)09/08/2008552
Hannah Montana09/08/2008676
High School Musical 3 - Senior Year15/11/20083216
Wit licht20/12/2008882
Slumdog Millionaire (Soundtrack / A.R. Rahman)07/03/2009524
't Vrije Schaep, met de 5 pooten14/03/2009306
Berlin Calling (Soundtrack / Paul Kalkbrenner)08/08/20091001
The Twilight Saga: New Moon24/10/2009661
This Is It (Soundtrack / Michael Jackson)31/10/2009148
Avatar (Soundtrack / James Horner)09/01/2010743
Iron Man 2 (Soundtrack / AC/DC)24/04/2010518
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse12/06/2010521
Jonas L.A. (Soundtrack / Jonas Brothers)24/07/2010841
Step Up 3D14/08/2010803
Slot Marsepeinstein (Soundtrack / Slot Marsepeinstein)20/11/2010742
New Kids Turbo18/12/20103510
Tron Legacy (Soundtrack / Daft Punk)18/12/2010832
Burlesque (Soundtrack / Cher / Christina Aguilera)08/01/2011782
't Spaanse Schaep29/01/2011512
Gooische vrouwen [Film]12/03/2011713
Phineas And Ferb16/04/20111619
Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer / Rodrigo y Gabriela)21/05/2011761
Lemonade Mouth28/05/2011793
Toen Was Geluk Heel Gewoon - Simon Stokvis zingt 13 onvergetelijke sjansongs (Soundtrack / Simon Stokvis)18/06/2011792
PJ 20 (Soundtrack / Pearl Jam)24/09/2011126
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 112/11/2011971
Bennie Stout19/11/2011881
New Kids Nitro17/12/2011981
Marley (Soundtrack / Bob Marley & The Wailers)12/05/2012217
The Dark Knight Rises (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)21/07/2012344
Step Up 4 - Miami Heat04/08/2012622
A Year With Armin van Buuren (Soundtrack / Armin van Buuren)20/10/2012332
Skyfall (Soundtrack / Thomas Newman)03/11/2012762
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 217/11/2012701
Alles is famil!e24/11/2012658
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)15/12/2012408
The Broken Circle Breakdown (Soundtrack / The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band)22/12/20123512
Searching For Sugar Man (Soundtrack / Rodriguez)12/01/20133244
Highlights From Les misérables - The Musical Phenomenon19/01/20131411
Django Unchained26/01/2013566
Verliefd op Ibiza02/03/2013435
Café 't schaep in Mokum09/03/2013791
Sound City - Real To Reel16/03/201396
The Great Gatsby11/05/2013614
Fast & Furious 601/06/2013771
Efteling Original Park Soundtrack (Soundtrack / Maarten Hartveldt)13/07/2013601
Teen Beach Movie07/09/2013562
Through The Never (Soundtrack / Metallica)28/09/2013287
The Hobbit - The Desolation Of Smaug (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)14/12/2013512
Mandela - Long Walk To Freedom14/12/2013971
La grande bellezza01/02/2014464
Violetta - Hoy somos más07/06/20141316
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 116/08/20142718
Violetta - En vivo27/09/20142625
Interstellar (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)22/11/2014661
The Hobbit - The Battle Of The Five Armies (Soundtrack / Howard Shore)13/12/2014432
Fifty Shades Of Grey14/02/2015719
Bloed, zweet & tranen11/04/20151413
Furious 711/04/2015396
Violetta - Gira mi canción02/05/20151310
True Detective22/08/2015481
Spectre (Soundtrack / Thomas Newman)31/10/2015552
Amy (Soundtrack / Antonio Pinto and Amy Winehouse)07/11/2015512
Roger Waters The Wall (Soundtrack / Roger Waters)28/11/2015194
Star Wars - The Force Awakens (Soundtrack / John Williams)26/12/2015265
Belgica (Soundtrack / Soulwax)19/03/2016861
Batman v Superman - Dawn Of Justice (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL)26/03/2016861
Altamira (Soundtrack / Mark Knopfler & Evelyn Glennie)30/04/2016741
Game Of Thrones - Music From The HBO Series Season 6 (Soundtrack / Ramin Djawadi)02/07/2016921
Suicide Squad - The Album13/08/2016814
The Get Down20/08/2016891
Hart Beat (Originele Soundtrack)08/10/2016551
