Justin Bieber - Sorry

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Cover Justin Bieber - Sorry
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Binnenkomst:31/10/2015 (Positie 2)
Laatste week notering:07/01/2017 (Positie 78)
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Digital Def Jam 1056201498 (UMG)
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1.Justin Bieber feat. J. Balvin - Sorry (Latino Remix)

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Puntengemiddelde: 3.5Justin Bieber - Sorry (Reviews: 115)

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Wow ! Het word alleen beter met zijn muziek.
Hopelijk word dit ook een hit !!

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Helemaal géén onaardig nieuw plaatje uit ½ oktober 2015 van de 21 jarige Canadese drummer, gitarist en zanger: "Justin Drew Bieber" !!! Net géén 5 sterren, maar wie weet over enige tijd ☺!!!

Ik weet niet wat me mankeert maar ik ga 'the Biebs' steeds meer waarderen. Met deze "Sorry" levert hij opnieuw een puike plaat af, geheel in lijn met voorganger "What do you mean". Gewoon zes sterren. Met dank aan Skrillex.
Laatst gewijzigd: 30/01/2016 15:48

More generic and useless then What Do You Mean. 2.8.

Weer geen onaardig nummer van hem

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Ich persönlich finds um einiges besser als das etwas ausgelutschte und überhypte "What Do You Mean"!

Macht mir spass beim zuhören und ich muss einfach mitsingen!
Für mich etwas vom besten was er gemacht hat, deshalb eine 5*

where are u now that I need somebody to lean on...

I'm impressed with how this Justin Bieber era is progressing however. Not as unique or instantly appealing as "What Do You Mean?" but it does have potential and I'm liking it so far. Also impressed at its popularity, I wouldn't have expected it to do so well. Pretty unlucky though, getting overshadowed by another new release.


Oh I like it now.
Laatst gewijzigd: 09/01/2016 09:11

Volgens mij vindt iedereen de nieuwe Justin Bieber fantastisch! Wat een lekkere nummers maakt hij nu zeg! Goed geproduceerd, catchy maar ook gevoelig. Zeker van goede kwaliteit!

Just like 'What Do You Mean', the production was awesome, but the vocals are not.

Doesn't really get out of first gear because it starts quite nicely. "Worse than the previous single" was once a much harsher statement for him. 3.5

Ik snap helemaal niets van die vernieuwde hype rondom Justin Bieber, vooral omdat ik zijn muziek de laatste tijd nu ook weer niet zo bijzonder vind. Maar waar 'What Do You Mean?' juist te repetitief is, is 'Sorry' juist een goede poging tot het maken van een dynamische popsong. Bieber moet echter wel uitkijken, want de productie van Skrillex kan behoorlijk op ieders zenuwen gaan werken.

"'Cause I'm missing more than just your body" would surely be a nomination for tackiest lyric of the year. While I appreciate the sentiment behind it, surely mentioning the objectification would be offensive enough for whoever this is directed to. Not to mention this line is 25% of the chorus! I'm sure there was a much better way to convey this message (possibly by not saying it all!) and this line just feels weird now. Lyrical qualms aside, those triumphant brass chords in the chorus had me hooked straight away and I've never looked back.

Justin is op de juiste trend gesprongen met de juiste producers. Ik kan zijn recente muziek zeker smaken.

This is undeniably catchy and an earworm producing another good single. His second UK#1. UK#1 and Ireland#1.
Laatst gewijzigd: 27/11/2015 15:04


This is catchy, it sounds very very similar to Try Me which I liked first though and every time I hear that I keep expecting Jason Derulo to start singing. It's amongst his best though

It is indeed my favourite track from him now. Awfully addictive.
Laatst gewijzigd: 29/03/2016 09:03

Close but no cigar, however I do like it a bit more than the lead single.

Since it's the best of his recent hits it can have 4*
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/02/2016 11:07

Catchy? I got a migraine after listening to the entire song.

antonnalan, we are in agreement in regards to the "'cause I'm missing more than just your body" line. That's the main thing detracting from this song for me.

The problem is that he says he's missing more than just her body, but he never states what any of those other things are. So, by the fact that the only thing he states about her in the song IS her body, by virtue of that fact, that is the most important thing for him in this relationship.

It's kind-of a shame for me actually, because otherwise, I wouldn't have anything else to complain about with this song.

To me, it's quite catchy (due to the production) and can't help but like it. It's a very good chance of making my 2015 EOY countdown.

JB is heading in the right direction and, much to my surprise, I'm interested in seeing where he progresses to from here.

EDIT: The more I've heard it, the more I realize that it is pretty much all of the lyrics which are annoying. It has this massive ego which I don't feel is warranted.

Fortunately, the beat still does the trick, so at least it isn't all bad.

4* -> 3*
Laatst gewijzigd: 11/07/2016 16:18

Certainly one of his best, if not his best, prefer it to What Do You Mean? Seems to be on the right track, but not Justin Timberlake quite yet.

Richard (NL)
Stukken minder dan de andere songs uit 2015.

Prima plaat van Justin. 4+

Dat ik ooit nog een Bieber nummer goed zou vinden! goede plaat hoor

Look if I'm honest out of the newest load of crap he's dishing out this is the best of it. There are some parts of this, the beat drop in particular, which are quite cool but I still can't take him and his ego, and for that reason alone I will never be able to like one of his songs again.

I wasn't so impressed on the first few listens. The sound effects were distracting. But the production was ok. Now I am finding the song to have great staying power and am still not tired of hearing this, even as it hangs around in the chart. Finally happy enough for the big chart run.


Sorry but this is so catchy! One of the biggest surprises in recent memory.

Yet another banger from Justin. Probably his best song to date.

Sorry. Ik vind er bijzonder weinig aan. Vervelend eigenlijk.

can honestly say that this is his best track ever

After the success of 'What Do You Mean' I wasn't expecting to like anything else from that era or Bieber. But I must admit this became and still is an ear worm you can't ignore.

Peaked at #3 on my personal chart.

Will feature in my TOP 100 OF 2016.


Kaahu Niheta Witehira Leef
This is mostly my only favourite Justin Bieber song I like. Its really catchy so very dancehall. And I love the music video of The Palace Dance Crew too.

justin's best. not that bad 2.5

After such an amazing comeback with "What Do You Mean", Justin Bieber disappoints badly with "Sorry". He just sounds so douchey and self-entitled that it's hard to take this seriously especially when a line such as "Is it too late now to say sorry cause I'm missing more than just your body" exists here. It's bad.

Kaahu Leef
Possibly my one and only Justin Bieber song that is beyond the best. It's very catchy. The dance video is amazing. I was very happy it hit at #1 in New Zealand back then. Amazing!

Dit was een redelijk plaatje

erg om toe te geven, maar 't eerste nummer dat ik leuk vind van hem, en echt leuk

Het enige nummer van de Canadese zanger dat ik de moeite waard vind en zijn tweede nr 1 hit (van de in totaal 6).
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