LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem

Cover LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem
Cover LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem


Muziek/Tekst:Stefan Gordy
Skyler Gordy
Jamahl Listenbee
Peter Schroeder
Producer:Party Rock
Gecoverd door:The Chipmunks & The Chipettes
SpongeBob Schwammkopf feat. Sandy (Schnee in Bikini Bottom)
Die Schlümpfe (Party Rock Schlumpf Anthem)
De Smurfen (Dat moet een Smurfje zijn)
Les Schtroumpfs (Ils sont tout bleus)
Party Rockers
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Binnenkomst:16/04/2011 (Positie 90)
Laatste week notering:18/02/2012 (Positie 76)
Piekpositie:6 (1 week)
Aantal weken:45
Positie aller tijden:145 (2961 Punten)
Dance:16/04/2011 / Piek: 3 / Weken: 50
Download:23/04/2011 / Piek: 6 / Weken: 32
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 1 / Weken: 54
de  Piek: 1 / Weken: 57
at  Piek: 1 / Weken: 53
fr  Piek: 1 / Weken: 94
nl  Piek: 6 / Weken: 45
be  Piek: 1 / Weken: 40 (V)
  Piek: 2 / Weken: 62 (W)
se  Piek: 3 / Weken: 61
fi  Piek: 5 / Weken: 21
no  Piek: 3 / Weken: 18
dk  Piek: 1 / Weken: 26
it  Piek: 5 / Weken: 10
es  Piek: 7 / Weken: 47
au  Piek: 1 / Weken: 53
nz  Piek: 1 / Weken: 50


Promo - CD-Single Interscope - (UMG)
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1.Party Rock Anthem
Promo - CD-Single Interscope - (UMG)
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Party Rock Anthem (Edit)
CD-Single will.i.am / Cherrytree / Interscope 2772116 (UMG) / EAN 0602527721163
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Party Rock Anthem (Album Version)
2.Party Rock Anthem (Audiobot Remix)

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4:24Party Rock Anthem [Promo]Interscope
Edit3:55Party Rock Anthem [Promo]Interscope
Album Version4:24Party Rock Anthemwill.i.am / Cherrytree / Interscope
Audiobot Remix6:00Party Rock Anthemwill.i.am / Cherrytree / Interscope
3:52Maximum Hit Music 02 2011Universal
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Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)16/04/2011645

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Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)16/04/2011645


Puntengemiddelde: 3.18LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem (Reviews: 279)

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een beetje te irritant met momenten om meer dan 1 ster te krijgen

Surprisingly not too bad.

As stupid and mindless as this is, not to mention how incredibly popular and overplayed it is, I can't help but enjoy it. I'm reluctantly glad that this has reached the heights of the best of all time list.
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/12/2011 03:21

Chris A
It's pretty cool but nothing special, you know this is gonna be a smash here

2 months later, i hate it when i'm right lol
Laatst gewijzigd: 21/05/2013 13:29

Very catchy, love it.

I enjoyed this quite alot back in 2011, but as the years passed, and the repetition continued, this depreciated a bit for me.

Great video - one of my favourites of the decade so far.
Laatst gewijzigd: 01/06/2016 05:17

There's a lot I find interesting with this, and a lot of it hasn't got much to do with the music. Prior to this, I always thought that the success of LMFAO was limited by the demographic of people who are too self-serious to download a song by an artist called 'LMFAO' and subsequently play it back on their iPod, and they sure proved me wrong. I guess they called it themselves with a rather prophetic video that demonstrates the infectious nature of it, and it being glued to the top of the charts replicated the unstoppable force that was the 'Party Rock' movement. I actually find it quite funny that they go out of their way to piss off rockists by including 'rock' in the title, and then going further by needlessly namedropping Led Zeppelin.

I do feel like this song came at the right time though. Having listened back to a lot of 2010 pop recently, there's a definite divide between then and now that comes roughly around when this song hit. This song employs a rather boisterous synth that holds most of the song together, but if you compare it to a lot of earlier counterparts, they often bloop around with no spark, and drag down whatever song they're in. This on the other hand, is all the better for being anchored by a synth that actually has some life to it, and from a 2014 perspective, I can still listen to this without being bogged down by how dated it sounds.

