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Binnenkomst:09/11/2002 (Positie 61)
Laatste week notering:01/02/2003 (Positie 88)
Piekpositie:59 (1 week)
Aantal weken:4
Positie aller tijden:11234 (111 Punten)
Alternative:04/01/2003 / Piek: 2 / Weken: 6
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 86 / Weken: 2
de  Piek: 33 / Weken: 3
at  Piek: 53 / Weken: 2
fr  Piek: 19 / Weken: 13
nl  Piek: 59 / Weken: 4
be  Piek: 33 / Weken: 3 (V)
  Piek: 50 / Weken: 1 (W)
se  Piek: 50 / Weken: 1
fi  Piek: 24 / Weken: 1
no  Piek: 6 / Weken: 4
dk  Piek: 24 / Weken: 1
au  Piek: 49 / Weken: 1


CD XL XLCD61 / EAN 0634904061128
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LP XL XLLP611 / EAN 0634904061111
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LP Play It Again Sam FATLP22 (PIAS) / EAN 5413356492217
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Singles - Dutch Charts
Albums - Dutch Charts
Hvarf / Heim10/11/2007922
Međ suđ í eyrum viđ spilum endalaust28/06/20082113
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Heima [DVD]17/11/2007134
Valtari Film Experiment [DVD]02/03/2013253


Puntengemiddelde: 5.53 (Reviews: 17)

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Sometimes words are not enough to express what you feel.
Amazing record from an extraordinary group.
And what a great concert it was in Vorst Nationaal - Fôret National.

I'm left speechless, amazing album. Just superb.

Untitled #1 is one of the most incredible pieces of music I've ever heard. Put simply, it's pure bliss. The best from the album. 6*

Untitled #2 is a great track too, varies well. 5*

Untitled #3 is a completely instrumental track, and I think it's done very very well. 6*

Untitled #4 One of the weak points, but still very listenable. 4*

Untitled #5 starts a bit average, but gets very very good once Jonsi's vocals kick in. 6*

Untitled #6 is probably the weakest song, but the use of the 'E-Bow' is quite unique (because Sigur Ros weren't unique enough obviously :P). 4*

Untitled #7 could be shortened by four or five minutes easily, but I suppose from what it provides, it's quite excellent. The drums are so hollow and brilliant, awesome stuff. 5*

Untitled #8 is begging for a 6, but put simply it doesn't get amazing until the 9th-10th minute. Great one though. 5*

This is not for the everyday music listener, but I do recommend Untitled #1 universally. It is by far the best on the album. I don't want to make it look like I'm a Sigur Ros worshipper, but I must admit this is a damn fine album.

Very nice prog album. The soft moments are beautiful and the epic moments are epic. Theres a perfect balance.
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