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Digital 222 / Interscope - (UMG)
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1.Sugar (Clean Version)
2.Sugar (Album Version)

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3:55V222 / Interscope
06025 3798505
3:55V [Deluxe Edition]222 / Interscope
06025 3795793
Clean Version3:55Sugar222 / Interscope
Album Version3:55Sugar222 / Interscope
3:54Bravo Hits 88Polystar
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Puntengemiddelde: 3.54Maroon 5 - Sugar (Reviews: 81)

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Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Spätestens seit Kim Cesarion, können mich Kopstimmen kaum nerven ^^
Typischer funky Titel von Maroon 5...ich vermisse aber das gewisse etwas, ein wenig mehr Pepp hätte dem ganzen sicher nicht schlecht getan! Albumlowlight bisher! 4*

edit: gefällt mir um einiges besser! Einfach super!! 5*-
Laatst gewijzigd: 24/01/2015 20:35

Painful to the ears. Not for me. 2.5.

I don't like this Maroon 5. Prefer their Payphone without Wiz stuff.

This is quite bad.

Decent but way off their best.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Inderdaad een degelijke en prima "V" albumtrack uit eind augustus 2014 van de Amerikaanse poprock formatie uit Los Angeles: "Maroon 5" !!! Vind 4 sterren persoonlijk ook precies op zijn plaats ☺!!!

Misschien niet heel boeiend, maar het klinkt wel 'Chill' en daarom toch 4 sterren.

I wish Levine would stop with this nasal boy band type vocal thing he does. It's getting super annoying. Also it sounds like they were trying to cover Katy's Birthday and she did it way better. There was no need for this to exist, but I don't hate it, yet.

Besides going over the top at times with that falsetto (although admittedly nowhere near as much as he has in the past), Levine does alright here to maintain that melody. The result is a rather inoffensive track but thankfully one that doesn't overstay its welcome; time may tell though of course. 3.25

Een van de betere Maroon 5-singles van de laatste jaren. Geen idee waarom, maar deze is lang niet zo irritant als de meest recente plaatjes. De feelgoodclip werkt ook nog een handje mee.

On its' own merits, it isn't really that good, but I still enjoy it anyway.

It's a little better than "Maps" for me, and probably my favourite charting hit from them since "Payphone".

I'm hoping to see the Maroon 5 of ten years ago come back some time soon though, because I'm not sure I want to hear them produce a lot of these types of songs, as much as I enjoyed this one. I haven't got my hopes up though.

Op de een of andere manier vind ik de Maroon 5 van tegenwoordig heel wat interessanter dan de Maroon 5 in hun beginjaren. Ook deze nieuwe single, 'Sugar', vind ik weer ontzettend catchy. In tegenstelling tot veel mensen hier vind ik de falsetto van Adam juist niet irritant, maar vind ik die juist getuigen van een goede zangstem, net als bij 'Animals'. Van mij mag dit nummer de volgende grote hit van de band gaan worden.


Nee toch, wat een geitenstemmetje zeg , komaan jongens, er moest vast wat beters te maken zijn hoor.

I like this...shit.

It's a bit bland compared to other songs like this but it still manages to hook me in enough to enjoy it. Good production and not too annoying like "Maps" and "Animals", though some of the vocals do get a bit annoying and sound like Adam Levine is trying too hard (seriously dude stop trying so hard with the falsetto!). I don't like seeing current day Maroon 5 getting hits but at least this one is enjoyable so its chart success doesn't annoy me much. Maroon 5's best track since "One More Night".

De videoclip is inmiddels binnen drie maanden meer dan 200 miljoen keer bekeken, wat een grote prestatie te noemen is. Ook in de hitlijsten gaat 'Sugar' erg lekker, waardoor ze een nieuwe top 10-hit te pakken hebben. Ik vond het eerst een beetje een soft pop-nummer, maar nu is het wel wat beter geworden. Heel erg anders dan 'Maps' en 'Animals' en veel origineler. Verder wil ik even melden dat dit nummer in het goede tijdperk is uitgebracht, een paar maanden voor de lente. Dit nummer klinkt behoorlijk lente-achtig, dus daar heeft Maroon 5 goed over gedacht. Kort samengevat: aardig nummer.

Aah, the guys have enlisted the help of Dr. Luke and they've found a winning formula again. The video clip is a cool concept. I liked it.
I've just gotta stop thinking now that the guys loved this success so much that they took too many shots and danced on tabletops, last Friday night. 4.3*

My life would be slightly improved if Maroon 5* didn't maintain the audacity to use the names of songs I really quite like a lot for their most dreadful ones. Heck, I could only get a 3 month grace period on this one (there's also a good System of a Down song under this title, but it'll never have the same bond I have with PAWWS <3).

I didn't even like it before it was a single, being exceedingly limp and grooveless even for Maroon 5*'s standards. Without a doubt one of the most outright boring hit songs in recent times. It's rare that I have to side with Katy Perry but jeez, "Birthday" has way more going for it than this.

*The group that formed around 2011/2012, not to be confused with the one that formed in 1994

I will admit that the video is pretty cool, but the track itself isn't that spectacular. This 'V' era of theirs is the weakest of their career.

Maroon 5 was goed in de begintijd, maar tegenwoordig lijkt alles dertien in een dozijn wat ze maken, 3 punten voor Sugar

toch moet ik bekennen dat het best wel een oke nummer is

Niks op aan te merken.

Ausnahmezustand für Popmusik.

too much overplayed.

Tip: If you're trying to make a completely safe and inoffensive single, go all the way. Don't just add the S word just to get that explicit tag on your song. It serves no purpose and feels like that line was put there for that sole purpose.

This track is such a good car karaoke song and is their most accessible track to date in my opinion.
Yeah it uses a familiar formulae they're accustomed too but they really nailed the execution and production plus add one of the most memorable videos of the year, superb for me.

Peaked at #3 on my personal chart.

Came in at #6 on my TOP 100 OF 2015.

P = 260
Laatst gewijzigd: 11/02/2021 09:46

Toch niet echt een overdreven interessante bedoeling.
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