Michael Jackson - HIStory: Past, Present And Future - Book I

Cover Michael Jackson - HIStory: Past, Present And Future - Book I
Epic 474709 2
Cover Michael Jackson - HIStory: Past, Present And Future - Book I
Epic 474709 1


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Binnenkomst:01/07/1995 (Positie 1)
Laatste week notering:27/09/1997 (Positie 65)
Piekpositie:1 (3 Weken)
Aantal weken:108
Positie aller tijden:58 (7540 Punten)
Midprice:04/07/2009 / Piek: 2 / Weken: 40
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CD Epic 474709 2 (Sony) / EAN 5099747470929
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CD 1:
1.Billie Jean
2.The Way You Make Me Feel
3.Black Or White
4.Rock With You
5.She's Out Of My Life
7.I Just Can't Stop Loving You
8.Man In The Mirror
10.Beat It
11.The Girl Is Mine
12.Remember The Time
13.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
14.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
15.Heal The World
CD 2:
1.Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream
2.They Don't Care About Us
3.Stranger In Moscow
4.This Time Around
5.Earth Song
8.Come Together
9.You Are Not Alone
10.Childhood (Theme From "Free Willy 2")
11.Tabloid Junkie
12.2 Bad
14.Little Susie
LP Epic 474709 1 (Sony) / EAN 5099747470912
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LP 1:
1.Billie Jean
2.The Way You Make Me Feel
3.Black Or White
4.Rock With You
5.She's Out Of My Life
7.I Just Can't Stop Loving You
8.Man In The Mirror
10.Beat It
11.Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney - The Girl Is Mine
LP 2:
1.Remember The Time
2.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
3.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
4.Heal The World
5.Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream
6.They Don't Care About Us
7.Stranger In Moscow
8.This Time Around
9.Earth Song
LP 3:
3.Come Together
4.You Are Not Alone
6.Tabloid Junkie
7.2 Bad
9.Little Susie
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CD Epic 88883771962 (Sony) / EAN 0888837719629
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LP Sony 19075866451 (Sony) / EAN 0190758664514
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Michael Jackson   Artiestenpagina

Singles - Dutch Charts
Ain't No Sunshine25/11/1972176
Music And Me05/01/1974291
A Brand New Day (The Wiz Stars feat. Diana Ross & Michael Jackson)22/09/1979111
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough29/09/1979218
Ease On Down The Road (Diana Ross / Michael Jackson)01/12/1979334
Off The Wall15/12/19791812
She's Out Of My Life09/08/19801312
One Day In Your Life11/07/1981216
The Girl Is Mine (Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney)06/11/1982168
Billie Jean29/01/1983332
Beat It30/04/1983126
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'09/07/1983314
Human Nature10/09/1983119
Say Say Say (Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson)22/10/198389
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)17/03/19841410
I Just Can't Stop Loving You01/08/1987116
The Way You Make Me Feel28/11/1987619
Man In The Mirror20/02/19881314
I Want You Back '88 Remix (Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5)07/05/19881310
Get It (Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson)07/05/19882410
Dirty Diana21/05/1988223
Another Part Of Me06/08/1988810
Smooth Criminal29/10/1988126
Leave Me Alone25/02/1989515
Liberian Girl08/07/19891414
Black Or White16/11/1991222
Remember The Time08/02/1992419
In The Closet25/04/1992914
Who Is It04/07/19921310
Heal The World14/11/1992419
Give In To Me13/03/1993411
Will You Be There10/07/1993319
Gone Too Soon11/12/1993207
Scream (Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson)10/06/199547
You Are Not Alone26/08/1995621
Earth Song25/11/1995323
They Don't Care About Us13/04/1996420
Why (3T feat. Michael Jackson)24/08/19961311
Stranger In Moscow21/09/1996615
Blood On The Dance Floor26/04/1997713
History / Ghosts05/07/19971417
You Rock My World20/10/2001214
One More Chance06/12/2003289
Rock With You04/03/2006226
The Girl Is Mine 2008 (Michael Jackson with will.i.am)26/01/2008128
Hold My Hand (Michael Jackson with Akon)20/11/2010278
Love Never Felt So Good (Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake)10/05/2014227
A Place With No Name17/05/2014242
Loving You17/05/2014421
Slave To The Rhythm17/05/2014482
Do You Know Where Your Children Are17/05/2014621
Blue Gangsta17/05/2014771
Don't Matter To Me (Drake feat. Michael Jackson)07/07/201878
Albums - Dutch Charts
Off The Wall06/10/197989
The Best Of Michael Jackson01/08/1981310
18 Greatest Hits (Michael Jackson Plus The Jackson 5)19/05/1984239
Farewell My Summer Love30/06/1984471
HIStory: Past, Present And Future - Book I01/07/19951108
Blood On The Dancefloor - History In The Mix24/05/1997121
Thriller (Special Edition)27/10/2001774
Bad (Special Edition)10/11/2001962
Number Ones29/11/20031721
The Ultimate Collection27/11/2004468
The Essential23/07/20051912
Thriller 2516/02/2008224
King Of Pop - The Dutch Collection06/09/2008159
The Collection04/07/2009246
50 - The Motown Years (Michael Jackson & Jackson 5)04/07/2009414
This Is It (Soundtrack / Michael Jackson)31/10/2009148
Bad 2522/09/201268
Off The Wall - Deluxe Reissue05/03/2016105
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Number Ones [DVD]29/11/20031214
History On Film - Volume II [DVD]06/03/2004273
Live In Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour [DVD]30/07/2005218
One Night In Japan [DVD]11/04/200918
Michael Jackson - A Life [DVD]15/08/2009132
Michael Jackson's Vision [DVD]27/11/2010324
Live At Wembley July 16, 1988 [DVD]22/09/2012171