La La Land31/12/20161322
Fifty Shades Darker18/02/20171211
Beauty And The Beast [2017]18/03/20173310
Fast & Furious 8 - The Album22/04/2017373
Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Awesome Mix Vol. 206/05/2017443
Once Upon A Time - The Musical Episode13/05/2017661
Baby Driver22/07/2017661
Twin Peaks - Music From The Limited Event Series16/09/2017742
Star Wars - The Last Jedi (Soundtrack / John Williams)23/12/2017441
Pitch Perfect 306/01/2018554
Bright: The Album06/01/2018921
The Greatest Showman06/01/20185166
Fifty Shades Freed - The Final Chapter17/02/20181315
The Searcher (Soundtrack / Elvis Presley)14/04/2018811
13 Reasons Why: Season 226/05/2018474
Life In 12 Bars (Soundtrack / Eric Clapton)16/06/2018871
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again21/07/2018329
A Star Is Born (Soundtrack / Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper)13/10/20183258
Bohemian Rhapsody (Soundtrack / Queen)27/10/2018474
Suspiria (Soundtrack / Thom Yorke)03/11/2018401
The Greatest Showman Reimagined24/11/2018551
Spider-Man - Into The Spider-Verse22/12/2018587
Riverdale: Special Episode - Heathers The Musical (Soundtrack / Riverdale Cast)30/03/2019402
Aladdin [2019] (Soundtrack / Alan Menken)01/06/20191215
The Lion King [2019]20/07/20191012
BTS World (Soundtrack / BTS)03/08/2019242
Descendants 317/08/2019741
Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood24/08/2019683
Top Boy (A Selection Of Music Inspired By The Series)21/09/2019612
Western Stars - Songs From The Film (Soundtrack / Bruce Springsteen)02/11/2019254
Charlie's Angels [2019]09/11/2019561
Last Christmas (Soundtrack / George Michael & Wham!)16/11/20191310
Frozen II23/11/20191434
Mocro Maffia II04/04/2020715
Euphoria (Original Score From The HBO Series) (Soundtrack / Labrinth)05/09/20203614
Julie And The Phantoms - Season 126/09/2020578
Us + Them (Soundtrack / Roger Waters)10/10/2020151
Music (Soundtrack / Sia)27/02/20211520
No Time To Die (Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer)09/10/2021251
Bridgerton - Season Two (Soundtrack / Kris Bowers)09/04/2022921
Top Gun - Maverick18/06/2022851
Purple Hearts (Soundtrack / Sofia Carson)13/08/2022572
Stranger Things - Season 412/11/2022331
Black Panther - Wakanda Forever19/11/2022237
Moonage Daydream (Soundtrack / David Bowie)26/11/2022361
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Soundtrack / Metro Boomin)10/06/2023155
Barbie - The Album29/07/2023121
Ziggy Stardust (Soundtrack / David Bowie)19/08/2023141
Music From & Inspired By The Hunger Games - The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes02/12/2023373
Wonka (Soundtrack / Neil Hannon / Joby Talbot)06/01/2024532
Hazbin Hotel - Season One24/02/2024217
Mean Girls [2024]27/04/2024991
Compilaties - Dutch Charts
Pretty Woman01/09/1990131
The Matrix03/07/1999211
Volle Maan02/11/2002105
In Oranje15/05/2004264
Zoop in India15/07/2006117
Gooische vrouwen - Lief en leed in het Gooi...13/09/2008220
Gooische vrouwen - Lief en leed in het Gooi... Deel 219/09/2009414
Muziek uit de TV-serie Divorce05/04/2014116
Violetta - The Best Of14/11/2015147
Beside Bowie - The Mick Ronson Story16/06/2018211
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Grease (20th Anniversary Edition) [DVD] (Soundtrack / John Travolta / Olivia Newton John)22/05/199922
PJ 20 [DVD] (Soundtrack / Pearl Jam)29/10/2011239
Big Easy Express [DVD] (Soundtrack feat. Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show)04/08/2012516
Sound City - Real To Reel [DVD]16/03/2013224
Roger Waters The Wall [DVD] (Soundtrack / Roger Waters)28/11/2015141
What Happened, Miss Simone? Her Story. Her Voice [DVD] (Soundtrack / Nina Simone)10/09/2016104


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