Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

Cover Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money
Westbury Road / Roc Nation 00851365006042


Binnenkomst:04/04/2015 (Positie 82)
Laatste week notering:29/08/2015 (Positie 84)
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Digital Westbury Road / Roc Nation - (UMG)
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1.Bitch Better Have My Money
Digital Westbury Road / Roc Nation 00851365006042 (UMG) / EAN 0851365006042
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1.Bitch Better Have My Money (Explicit)
2.Bitch Better Have My Money (Edited)

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3:39Bitch Better Have My MoneyWestbury Road / Roc Nation
Explicit3:41Bitch Better Have My MoneyWestbury Road / Roc Nation
Edited3:41Bitch Better Have My MoneyWestbury Road / Roc Nation
3:37NRJ Music Awards 2015Warner
3:37NRJ Music Awards 2015 [Édition Deluxe]Warner

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Puntengemiddelde: 2.71Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money (Reviews: 95)

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Wat een waardeloze plaat zeg!! Het gaat nergens over!!!

Waarom is zij eigenlijk zo populaire?
Ze ziet er niet uit,kijkt altijd depri en kan niet zingen.

Yasss. Ratchet queen.

But seriously i love how she can slay a song without keeping to the melody of the backing music. It's gonna be a bitch to perform though. Pun intended.

Gaat wel


Na vaak geluisterd te hebben geef ik geen 3 sterren meer maar 5


Toch nog 6 sterren want ik ben nog steeds verslaafd aan dit liedje love it!
Laatst gewijzigd: 12/10/2015 20:48

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Ach du schande! Schon 45S hat mich nicht überzeugt, Rihanna was machst du?!
Ich hoffe sie findet doch noch den Weg in die richtige Richtung, sonst muss ich ihr abdanken :/

edit: hat sich um einiges verbessert! Find ich momentan total solide höre ich auch oft :D 4*
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/04/2015 21:06

It's hard not to be bias but that really was vocally brutal and it will be another hit for her anyway. Terrible release from the queen of rubbish!

And down it goes. A 1 now which is exactly the rating this "thing" deserves.
Laatst gewijzigd: 16/07/2015 08:56

Just dreadful.

I think it's great, much prefer this to FFS.

I don't mind this actually.

3* --> 4*
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/08/2015 16:08

Better than Four5seconds, I love her gangsta attitude in this single.

Niet geneigd om naar deze muziek te luisteren omdat er weinig behoefte is aan bitch praat. Het verlaagd de kwaliteiten van een Rihanna tot een soort van junk hoer die maar doet wat ze moet doen om in de belangstelling te komen. Haar vorige single was top, dit is echter flop. Als het dan in de top zou komen, is het omdat het jonge volkje dat pas gaat werken met een interimkontraktje van 1 dag, in het één of ander obscuur bedrijfje waar je zedelijk en gedienstig naar de pijpen van de bedrijfsleider moet dansen ; na het werk in zijn gepimpt kleine tweedehands autootje stapt, goed veel gas geeft, zodat iedereen het gezien heeft, en dan zijn boombox laat knallen met bovenstaande titel "Bitch never have my money"..... Is dat het nu? Nee, dat is het niet.... Maar kan je ze ongelijk geven dit platte commerciële gedoe van Rihanna zomaar te slikken? Ze weten misschien niet beter.... By the way, het refrein gaat nog qua muziek.

Nothing particularly interesting, but I think I find it more tolerable than most other people will.


Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ De 27 jarige Barbadiaanse zangeres: "Robyn Rihanna Fenty", alias: "Rihanna", maakt niet alléén hoogvliegers maar ook shit !!! Dit plaatje uit eind maart 2015 is daar duidelijk een voorbeeld van ☺!!!

Bitch better shut the fuck up.

Unfortunately this isn't as interesting as the title would make one believe. With that said, the vocals are rather dire and it only really gets good in the final minute when she's finished with her shouting. Had the makings for something quite like 'Man of the Year', but alas it's just another 'Studio'. 3.5

Oei. niet superslecht maar goed is het ook niet.

Hoewel dit niet echt een meesterwerk is, valt het wel te prijzen dat elke song die Rihanna uitbrengt echt totaal anders is. Klasse. Een ware superster.

Hm... beter dan Four Five Seconds, maar muzikaal gezien niet zo goed.

She should try porno. My ears are fucked up after listening to 30 seconds of this, also wtf is this video?? If it was Taylor Swift or Katy Perry kidnapping and torturing a black woman in a music video people would throw rocks at them.

I just cannot salvage any sort of enjoyment from this whatsoever. In fact, it's borderline repulsive to me.

I apologise if I am unintentionally and unknowingly repeating something that has already been said.

It is very tempting to just leave it at 'yas' but I shall try to elaborate.

When I was a teenager, I had the unfortunate rockist attitude that all the big names in pop were playing the game 100% For instance, artists like Avril Lavigne or P!nk who were/are somewhat subversive in their opinion didn't seem any different to the ''manufactured'' stars of the time. I am probably in a lerightgeneration mindset for thinking that there is less reason to believe this is possible than ever before. Probably no one agrees with me (I've seen someone say on social media that manufactured pop music has ruined music...in 2015. Death, taxes, etc.) but there's enough evidence to back it up right here I think.

Going from that, I have a huge amount of respect to any pop star who can sufficiently convince me that they are not attempting to score pop hits for the sake of pop hits and nothing else. You could of course make the observation that the 2015 Rihanna arc is a strategic authenticity quest, but there's a stark contrast between recording a radio friendly, acoustic guitar driven track alongside two musical icons, and well, making a ratchet jam that almost sounds like Rae Sremmurd.

And unlike "FourFiveSeconds", I think BBHMM has a lot more to offer than the clickbait surface. Rihanna embodies the intent of the song so well. No longer is she the naive teenager unconvincingly singing a ballad that she can't back up the intent behind it ("Unfaithful"). This time she really does sound like she calls the shots. The high points of the song are when she really engages with it ('Your wife in the backseat...' is a surprising earworm).

The song is also indeed a very unpleasant sounding one, and I mean that in a good way because it should sound unpleasant. Like how the main synth hook clashes uncomfortably with the pounding drums in the chorus, deliberately amped up in the song's outro too. Incidentally though, just before that outro (2:39 onwards) is one of the sweetest sounding synth melodies I've heard all year, and I've had a heavy diet of synth pop this year!

Much of all of this can apply to the video too, which is just a really gripping & powerful piece of cinematography. More power to ya RiRi. 4.3

Ik vind Rihanna al niks, maar dit is wel heel erg slecht.

I would like to dedicate this song to the New Zealand legend known as Karen, the Stokes Valley woman who stopped at nothing to get her $20.


Sinds de release van de videoclip ben ik het nummer meer beginnen waarderen.

I admit I'm not the biggest Rihanna fan but I rank "Only Girl in the World" and "Umbrella" as some of the best songs to come from the past decade. I've heard this song a few times, I'm just not feeling it. Kudos to her for trying something different though!

Sorry Rihanna, I am a long time fan but this is not filling me with a lot of confidence leading up to your new material. Terrible.
Laatst gewijzigd: 25/11/2015 14:18

There is zero tune at all in this but it somehow works

Nah it was very irritating. Miserable song.

Na haar verschikkelijke " FourFive Seconds " kon ik dit wel waarderen.


It's alright. It has grown on me over time.

better than pour it up but still bad

Kaahu Leef
This was awful. So glad it didn't conclude from the Anti album.
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