That being said, this song is shockingly not without its flaws. For instance, the lyrics are a bit of a mush of nothing, it falls back on a big, dumb chorus that really doesn't have much lasting power, and by the second half of the song, there's a clear sign to me that they don't have a good way to keep the song interesting. As a result, we get the choruses mashed together and re-arranged, and we get a totally unnecessary additional vocal hook in the bridge from Lauren Bennett. That being said, with the release of tension brought on by a quick pause, after that bridge is perhaps the only time that the chorus makes for a satisfying pay off.

I can never fairly judge this song, just because on one hand it's LMFAO, and on the other hand, it's very good for LMFAO. Maybe I'll start to groan at it in another few years, but for now it's not a problem. 3.3
Laatst gewijzigd: 22/08/2014 21:09

Annoying music. The vocals aren't too bad and might see it grow on me, but for now it irritates.



Edit: Active like now, even if I'm therefore the slowest ever. This is pretty fun and catchy. I'm embarassed but it is what it is.
Laatst gewijzigd: 30/11/2012 10:03

The video is quite good and better that the song which can get annoying

Still getting better and better 4* --> 6*
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/07/2011 12:13

I don't hate it as much as I did when it was lodged at #1 around the world. The song is surprisingly catchy and, when drunk, it is hard not to sing a long to the incredibly simplistic chorus while trying to 'shuffle'.

However the success that this has had is absolutely crazy. It actually scares me. I just hope this phase and this band die quickly so that we are not subjected to more of this crap.

It is also the only LMFAO track that is listenable from start to finish for me. The next three singles are nominees for worst song ever.
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/03/2012 13:44

Hated this song from the first listen, but somehow it has grown on me alot. I really like this song now! Especially the chorus.

It was good before I heard it every 10 minutes.
Laatst gewijzigd: 08/06/2011 13:54

A hundred times better than that stupid Miami song! I am a bit surprised its going to do so well...

This is good as a once in a while listen but too much and it's very annoying. 314,749 sold while at #1. LMFAO's second UK#1. UK#1 and Ireland#1. US#1. 1.1 million copies sold in the UK.
Laatst gewijzigd: 04/11/2012 21:26


Pop Music just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Its incredible how dumb music is these days. Its disgraceful that this will go #1.
It doesnt let me think. It works against my mind rather than with it. I hate it so much.

I've just had enough of mindless party music that isn't about anything
Laatst gewijzigd: 02/06/2011 08:30

Best Oke

Niet aan mij besteed.

I'm 'laughing my fucking ass off'! Wat een catchy nummer en wat een toffe (maar wel rare) music video hebben ze gemaakt! Hit!
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/04/2011 11:38

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Alléén de toffe HD-videoclip is al ontzettend gaaf ☺!!!

Lekker nummer.
Laatst gewijzigd: 27/07/2012 14:58

ik vind het echt niet goed

nou ik moet er nog even aan wennen denk ik. Hoor er wel wat in, maar het klinkt allemaal een beetje chaotisch. Misschien is dat ook wel de bedoeling, maar dat maakt wel dat ik nog niet volledig overtuigd ben. Toch voordeel van de twijfel dan maar! krappe 4 sterren.

Marc the Mike
Het elektrostukje vind ik wel lekker en ook het shufflegedeelte mag er zijn. Je mag er alleen de maffe video niet bij zien.

I'm not entirely sure why this song deserves to exist.... let alone it's success.
The fact that this song is not going away is making me want to hurt small children >:(
Laatst gewijzigd: 01/06/2011 10:14

Leuke song, niks mis mee.

Ik word er ook niet echt warm van.

Zaaaalig ;) Zeker naar de zomer toe!! :D 5 sterren *****
ps: stem op het nummer van de afgelopen jaren uit de ultratop via de link: http://www.enquetemaken.be/toonenquete.php?id=74327
alvast bedankt!!

Never liked LMFAO before. But this song is great and catchy. Funny and awesome video too =D.

♥ Grappige & leuke plaat van "LMFAO & Friends"!! Ideaal voor een hopelijk warme zomer!! Laat maar een hitje worden. Nog net 5 sterren ..

