Jack Johnson - From Here To Now To You

Cover Jack Johnson - From Here To Now To You
Brushfire 06025 3745526
Cover Jack Johnson - From Here To Now To You


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Binnenkomst:21/09/2013 (Positie 8)
Laatste week notering:19/10/2013 (Positie 86)
Piekpositie:8 (1 week)
Aantal weken:5
Positie aller tijden:7946 (287 Punten)
Combialbum:21/09/2013 / Piek: 10 / Weken: 4
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 5 / Weken: 8
de  Piek: 9 / Weken: 5
at  Piek: 5 / Weken: 6
fr  Piek: 27 / Weken: 5
nl  Piek: 8 / Weken: 5
be  Piek: 8 / Weken: 21 (V)
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no  Piek: 19 / Weken: 2
dk  Piek: 9 / Weken: 2
it  Piek: 17 / Weken: 3
es  Piek: 21 / Weken: 4
pt  Piek: 12 / Weken: 3
au  Piek: 3 / Weken: 9
nz  Piek: 3 / Weken: 6


CD Brushfire 06025 3745526 (UMG) / EAN 0602537455263
LP Brushfire 06025 3745527 (UMG) / EAN 0602537455270
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.I Got You
2.Washing Dishes
3.Shot Reverse Shot
4.Never Fade
5.Tape Deck
6.Don't Believe A Thing I Say
7.As I Was Saying
8.You Remind Me Of You
10.Ones And Zeros
11.Jack Johnson feat. Ben Harper - Change

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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing02/04/20056718
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From Here To Now To You21/09/201385
All The Light Above It Too16/09/2017292
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En concert [DVD]07/11/2009272


Puntengemiddelde: 4 (Reviews: 3)

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He's always been an artist who I like okay but can never find much about to love. His style is something I generally quite enjoy in music, but he always just seems to fall that little bit short of something amazing and instead can tend to be a bit samey. With this album though, there's a little promise here early on; while later on it does get a bit samey, Washing Dishes is excellent and a lot of fun and Shot Reverse Shot is a cool point of difference for him too. I love my laid back chill out music, but I do wish he'd inject just a little bit more life more often.
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