Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Cover Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Warner Bros. 9362-47755-2
Cover Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
Cover Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
CD 20th Anniversary Edition
Warner Bros. 9362489322
Cover Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
LP Vinyl Box
Warner Bros. 9362489323
Cover Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
LP Super Deluxe Box
Warner Bros. 9362489324


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Binnenkomst:03/03/2001 (Positie 60)
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CD Warner Bros. 9362-47755-2 (Warner) / EAN 0093624775522
LP Warner Bros. 9362494142 (Warner) / EAN 0093624941422
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2.One Step Closer
3.With You
4.Points Of Authority
7.By Myself
8.In The End
9.A Place For My Head
11.Cure For The Itch
12.Pushing Me Away
20th Anniversary Edition - CD Warner Bros. 9362489322 (Warner) / EAN 0093624893226
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Super Deluxe Box - LP Warner Bros. 9362489324 (Warner) / EAN 0093624893240
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3 DVD's
4 LP's
Vinyl Box - LP Warner Bros. 9362489323 (Warner) / EAN 0093624893233
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4 LP's (3 Albums)

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Singles - Dutch Charts
One Step Closer03/03/2001578
In The End17/11/20011126
Points Of Authority10/08/2002545
Somewhere I Belong22/03/20031410
Breaking The Habit26/06/20044110
Numb / Encore (Jay-Z / Linkin Park)27/11/2004524
What I've Done14/04/20072812
Bleed It Out18/08/2007794
New Divide20/06/2009688
The Catalyst07/08/2010952
Burn It Down21/04/20125910
Heavy (Linkin Park feat. Kiiara)29/07/20171001
Albums - Dutch Charts
Hybrid Theory03/03/20011385
Live In Texas29/11/20034319
Collision Course (Jay-Z / Linkin Park)04/12/2004931
Minutes To Midnight19/05/2007222
Road To Revolution - Live At Milton Keynes29/11/20085410
A Thousand Suns18/09/2010713
Living Things30/06/2012114
The Hunting Party21/06/2014816
One More Light27/05/2017529
One More Light - Live23/12/2017103
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Shadow Of The Day - Live 2010 [DVD]05/08/2017231


Puntengemiddelde: 5.01Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Reviews: 81)

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15/04/2007 14:17
great album

Great album that still sounds fresh today.

1st UK top 10 album.

145 weeks in the UK top 100.

10 weeks UK top 10. UK#4.
20 weeks Irish top 10. Ireland#4.

34 weeks US top 10. US#2.

World Chart Year End (2001): #5.
World Chart Year End (2002): #28.
World Chart Year End (2014): #97.

1.8 million copies sold in the UK.
10.4 million copies sold in the US.

Re-entry:UK#4 July 2017 RIP Chester Bennington.

Year end (UK): #13 (01), #85 (02), #87 (17).
Laatst gewijzigd: 09/07/2021 21:36

hun 2e beste album na meteora met natuurlijk weer enkele kleppers van nummers erop.met hun muziek bereiken ze natuurlijk een heel breed publiek en hebben ze ook veel fans en dat is niet meer dan terecht!dik 6 sterren!

mijn top 5 van dit album

1. In The End
2. One Step Closer
3. Papercut
4. Points Of Authority
5. Crawling

Awesome debut album. In The End and One Step Closer are clear standouts.

Good. Despite the fact all the songs are the same, which I hate, all the songs are quality. There aren't any songs I dislike.

Chris A
great album! will be forever LP's best album they will ever do,all tracks are great the standouts for me are: Papercut, One Step Closer, Points Of Authority, Crawling, In The End & Pushing Me Away

Wow was everyone in love with them when this came out! Back then I just thought their name was stupid and dismissed them from that. Now being nearly a decade late to it, this is a great debut album, with highlights in "In The End", "One Step Closer" & "Papercut"

Great album, but bows down to Meteora.

It's a very solid album indeed.

geiles Nu-Metal Album :D das beste von Linkin Parks Metal-Alben :) highlights sind In the End, One Step Closer, Crawling, Papercut, Points of Authority, A Place for My Head, und Pushing Me Away :)
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/10/2013 19:14

So I've listened to all but their latest album and still think that this is their strongest. It was something new at the time and I remember just how cool they used to be back when I was in intermediate school. Singles like 'In The End', 'Crawling' and 'One Step Closer' really solidified their popularity and are standouts on the album. but even the album tracks (like 'A Place For My Head') are enjoyable highlights. Chester Bennington's screaming can get a little grating from time to time, but the production and Mike Shinoda's rapping make this a very good listen.

I prefer this to: Diva - Annie Lennox
I prefer: Missundaztood - P!nk

Geweldig rauw en hard debuutalbum van (nu) metalband Linkin Park.
Combinatie raps en beukende gitaren pakt goed uit. Zanger Chester heeft een goeie strot voor dit soort muziek.
Laatst gewijzigd: 21/07/2017 00:16

I'm in the minority that thinks this weaker then most of their future releases. A lot of the tracks on this are kind of samey despite all of them being no worse then average but all the singles apart from One Step Closer are very cool plus I also liked Push Me Away and bonus tracks My December and High Voltage. Overall I give this a 4.2 and this also makes this my 100th Album Review! :)

Echt wel een straf eerste album van Linkin Park.
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