Leuk nummer een hitje zit er zeker in

White Tiger
Het was wel wat wennen, maar deze plaat mag voor mij gerust een aantal weken helemaal bovenaan staan in de ultratop!

everyday i'm shuffeling :P

5 *****

Het idee achter de clip dat een liedje zich als een besmetting door de populatie verspreidt is heel leuk, maar zorg dan ook voor een zeer aanstekelijk liedje.
Dit nummer is veel te saai en oppervlakkig met een overdosis standaard computer- c.q. synthesizersoundjes.
Dat had veel beter gekund!
Bij deze clip hoor ik in gedachten "No Speak Americano" van vorig jaar; dat was met recht een nummer dat je de hele zomer meesleurde en zelfs velen buiten de standaard doelgroep.


'N aanstekelijk lied ;d
Ik hoor liever het lied liever op radio dan op tv.
Want, ik vindt persoonlijk de videoclip storend met het gepraat.
Wel zeer goed party nummer! ;d

Componist;Skyler Gordy, Stefan Gordy, Jamahl Listenbee & Peter Schroeder. Mooie dance plaat, een 6

Great to see someone new at number one for a lengthy period of time.

The song is very catchy is only now beginning to grow on me.

Is ten weeks at number one on the cards?

Looks this is going to become the biggest song in ARIA Charts history (and by quite some distance). It is number 2 of all time already and still charting at Number 16.
Laatst gewijzigd: 22/10/2011 13:23

I do not get why this song is doing so well. I don't think it to be anything special at all, and how it can crank up so many weeks at #1 is beyond me. Top ten sure, but not #1.

Edit: Okay just watched the video. Officially addicted!!!! Lovin' it!!! Everyday Imma be shufflin'!
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/06/2011 14:44

Niet slecht, een mooie (dance-)plaat, maar ook niet meer dan dat

goeie plaat, begin maar te leren shuffeln

Naam zegt het al he, een echte Party Rock Anthem!!!

Super stoer.
***** sterren.
- wijzinging.
echt een saai nummer, ik vind hun nieuwe nummer wel leuk.
maar toch niet is dit nummer bestemd.
2 sterren.
Laatst gewijzigd: 12/07/2011 19:30

Oh No... It's not Music

Lekkere Dance Plaat van LMFAO, jammer dat deze maar 1 week de hoogste positie haalde.

It's quite catchy but for f***'s sake it doesn't deserve 8 frickin' weeks on top!

10 weeks!? OMG!

Wow, this song is going to stay in the top 50 forever. This is going to become best of all time soon.

And yep, now it's best of all time.
Laatst gewijzigd: 26/01/2012 09:20

The shuffling bits are a little annoying, but the song isn't all that bad. Definitely not worthy of #1, let alone for multiple weeks. I'll probably never like an LMFAO song more than I do this (and that isn't saying much), so wish they'd just retire already!


pretty decent song, but it get's boring at times.

Music for Idiots

Gemiddeld, maar ik heb al wel beter gehoord. Ik snap niet dat sommige mensen er helemaal zot van zijn.

Fantastic song to dance to

Very addictive and totally fun.

Ik hoop dat het hier bij blijft. Ik schaam me ervoor om een tiener te zijn in 2011. Was ik maar 20 jaar eerder geboren! Dit kan natuurlijk iedereen!



Can't believe a song like this is 17th of all time

Even worse it's now 4th

Just Go Away

How Can It Be #1 on BOAT?

It will get past Elton John soon. :L
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/12/2011 02:54

Amazing song. Easy to hate it because it was/is massively overplayed, spent ten weeks at #1 and somehow became the second highest selling song in Australian history... but I still love it.

I've had many amazing nights on the dancefloor at parties with this song, it has a great memorable music video, started a dance craze bringing the Melbourne shuffle to international recognition and is just well... good-damn, harmless fun!

An addictive song which I'll surely remember for many years to come. An energetic song which I'll love every time I hear.

Will feature highly on my end of year top 150.

Ranked #1 on my end of year best songs of 2011
Laatst gewijzigd: 27/07/2012 07:56

In theory I should hate this song with a passion. But strange'y it doen't annoy me and in fact I found myself singing along and tapping my foot whenever it is on. It's just a pity that it hung around forever in the Top 20 in Australia that it is testing my patience with WHY it has been and continued to be massive. Will go down as a song that needs to be played at weddings.

