Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

Cover Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork
Matador OLE-1040-2


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Binnenkomst:08/06/2013 (Positie 3)
Laatste week notering:17/12/2022 (Positie 63)
Piekpositie:3 (1 week)
Aantal weken:26
Positie aller tijden:2332 (1330 Punten)
Combialbum:08/06/2013 / Piek: 3 / Weken: 17
Vinyl 33:17/12/2022 / Piek: 1 / Weken: 2
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 2 / Weken: 21
de  Piek: 7 / Weken: 14
at  Piek: 3 / Weken: 13
fr  Piek: 8 / Weken: 14
nl  Piek: 3 / Weken: 26
be  Piek: 1 / Weken: 93 (V)
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es  Piek: 7 / Weken: 15
pt  Piek: 1 / Weken: 8
au  Piek: 1 / Weken: 9
nz  Piek: 2 / Weken: 11


CD Matador OLE-1040-2 / EAN 0744861104025
Digital Matador 744861104056 / EAN 0744861104056
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1.Keep Your Eyes Peeled
2.I Sat By The Ocean
3.The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
4.If I Had A Tail
5.My God Is The Sun
7.Fairweather Friends
8.Smooth Sailing
9.I Appear Missing
10....Like Clockwork
Limited Edition - LP Matador OLE10408 / EAN 0744861104087
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LP Matador OLE10401 / EAN 0744861104018
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Deluxe Edition - LP Matador OLE10400 / EAN 0744861104001
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+ 20 Page Book
Opaque Red Coloured Vinyl - LP Matador OLE1040LP2 / EAN 0191401900539
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Singles - Dutch Charts
No One Knows02/11/2002398
Go With The Flow03/05/2003504
Little Sister12/03/20055510
Sick, Sick, Sick09/06/2007911
My God Is The Sun18/05/2013772
Albums - Dutch Charts
Songs For The Deaf07/09/20021742
Lullabies To Paralyze26/03/2005419
Era vulgaris16/06/200779
Queens Of The Stone Age12/03/2011275
...Like Clockwork08/06/2013326


Puntengemiddelde: 3.92Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (Reviews: 13)

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Vervelend studioalbum van "Queens Of The Stone Age"!! Ofwel ben je voor dit genre, ofwel tegen, wel ik vind er niks aan!! Ikzelf zal deze "... Like Clockwork", dus zekers niet aanraden!! Voor de liefhebbers!! ☺

Never been the biggest fan of QOTSA but this is a fairly decent return for the guys, strong guitars mixed with Homme's dry vocals with touches of synth bring a pleasurable listening experience.
If your expecting a heavy album of riffery you will be disappointed though.

I think the break has somewhat benefitted them as it just builds anticipation and reminds everyone what has been missing over the better half of a decade. And then it's no coincidence that this is widely heralded as their best since "Songs For The Deaf". Maybe it's because I haven't heard it in a while, but I always found that album hard to get into; there's just too much superfluous content that doesn't really add to it. I didn't feel that way about "...Like Clockwork", with just 10 tracks, it keeps it concise.

The album serves well both as mindless rock music to listen to without thinking, and quite the opposite applies too; there's so many interesting things going on which is no surprise considering how many talented musicians are involved in this project. Honestly the most consistent QOTSA album I've heard.

It took it's time to grow on me but with repeated listens I've found myself getting more and more sucked in and this is actually a very strong and consistent album.

Solid rocking album.

Larger review to come...

Ook dit album van Queens Of The Stone Age is als je het mij vraagt echt wel zeer goed.
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