Golden Earring - Five Zero At The Ziggo Dome 12-12*2015 [DVD]

Cover Golden Earring - Five Zero At The Ziggo Dome 12-12*2015 [DVD]
Universal 479 462-0


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DVD Universal 479 462-0 (UMG) / EAN 0602547946201
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1. Intro Five Zero (Live)
2. Back Home (Live)
3. Buddy Joe (Live)
4. Just Like Vince Taylor (Live)
5. In My House (Live)
6. Identical (Live)
7. Future (Live)
8. Long Blond Animal (Live)
9. Je regrette (Live)
10. Vanilla Queen (Live)
11. Twilight Zone (Live)
12. Band Interview
13. Another 45 Miles (Live)
14. Going To The Run (Live)
15. The Golden Earrings - Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (Live)
16. Johnny Make Believe (Live)
17. Band Interview
18. Turn The World Around (Live)
19. The Devil Made Me Do It (Live)
20. When The Lady Smiles (Live)
21. Heart Beat (Live)
22. Ce soir (Live)
23. Rinus On Base
24. Radar Love (Live)
25. Cesar On Drums
26. Band Interview
27. That's Why I Believe In Her (Live)
28. She Flies On Strange Wings (Live)
29. Holy Holy Life (Live)
30. Outro Five Zero (Live)

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Please Go (Golden Earrings)30/10/196587
That Day (Golden Earrings)29/01/1966213
If You Leave Me (The Golden Earrings)14/05/196686
Daddy Buy Me A Girl (Golden Earrings)08/10/1966155
Don't Run Too Far (Golden Earrings)10/12/1966192
In My House (Golden Earrings)08/04/1967108
Sound Of The Screaming Day (Golden Earrings)29/07/1967410
Together We Live, Together We Love (Golden Earrings)28/10/196757
I've Just Lost Somebody (Golden Earrings)20/04/196885
Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong (Golden Earrings)03/08/1968111
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (The Golden Earrings)16/11/196839
Where Will I Be (Golden Earrings)28/06/196975
Another 45 Miles13/12/196939
Back Home18/07/1970119
Hans Brinker Symphony (Holland)23/01/197156
Holy Holy Life06/02/197137
She Flies On Strange Wings02/10/197149
Buddy Joe13/05/197238
Stand By Me23/09/197285
Radar Love25/08/1973111
Instant Poetry27/04/197438
Ce soir01/03/197566
Just Like Vince Taylor (Live) / Radar Love (Live)15/10/1977301
Movin' Down Life21/10/1978206
Weekend Love16/06/1979412
I Do Rock 'N Roll15/12/1979188
Long Blond Animal27/09/1980158
No For An Answer13/12/1980363
Twilight Zone04/09/1982210
The Devil Made Me Do It01/01/1983158
When The Lady Smiles11/02/1984111
Clear Night, Moonlight28/04/198466
Something Heavy Going Down01/12/1984225
Quiet Eyes03/05/198696
Why Do I09/08/1986372
My Killer My Shadow12/03/1988318
Turn The World Around15/04/1989812
Distant Love01/07/1989736
Going To The Run13/04/1991414
Temporary Madness13/07/1991328
Pouring My Heart Out Again09/11/1991517
I Can't Sleep Without You (Live)07/11/19922910
Another 45 Miles (Live)06/03/1993237
Long Blond Animal (Live)26/06/1993239
As Long As The Wind Blows (Live)13/11/1993304
Hold Me Now29/10/1994127
Johnny Make Believe04/02/1995433
Burning Stuntman23/08/19972613
The Devil Made Me Do It (Live)24/01/1998624
Paradise In Distress27/02/1999298
Whisper In A Crowd14/08/1999744
Miles Away From Nowhere15/04/2000795
Yes! We're On Fire26/08/2000555
Albino Moon01/02/2003169
A Sound I Never Heard26/04/2003505
I've Just Lost Somebody (Live)12/02/2005510
Angel (Live)21/05/2005184
Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac21/04/2012173
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On The Double (Golden Earrings)12/04/1969619
Eight Miles High25/10/1969513
Golden Earring05/09/1970113
Seven Tears04/09/1971110
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To The Hilt14/02/197637
Grab It For A Second30/09/1978138
No Promises... No Debts21/07/197929
Prisoner Of The Night04/10/198077
2nd Live30/05/1981214
Greatest Hits 326/09/1981235
Something Heavy Going Down01/12/1984266
The Hole17/05/1986516
The Very Best Of 1965 - 198826/03/1988416
The Very Best Of 1976 - 1988 Volume 202/04/19881910
Keeper Of The Flame13/05/19891115
Bloody Buccaneers04/05/1991319
The Complete Single Collection14/03/1992615
The Naked Truth21/11/19922113
Face It12/11/1994627
Love Sweat16/12/19951715
Naked II04/10/1997238
The Complete Naked Truth04/04/1998661
Paradise In Distress03/04/1999514
Last Blast Of The Century15/01/2000416
The Devil Made Us Do It - 35 Years11/11/2000253
Fully Naked24/02/2001925
Millbrook U.S.A.01/03/2003212
Naked III - Live At The Panama05/03/2005317
From Heaven From Hell10/03/2012851
Tits 'n Ass19/05/2012129
The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (Golden Earrings)04/04/2015732
50 Years Anniversary Album21/11/2015269
The Hague [EP]12/12/2015510
The Hague / Five Zero02/07/201695
Complete Studio Recordings25/02/2017131
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Five Zero At The Ziggo Dome 12-12*2015 [DVD]02/07/2016168


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Mooi live document van de 50-jarige carrière van de Haagse rockband Golden Earring. Met al hun succesvolle rock klassiekers.
Diepe buiging en groot respect voor deze band. Niemand die deze prestatie ooit nog zal leveren.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Een must en collectorsitem voor iedere fan van deze Haagse rockformatie: "Golden Earring" !!! Opgenomen, live, in Amsterdam op 12 december 2015 in het: "Ziggo Dome" ☺!!!
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