Phil Collins - ...But Seriously

Cover Phil Collins - ...But Seriously
WEA 256 984-2
WEA 256 919-1
Cover Phil Collins - ...But Seriously
Audio Fidelity AFZ135
Cover Phil Collins - ...But Seriously


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Binnenkomst:02/12/1989 (Positie 43)
Laatste week notering:10/03/2001 (Positie 84)
Piekpositie:1 (6 Weken)
Aantal weken:77
Positie aller tijden:108 (6369 Punten)
Combialbum:18/06/2016 / Piek: 49 / Weken: 1
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 1 / Weken: 52
de  Piek: 1 / Weken: 80
at  Piek: 1 / Weken: 44
fr  Piek: 144 / Weken: 1
nl  Piek: 1 / Weken: 77
se  Piek: 1 / Weken: 14
no  Piek: 1 / Weken: 27
it  Piek: 62 / Weken: 1
au  Piek: 1 / Weken: 45
nz  Piek: 1 / Weken: 63


CD WEA 256 984-2 (Warner) / EAN 0022925698421
MC WEA 256 984-4 (Warner) / EAN 0022925698445
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1.Hang In Long Enough
2.That's Just The Way It Is
3.Do You Remember?
4.Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
6.I Wish It Would Rain Down
7.Another Day In Paradise
8.Heat On The Street
9.All Of My Life
10.Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
11.Father To Son
12.Find A Way To My Heart
LP WEA 256 919-1 (Warner) / EAN 0022925691910
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Hang In Long Enough
2.That's Just The Way It Is
3.Find A Way To My Heart
5.Father To Son
6.Another Day In Paradise
7.All Of My Life
8.Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
9.Do You Remember?
10.I Wish It Would Rain Down
CD Audio Fidelity AFZ135 / EAN 0780014213527
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CD Rhino 8122794648 (Warner) / EAN 0081227946487
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LP Rhino 8122794715 (Warner) / EAN 0081227947156
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Singles - Dutch Charts
In The Air Tonight21/02/1981214
I Missed Again02/05/1981285
Thru' These Walls06/11/1982482
You Can't Hurry Love04/12/1982113
It Don't Matter To Me20/08/1983462
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)07/04/19841212
Easy Lover (Philip Bailey with Phil Collins)29/12/1984215
One More Night06/04/198588
Don't Lose My Number13/07/1985443
Separate Lives (Phil Collins And Marilyn Martin)26/10/1985435
In The Air Tonight ('88 Remix)09/07/19881721
A Groovy Kind Of Love17/09/1988214
Two Hearts26/11/1988614
Another Day In Paradise04/11/1989115
I Wish It Would Rain Down27/01/1990414
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven28/04/1990911
That's Just The Way It Is28/07/19901310
Do You Remember? (Live)01/12/1990209
Both Sides Of The Story30/10/199387
We Wait And We Wonder30/04/1994363
Dance Into The Light28/09/1996145
Wear My Hat05/07/1997904
True Colors26/09/1998736
You'll Be In My Heart24/07/19993523
Strangers Like Me13/11/1999759
In The Air Tonite (Lil' Kim feat. Phil Collins)04/08/20013011
Can't Stop Loving You02/11/2002327
The Least You Can Do08/03/20037815
Home (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Phil Collins)14/06/2003831
Look Through My Eyes18/10/20031820
(Love Is Like A) Heatwave31/07/2010822
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Face Value28/02/1981222
Amnesty International Presents The Secret Policeman's Concert (Jeff Beck / Eric Clapton / Sting / Phil Collins / Bob Geldof / Donovan)10/04/1982129
Hello, I Must Be Going!20/11/1982317
No Jacket Required02/03/1985140
...But Seriously02/12/1989177
Serious Hits... Live!17/11/1990178
Both Sides20/11/1993139
Dance Into The Light26/10/1996418
Tarzan (Soundtrack / Phil Collins)04/12/19995115
Brother Bear (Soundtrack / Phil Collins)08/11/20033815
Love Songs - A Compilation... Old And New02/10/2004633
Going Back18/09/2010121
Take A Look At Me Now...06/02/2016231
Face Value - Deluxe Edition06/02/2016461
Both Sides - Deluxe Edition06/02/2016731
Hello, I Must Be Going! - Deluxe Edition05/03/2016351
Dance Into The Light - Deluxe Edition05/03/2016461
No Jacket Required - Deluxe Edition23/04/2016441
Testify - Deluxe Edition23/04/2016621
...But Seriously - Deluxe Edition18/06/2016421
The Essential Going Back18/06/2016681
The Singles22/10/2016185
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Live And Loose In Paris [DVD]15/07/2000387
Serious Hits ...Live! [DVD]06/09/2003236
Finally... The First Farewell Tour [DVD]13/11/20041160
Going Back - Live At Roseland Ballroom, NYC [DVD]06/11/2010636
Live At Montreux 2004 [DVD]31/03/2012337
Going Back - Live At Roseland Ballroom, NYC / Live At Montreux 2004 [DVD]20/07/2013262


Puntengemiddelde: 5.23 (Reviews: 44)

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In de zomer van 1990 kreeg ik dit album kado en ik was meteen onder de indruk!! Een meesterwerk met alleen maar hoogtepunten. Het werd ook Phil Collins' meest succesvolle album in Nederland!!!! De volle bak!!!

Great singles and a strong album.

79 weeks in the UK top 100.

42 weeks UK top 10. UK#1 (15 weeks).
Portugal#1 (14 weeks).
Spain#1 (13 weeks).
Finland#1 (14 weeks).

Zimbabwe#1 (1 week).

20 weeks US top 10. US#1 (3 weeks).


World Chart Year End (1989): #1.

2.7 million copies sold in the UK.
4 million copies sold in the US.

Year end (UK): #3 (89), #1 (90).
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/01/2018 22:10

Nach "No Jacket Required" ein weiteres sehr gutes Album von Phil Collins.
Mag zwar den Vorgänger etwas mehr, aber auch hier sind einige, typisch gute Phil Collins Songs zu finden, darunter drei seiner besten Singles.
Ein zu Recht sehr erfolgreiches Album!

Hang In Long Enough 5*
That's Just The Way It Is 6*
Do You Remember? 6*
Something Happend On The Way To Heaven 6*
Colours 5*
I Wish It Would Rain Down 6*
Another Day In Paradise 6*
Heat On The Street 5*
All Of My Life 5*
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning 4*
Father To Son 5*
Find A Way To My Heart 5*

Durchschnitt: 5.33 - 5*
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