Maroon 5 - Animals

Cover Maroon 5 - Animals
222 / Interscope 00602547004109


Muziek/Tekst:Adam Levine
Benjamin Levin
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Binnenkomst:06/09/2014 (Positie 71)
Laatste week notering:11/04/2015 (Positie 100)
Piekpositie:18 (1 week)
Aantal weken:31
Positie aller tijden:1453 (1465 Punten)
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Digital 222 / Interscope 00602547004109 (UMG) / EAN 0602547004109
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3:48Animals222 / Interscope
3:51V222 / Interscope
06025 3798505
3:51V [Deluxe Edition]222 / Interscope
06025 3795793
3:50Bravo - The Hits 2014Polystar
060075355419 (7)
3:49NRJ Music Awards 2014UMSM
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Puntengemiddelde: 3.62Maroon 5 - Animals (Reviews: 87)

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Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Yaaas! Ich liebe es!
Das sind die Maroon 5 die mag!
Ich kann das Album kaum abwarten!

Wird wohl das "One More Night" vom neuen Album!
Hoffe natürlich auch Erfolgsmässig!

Well it's definitely better than 'Maps' and 'It Was Always You'.

Wel, dit is beter dan 'Daylight' en 'Maps', vooral omdat dit wat in de buurt komt van hun eerdere werk, maar nog steeds is het niet echt singlewaardig. Wel prima en catchy, maar dat ''la la la'' ''za za za'' is best kinderachtig. Daarnaast irriteert die hoge stem me.
Laatst gewijzigd: 12/09/2014 20:02

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Vrolijke plaat uit eind juli 2014 van "Maroon 5", de Amerikaanse poprockband uit Los Angeles !!! Nog net 4 sterren ☺!!!

De melodie en de tekst valt wat tegen, maar de muziek vind ik wel geslaagd. Maakt het toch een beetje goed.

Deze overgewaardeerde band mag wel eens een toontje lager zingen.

Minder goed dan MAPS.

Ik vind het ontzettend jammer dat Maroon 5 'It Was Always You' niet als officiële nieuwe single heeft uitgebracht, maar 'Animals' wordt met elke luisterbeurt beter! Vooral de overgang naar het refrein wordt naarmate het nummer vordert steeds beter, met als hoogtepunt de huil van de wolf in de overgang naar het laatste refrein. Nice touch!

...but not by much.

Average but at least it's not Moves Like Jagger. Maps was better.

That video is fuuuuuuucked up

Much better than Maps, but not quite as good as It Was Always You.

It's definitely creepy given the lyrics of this song but strangely enough, Animals is definitely one of their better songs in the bands modern era. The instrumental is definitely pop-rock with a sinister tone to it which fits the mood wonderfully to it. There's just something about that edge thrown into the whole song without subjecting itself to expletives; instead it uses the gritty behaviour of the animal kingdom to show the darkness embedded.
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/12/2019 17:10

Right now my opinion of the song is that it is average, but I can see myself disliking it more in the future more than liking it.

The lyrics are unsettling and the music video is fittingly creepy. I'm not sure whether I like the music video or not though. It is strange to watch, but that was what they were going for. Maybe the dilemma I'm in regarding the song and music video will explain it better.

Having seen news articles on it, including some saying that the video "promotes sexual violence against women" (, I went into viewing the video with a sense of curiosity, further heightened by the fact that other previous songs have been criticised for the same thing, namely Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" (in which I disagreed with the criticism).

Reading the lyrics, they don't seem to differ greatly from other pop songs, with this having many awkward moments, such as the "when I'm inside you" lyrics. But yet again, given the nature of the song, these types of lyrics are going to be in there.

Referring to the music video, I agree that the stalking and sexual violence themes are portrayed quite vividly, but I don't think it promotes it. Adam Levine's character isn't put under the most positive light, and most people would view his thoughts, such as the blood-soaked copulation and breaking into a person's house and watching them sleep, as wicked and depraved. I think the video best shows how people with such a state-of-mind truly are isolated, as best depicted through that final scene where he's standing in the rain, realising that his warped wishes will never come to fruition.

