Passenger - Holes

Cover Passenger - Holes
Cover Passenger - Holes
Embassy Of Music 5053105881024


Muziek/Tekst:Mike Rosenberg
Producer:Mike Rosenberg
Chris Vallejo
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Binnenkomst:16/02/2013 (Positie 93)
Laatste week notering:22/06/2013 (Positie 95)
Piekpositie:56 (1 week)
Aantal weken:17
Positie aller tijden:11219 (379 Punten)
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 70 / Weken: 4
de  Piek: 48 / Weken: 18
at  Piek: 23 / Weken: 14
nl  Piek: 56 / Weken: 17
be  Tip (V)
au  Piek: 20 / Weken: 9


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1.Holes (Radio Version)
CD-Single Embassy Of Music 5053105881024 (Warner) / EAN 5053105881024
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1.Holes (Radio Version)
2.Holes (Album Version)

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3:33All The Little LightsBlack Crow
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3:31All The Little LightsEmbassy Of Music
3:31Holes [Promo]Embassy Of Music
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Singles - Dutch Charts
Let Her Go20/10/20122129
The Wrong Direction21/09/20135312
Heart's On Fire26/04/2014853
Albums - Dutch Charts
All The Little Lights27/10/20123112
Whispers II25/04/2015631
Young As The Morning Old As The Sea01/10/2016716
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Puntengemiddelde: 3.87 (Reviews: 70)

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Prima opvolger voor monsterhit Let Her Go.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Goede plaat uit eind februari 2012 van "Passenger", de artiestennaam van de Britse singer-songwriter "Mike Rosenberg" !!! Één van de voorlopers van zijn, in eind juni 2012, 5e en laatste verschenen studioalbum: "All The Little Lights" !!! Morgenavond, 5 februari staat hij overigens in Utrecht in "Tivoli" en 6 februari staat hij in Amsterdam in de "Paradiso" !!! Beide concerten zijn uitverkocht ☺!!!

Redelijke plaat. Ben nog niet echt overtuigd. Kan toch niet tippen aan 'Let her go'

Ik mag hopen dat deze plaat een langere levensduur heeft. Bij "Let her go" kreeg ik na enkele weken een vreselijk James Blunt-effect met alle irritaties van dien rond dat drammerige 'gejank'. Dit klinkt al heel wat vrolijker en wat dat betreft een ideale lentetrack.

Geen 'let her go' maar wel nog altijd een uitstekende plaat.

Zoals verwacht was 'Let Her Go' een stuk sterker maar 'Holes' mag er zeker wezen! Passenger klinkt nog steeds als een eigenzinnige James Blunt maar dan in een wat luchtiger liedje. Helemaal niet verkeerd deze tweede single!

'Let Her Go' vond ik nog wel leuk, maar dit is al een heel stuk minder. Ik ben er niet van gecharmeerd, in ieder geval.

Eigenlijk best wel een goeie opvolger voor 'Let Her Go', zeer geslaagd dit nummer !

Ook wat mij betreft minder dan de monsterhit Let her go, maar toch zeer geslaagd! Mag recht naar de Ultratop doorstoten!

Een goeie opvolger voor "Let Her Go"!! Spijtig genoeg géén grote hit voor "Passenger"!! Het lijkt erop dat deze jongeman misschien een one-hit-wonder wordt?! Deze "Holes" krijgt alsnog een dikke voldoende, vlot 5 sterren!!

Better than "Let Her Go".

Een matig nummer. Beter dan Let Her Go. Toch vind ik hem nog steeds een zeikstem hebben...

I would agree with KingBandicoot.

There was a time when I preferred this to "Let Her Go" but now I don't. The vocals annoy me here more than on "Let Her Go" and the repetition towards the end of the song is grating. The motherfucking in the second verse sounds a little forced as well. Overall it's decent but certainly nothing of note. Happy that it wasn't any bigger than it was. Also as a side note I listened to the album version for the first time a few months ago and it sounded quite different from the radio version.
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/04/2014 04:33

Plainer than an arrowroot biscuit.

Let Her Go is still better of course but this is quite great too.

Chris A
Just as uninteresting as Let Her Go and his voice is so annoying at times.

This is quite nice. While 'Let Her Go' reminded me so much of 'Karma Police' and thus it was rather easy to get into, I feel as though this feels more like Matt Corby. Anyway it really is quite mellifluous, which can be difficult to pull off when you're following up a massive hit of the same style. Obviously I haven't heard the album, but this feels like a pretty smart single choice as it's not far off its predecessor but it clearly isn't a carbon copy of it.

I really like this! Let Her Go was nice but in my opinion I think this is a lot better.

The Swert
I find it more catchy than Let Her Go but it really needs a third verse. The last 1.5 minutes is just repeating the same few lines.

It's one of those weird cases where I understand where people are coming from when they say that popularity has ruined a song they formerly liked. This I gather is either due to over-exposure, or losing any cool obscure credibility. These two don't particularly apply to me, and certainly don't in the case of "Let Her Go", a song that I hear nowhere and I discovered through the total hipster gambit that is the ARIA charts!

I still like "Let Her Go" though, but part of its value seems diminished. I still have fond memories of enjoying the song over a year ago at the library studying; no other song has such a strong link to that time for me because little else I listened to seemed so out of popular consciousness (for me anyway).

And it's always exciting when a song unexpectedly grabs a moment of chart triumph, however the downside of this is that exposure goes to the wrong people, and when a song starts to dominate the charts, eventually people are going to stop and think 'hey, there are flaws in this', though often in a more obnoxious and discourteous fashion. I don't really like being negative out of this empathy, because I have a bad tendency to take it personally, and given "Let Her Go"'s history prior, it just made it all the worse.

But nonetheless, huzzah, "Let Her Go" was a pretty big hit; and served as a great place to leapfrog from to expose this new single. I'm not convinced I'd have ever heard this song if "Let Her Go" had not become a hit. And then it's easy to be skeptical of this for that reason. It's to "Let Her Go" what LMFAO are to Berry Gordy.

I quite like this song too. It doesn't have the same magic of "Let Her Go", and considering how many times I've mentioned the song in this review, it's certainly stuck in its shadow. There's something weirdly endearing in the song concept that I can't describe, and I admire Passenger for taking a dark and somewhat depressing storyline to pop radio! If it isn't much of a hit, I can always take to the fact that I can enjoy it more easily for myself, like "Let Her Go" before it.

The Wrong Direction remains unspoilt, and it's still my fave from him. There's something dull about this but it's not at all bad.

He has a terrible voice, I could bear it in Let Her Go because the lyrics and lack of production was nice, but this is just irritating and a terrible choice for a follow-up single. Not good at all.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Um einiges besser als "Let Her Go"!!! Langweilt nicht so
Seine stimme ist einzigartig, man erkennt sie sofort in 1000 anderen Stimmen. Ob man sie gern hat, oder hasst muss jeder selber entscheiden...ich find sie gut^^

Da ich "Let Her Go" eine 4* gab und jetzt kein bock hab den ... zu editieren gebe ich hier ne 4.5* --->5*

"where we've got holes, we've got holes" riveting.

If this man was on a mission to make the most coma-inducingly bland, insipid, MOR music as possible, I may congratulate him on his effort at beating Ed Sheeran at his own game and pitied him for not being quite as bad as 'The Reason' or NZ's own 'Love Love Love'.

Song's shite but not quite as heroically awful as 'Let Her Go'.

Still undecided if i like this more than LHG, it's ok but nothing sensational.

I prefer this to Let Her Go, but not by an awful lot. 3.5*.

Better then Let Her Go.
Backing music helps but I still don't like the vocals.
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