Puntengemiddelde: 5.42 (Reviews: 88)

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14/07/2006 13:41
01/03/2008 17:21
Richard (NL)
Top verzamel album!
01/03/2008 17:56
Snormobiel Beusichem
▓ Ja, wat moet ik hier nu extra aan toevoegen ??? De verzamelaar van de verzamelaars !!!

Een enorm goed en leuk album! Mijn top 5jes

cd 1:
1. Billie Jean
2. Thriller
3. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
4. The Girl Is Mine
5. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

cd 2:
1. Tabloid Junkie
2. Stranger In Moscow
3. HIStory (remix version)
4. They Don't Care About Us
5. Scream

Good album full of all the singles.

6th UK top ten album.

95 Weeks in the UK top 100. 102,000 sold while at #1. His fourth UK#1 album.

22 weeks UK top 10. UK#1 (1 week).
17 weeks Irish top 10. Ireland#1 (2 weeks).

Zimbabwe#1 (4 weeks).

5 weeks US top 10. US#1 (2 weeks).


World Chart Year End (1995): #4.

1.5 million copies sold in the UK.
4 million copies sold in the US.

Re-entry:UK#17 July 2009 RIP Michael Jackson

Year end (UK): #5 (95), #35 (96).
Laatst gewijzigd: 12/01/2018 22:01

Forget about Lady Gaga, forget about Britney Spears, forget even about the Spice Girls!
When this album/greatest hits package was released it was a world wide show stopping event with paraphernalia the world over.
A brilliant new album with the added bonus of some of Michael's best work.

Love it, a classic MJ album! RIP

geweldig album met daarop op CD 1 de absoluut grootste hits van The King of Pop en op CD 2 gloednieuwe nummers waarvan er 6 op single terecht kwamen. De volle bak!!!!

His best album ever. Greatest Hits and all the new songs amazing


Bewerte hier nur das Studioalbum "History"
Hier klar ein Rückgang zu den drei vorherigen Studioalben, was aber nicht heißen soll das dieses sonderlich schlecht ist, im Gegenteil, das Album ist sehr gut!
Wieder tolle Singles mit enthalten und echt gute Songs, aber insgesamt eben schwächer als "Thriller", "Bad" und "Dangerous".

Scream 6*
They Don't Care About Us 6*
Stranger In Moscow 5*
This Time Around 4*
Earth Song 6*
D.S. 5*
Money 5*
Come Together 5*
You Are Not Alone 6*
Childhood 4*
Tabloid Junkie 5*
2 Bad 5*
History 6*
Little Susie 4*
Smile 4*

Durchschnitt: 5.06 ~ 5*

Kaahu Leef
Out of "Thriller" and "Dangerous", this album is my least favourite from the King of Pop. Reasons why, it sounds too sharp than Dangerous within that New Jack Swing feel. The genre says its got funk but more like Pop dragging with hip hop and weird/silly offbeat has got too much hesitation. The track Scream is my jam with the Sis Janet Jackson. But there is nothing much I say. I put it on my 105th favourite album. Its not his best really
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