Obviously, here I've just typed the first things that have come to mind, and haven't really planned it out and structured it. I hope the review doesn't come across as insensitive and nasty. The activist groups seem to be outraged by it, and I think they would know best when it comes to dealing with these matters.

By the way, Levine's high-pitched voice singing is annoying, and "Maps" is a better song than this.

EDIT: I can't believe it has taken me so long to change this review, but I loathe this.

Just to say, my opinions on the music video is still around what I originally said about it (however my eventual disdain for this song has diminished a fair bit), but the song is awful in every way.

It is hard to believe that this was such a hit in the US, because it sounds like the inner monologue of a rapist. And from hearing the song, it doesn't even sound like it is trying to be damning of the person in question, but rather they try to make out as if it is "sexy", and that is really quite disturbing. The whole idea upon preying upon your "victim" is horrifying.

Furthermore, lines like "I get so high when I'm inside you" and that howl are utterly cringeworthy, and stretching out the title to "animals-mals" is completely stupid. So is saying "animals" instead of any specific animal. It is much too vague, as not all animals rely on preying on others.

Anyway, one of the worst songs of 2014 in retrospect (and 2014 was an atrocious year for music) and has made me realise that Maroon 5 has been awful for some time now. I thought "This Summer" was their big drop in form, but this outdoes it, and maybe then again there is something else I've missed earlier from their discography which is even worse than this, which, if there is, Gold help us all.

3* -> 1*
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/03/2016 05:04

Actually worse than "Maps", which is pretty sad given how bad that was... Only ten seconds in and I want to turn it off. The only saving grace of this thing is that the verses are okay. Otherwise such an awful chorus with awful lyrics. Lazy bridge too. Their worst since "Payphone". Please don't make the top 50!

To re-iterate, Adam Levine comparing his sexual interest in a female to an animal's predator-pray relationship is just really unsettling to listen to, especially as someone who only studied this a few months before the release of this song. It makes me uncontrollably cringe and kills the song. Especially notable in the chorus. The rest of the song is not a lot better either. Don't even get me started on that animal howl, it's lucky I don't give it 1* for that ghastly few seconds of the song. This song is dire and I'm glad it never made the ARIA top 50.
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/03/2015 03:27

Alweer een prima nummer van de Amerikaanse poprockband: "Maroon 5", uit augustus 2014!!! Misschien iets minder catchy dan de voorganger: "Maps", maar absoluut alweer een ruime voldoende: 4 sterren!!! ☺

Edit 27/10/2014: Ik ben alwéér grote fan geworden, dus ook deze zal ik uiteindelijk verhogen naar 5 sterren!!! ☺
Laatst gewijzigd: 27/10/2014 16:20

opnieuw raak voor de amerikaanse rockband Maroon 5 net als MAPS weer 6 sterren :)

Better than "Maps"
5 Stars!
Laatst gewijzigd: 20/12/2014 03:18

pretty ok

Pooey. Nothing new or exciting.

Good song.


This song makes a lot more sense when you realise that it's obviously written to the security guard from Five Nights At Freddy's. Hearing the start of some Maroon 5 songs (including this one, naturally) can be a scarier jump scare than any of the animals in that game.

But honestly it's not bad really. Yes it's typically overproduced like most of the stuff on "V" & "Overexposed", but that doesn't get in the way of the tune this time at least. In fact the melody flows here quite naturally in a way I can get behind and enjoy. 3.2

niet mijn ding

the instrumental is quite good but i can't give more than a 3

Peaked at #62 in Australia, 2014.

P = 42
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/12/2021 15:45

Ik haat dit liedje niet, maar van topmuziek is in mijn ogen ook weer niet direct sprake.
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