Nickelback - The Best Of Nickelback - Volume 1

Cover Nickelback - The Best Of Nickelback - Volume 1
Roadrunner RR7592-2


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CD Roadrunner RR7592-2 / EAN 0016861759223
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
2.How You Remind Me
3.Burn It To The Ground
5.Savin' Me
6.Figured You Out
7.Too Bad
8.If Today Was Your Last Day
9.Far Away
10.Feelin' Way Too Damn Good
12.Never Again
14.If Everyone Cared
15.Gotta Be Somebody
16.When We Stand Together
18.This Afternoon
19.Something In Your Mouth

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Singles - Dutch Charts
How You Remind Me20/10/20011729
Too Bad17/08/2002417
Feelin' Way Too Damn Good13/03/2004615
Far Away28/01/20063110
Savin' Me10/06/2006814
If Everyone Cared07/04/2007991
Gotta Be Somebody08/11/2008147
This Afternoon24/07/20107410
When We Stand Together08/10/20113312
Trying Not To Love You06/10/2012981
Albums - Dutch Charts
Silver Side Up10/11/20011548
The Long Road27/09/20031110
All The Right Reasons08/10/20052046
Dark Horse22/11/20082515
Here And Now26/11/20111923
The Best Of Nickelback - Volume 109/11/2013453
No Fixed Address22/11/2014481
Feed The Machine24/06/2017163


Puntengemiddelde: 4.5 (Reviews: 14)

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Covers all their top 50 hits except for I'd Come For You, most of them being good to excellent and only 5 tracks I find average. Apart from I'd Come For You and Never Gonna Be Alone getting snubbed and Something In Your Mouth somehow getting on instead, this is a must buy for any Nickelback fan who hasn't brought any of their past Albums. 5.8/6.

Nickelback have always been one of those bands you love to hate and have a fairly consistant sound and style.
This GH package really doesn't offend nor offer anything new with substance (not even the random 'NEW' track to promote it?) so it really is a total cash grab, though it is that period of the year and would definitely find it's way into many a bogans stocking this xmas.


It's probably a good thing (or maybe it's bad because at least the other way would be easier) that this isn't done chronologically, because they've always been hit or miss for me, and most of their later tracks are misses, so if it were chronological I'd just skip everything after Far Away. So often they resort to cheap, tacky songs and lyrics but they do have moments of beauty when they go all out like on Someday and Far Away. They could have been so much better, but they also could have been much worse, and that's what I take away from this collection.
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