Macy Gray - On How Life Is

Cover Macy Gray - On How Life Is
Epic 494423 2


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Binnenkomst:07/08/1999 (Positie 80)
Laatste week notering:17/03/2001 (Positie 92)
Piekpositie:28 (1 week)
Aantal weken:49
Positie aller tijden:1676 (1592 Punten)
Midprice:04/01/2003 / Piek: 1 / Weken: 38
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 6 / Weken: 41
de  Piek: 19 / Weken: 31
at  Piek: 3 / Weken: 20
fr  Piek: 24 / Weken: 23
nl  Piek: 28 / Weken: 49
be  Piek: 9 / Weken: 28 (V)
  Piek: 44 / Weken: 1 (W)
se  Piek: 5 / Weken: 39
fi  Piek: 16 / Weken: 18
no  Piek: 2 / Weken: 22
it  Piek: 29 / Weken: 3
au  Piek: 1 / Weken: 58
nz  Piek: 1 / Weken: 44


CD Epic 494423 2 (Sony) / EAN 5099749442320
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1.Why Didn't You Call Me
2.Do Something
4.I Try
5.Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
6.I Can't Wait To Meetchu
8.I've Committed Murder
9.A Moment To Myself
10.The Letter

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Do Something10/07/1999757
I Try18/12/1999609
Demons (Fatboy Slim feat. Macy Gray)13/01/2001785
Request + Line (Black Eyed Peas feat. Macy Gray)10/03/2001862
Sweet Baby (Macy Gray feat. Erykah Badu)08/09/2001808
Sexual Revolution01/12/2001893
When I See You19/04/2003666
Love Is Gonna Get Ya04/09/2004953
Beauty In The World29/05/2010521
Albums - Dutch Charts
On How Life Is07/08/19992849
The Id29/09/20011323
The Trouble With Being Myself03/05/20031821
The Very Best Of04/09/2004504
The Sellout26/06/2010763


Puntengemiddelde: 4.27 (Reviews: 11)

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It really surprises me how big and popular Macy Gray was for this short span of time. I Try was such a big hit, I remember it being played everywhere and all of the adults seeming to like it (I was very young at the time and couldn't stand it). And now looking at it, even the album was a huge hit both in NZ and Aus. I would expect an artist with a voice like this to be a bit more polarising but for that short period she was pretty dominant and popular. The album is not so bad a listen, for one, the voice is there and the voice is not so pleasant, but the songs are generally held up with decent production and interesting stories. You get a lot less of the random yelling in the album tracks, which is appreciated. All up, it's a decent effort although the singles are by far the standouts here. 3.9/6.

Kaahu Leef
Awesome effort and I had some really positive thoughts. I like Macy Gray and I do remember that song "I Try" for a while. She is very unique at her own voice and so is her own creative soul music. It's a bummer how she appear for a short period in 2000. But all sides from that, there are some really great tracks in this album. Preferably I enjoy "I Can't Wait To Meetchu" and "The Letter".

I would love to hear this album again and of course her voice. It is a fantastic listen
#29 on my Top 100 Favourite Albums Of All Time
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