I can't believe some autotune shit made it to number 1 for 10 weeks. I feel sorry for the the real ROCK artists who made better ROCK anthems in recent years and never saw the day of light on the charts. A real ROCK anthem is, for example, the 1975 KISS song "ROCK and roll all nite" is what I call a ROCK anthem. This is just a poor insult to ROCK that teenagers are addicted to these days. So when there is another fake ROCK anthem 2day FM radio tells you to buy, don't buy it! IT IS BAD FOR YOUR EARS AND BRAIN!

I think I share the view of most people here in that it's not bad, in fact I quite like it but it doesn't deserve this ridiculously long chart run.

Looking back, its not such a bad #1.. though it was incredibly over exposed and while its an alright song, it most deffinately has not deserved the success it has obtained - one of the highest selling singles in AUS of all time now, it might be only 2nd behind candle in the wind? I dunno.

Yes, this is pretty catchy. But like IGF the chart run is way too overdone.

Still #22 on the Oz charts with a 41-week run thus far... has gone 9xPlatinum (over 630000 copies sold) and I reckon it will break the 10xPlatinum mark in the next couple of weeks, which means over 700000 copies sold in this country alone.

And yes, people are correct in saying that this is the 2nd biggest selling single in Australia of all time (and in fact, the biggest in the download era).

Very bad

HPIMPC: 1 (7 Weeks)

HAHA who didnt love this song when it came out!? But now it seriously has to leave the charts.

Ik moest hier even aan wennen, omdat het een wat zenuwachtige plaat is, maar inmiddels vind ik dit (inderdaad) een lekker party anthem.

Electric Blue
I hate this band, this song is passable though. However the fact that it's best of all time here is very depressing.

Annoyingly catchy.


niet slecht

Cannot BELIEVE this is the BIGGEST selling single of all time in Australia (11x Platinum)....Absolutely dreadful. Speaks a lot about music today.

i don't hate it, also, i don't find it good or interesting

Supposedly I used to despise this song with a passion but maybe that’s because of its overexposure on Australian radio. Upon hearing it by choice, I must say that it’s not really a bad track after all. Yes it’s your typical cliché party song but I’ve certainly heard worse. In saying that, I feel like a 4 would be a suitable score for this track.
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/03/2020 02:14

gutes Electro-Dance-Pop lied von LMFAO :) eins von ihren besten lieder :D #6 bei meinen Jahrescharts 2012 :)

Used to be awesome until everyone started overplaying it causing it to get rapidly annoying at each listen.

The song that just wouldn't go away and was overplayed to death in 2011.

I remember when it was at #1 and everyone was saying how awesome it was and eveyone was shuffling, I never understood the fuss over it and it would have been 1 star at the time. By about December 2011 when it finally stopped being overplayed to death I started to enjoy it a little and it would've been 3 stars. Unfortunately though in PE last year we had to learn how to shuffle and dance to the song. I remember the teachers played the shuffling bits of the song over and over again while we were practicing. Now because of that it's back down to a 2.

It annoys me that this has had this undeserved success around the world, particularly in Australia. I will commend it that the beat is alright and it is a little catchy but it's not deserving of more than 2 stars. The worst thing about the success of this imo is not that it's become one of the biggest selling and best charting songs of all time but the fact that that their other songs that followed managed to have undeserved chart success off the back of this.

It's definitely one of their best efforts though, which just shows how shit this group and their music is.
Laatst gewijzigd: 01/02/2014 12:15

The Walrus
The song that just wouldn't go away in 2011/2012 seems to have finally started being forgotten. I think this is the most overrated song of all time, and I swear to god if I have to hear the term 'Party Rocking' one more time, someones gonna get hurt.

Two stars are generous.

matty d
1 star

Lekker dansnummer!

Overplayed to death in 2011 and even a bit in 2012 has made this unbearable and has aged horrifically too. Only thing stopping this from a 1 is that I don't hear it anymore. 1 of the most overrated hits in history.

Overexposed track that was good at first but then radio couldn't stop playing it! And an 11 week stint at #1 is too long!

Laatst gewijzigd: 08/03/2019 11:34

Gets boring after a while

The best thing about this song is that it is so perfect for mashups and remixes.



kan me niet boeien
Laatst gewijzigd: 16/06/2019 15:34

Great song of 2011.

Toffe plaat.

I loved it at first (keeping in mind I was heaps younger back then) but its decent I guess. It has got a fun beat and catchy lyrics however its so goddamn overplayed that I can't like it as much as I could've

I neither hated or loved it and would much prefer it to the blandness we have these days.


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