Flo Rida feat. Pitbull - Can't Believe It

Cover Flo Rida feat. Pitbull - Can't Believe It
Cover Flo Rida feat. Pitbull - Can't Believe It
Poe Boy / Atlantic 075678683398


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CD-Single Poe Boy / Atlantic 075678683398 (Warner) / EAN 0075678683398
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1.Can't Believe It
2.Can't Believe It (Instrumental)

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3:43Can't Believe ItPoe Boy / Atlantic
Instrumental3:40Can't Believe ItPoe Boy / Atlantic
3:43Energy NRJ Hit Music Only! - Best Of 2013 Vol. 2Warner
Radio Edit3:40100% Hits: Best Of 2013Warner
3:42The Dome Vol. 68Polystar
06007 5346432
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Puntengemiddelde: 1.74 (Reviews: 84)

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I like it. I can hear the negative reviews coming lol...

I do like the backing music, but Flo Rida is just bad here. His rapping here is quite boring and uninteresting, and makes you appreciate Pitbull's rapping.

Quite a weird video too.
Laatst gewijzigd: 31/07/2013 14:10

Both are not that likeable and tend to produce absolute crap, so this was never going to be any good. And it's about as vile as expected. The sample was genius but doesn't salvage enough because I can always listen to the source material for a better track. The Baskin Robbins lyric is certainly genius though. The video is rather dumb too. It's not as bad to me now as it was in 2013. Looking back it's weird that this was ever a thing, but yeah Flo Rida was the shit back then.
Laatst gewijzigd: 26/11/2017 12:09

Absolutely awful. When you thought it couldn't get worst, it does.

Ever since 'Let It Roll' got released as a single, I found a disturbing decrease in his quality and this is no exception. This may be the worst Flo Rida song I've ever seen produced. I could give it two stars for it's instrumental but that's already stolen. One star!

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
UND DER PREIS FÜR DEN SCHLECHTESTEN SONG DES JAHRES 2013 GEHT AN???!! "Can't Believe It" vom schlechtesten Duo aller Zeiten Flo Rida und Pitbull! Aber ist ja nicht alles, sie bekommen noch den Preis für das beschissnigste Video des Jahres, ein Preis für die beschissnigsten Lyrics!!!

ich kann die Leute nicht verstehen die hier mehr als eine 1* geben...

Really? A song about ass? That seems to be the new trend now. Under (almost) any other circumstances I would declare this cringe-worthy and bad, but those two are the ultimate trashy pairing so I wasn't expecting much quality and by their standard it passes; at least the instrumental is interesting.
That said all singles from Flo Rida's last album (bar I Cry) were better than this.

This is a poor excuse for music!

Chris A
Just disgusting.

So basically it's just 3 and a half minutes singing about arses? Not that unexpected from these two artists, but crap nevertheless.

Personally, I don't know which of these two artists is worse in the song, Flo's monotonous verses going on and on about wanting to see some white girl's arse or Pitbull's rap with Michael Jackson references, "donk-donkie-donkie" and adding some random Spanish words (or whatever language it is) when he can't think of anything else useful to say (not that he had anything useful to say to begin with). A very lazy effort on the behalf of both artists.

There may be something slightly redeemable about the song that it doesn't deserve a straight 1*, but rather a 1.5*, which I can't put my finger on just yet. So a 1.5* it is.

P.S. Flo's voice in this song sounds a bit different to usual. Well, that's what it sounded like to me. A bit deeper throughout the whole song I think.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ "I Can't Believe It" ☺!!!

Flo sounds different to me too and not in a good way. Pitbull sadly sounds the same as ever since his verse could have been taken from any other song he's done or featured on in his career and nobody could tell. Anyway this song pretty much sucks completely.

Like most Flo Rida & Pitbull songs, it will prolly grow on me, so don't be surprised if it snags an extra star eventually. ***

Zacco: It might not be sampling it, but it sounds very reminiscent of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" if you ask me.

Edit: Yep. It didn't take me long. :P ****

Laatst gewijzigd: 16/08/2013 05:28

The monotonous beat, Flo Rida's horrible vocals, the revolting concept & lyrics, Pitbull's worst EVER verse... this is horrid and pointless. Why Australia?

This set a new record. Just 3 seconds in and I shut it off

I had to make this :P http://i.imgur.com/7ILJusn.jpg
Laatst gewijzigd: 16/08/2013 15:10

Oh dear this is so bad, the music buying public of Australia have just hit a new low.

Flo Rida and Pitbull on the same song?

The end is nigh.

I don't know what's worse, Pitbull being apart of another hit or Flo Rida being back. Either way this is shit.

Pfff afvoeren

Tja. Ik voorspelde al wat slechts. Maar dat verwacht je ook van deze artiesten..

Gewoon om te janken dit resultaat!

Sexistisch en puberaal. Zo slecht dat het ergens stiekem leuk is. En ja, ik moet toegeven: ik ben een billenliefhebber en dat mag best bezongen worden. Soort van guilty pleasure. Krappe drie sterren.

Lol, sadly I don't totally hate it.

Edit (the next day): Oh no. 2>3

It's impossible for me to hate, even though I know how bad everything is. 4* now
Laatst gewijzigd: 24/02/2014 06:42

They just somehow keep getting worse and worse! Disgusting pile of vomit.

This samples a song I don't know but I also thought this sounds similar to 'Seven Nation Army'. The beginning also has some very slight similarities to 'Sexyback' too. Otherwise this is not even close to the league of those songs. The rap is like a boring story you just can't wait to end.

Flo Rida actually had quite a hit streak in 2012. "Wild Ones", "Whistle", "I Cry", all huge. Then all of a sudden it stopped...but not in Australia. A general thing I've noticed since the start of 2012 is that Warner are really good at getting stuff that really doesn't seem like it should be near the top of the charts, at the top of the charts. You could compare this to Sony, but their M.O. seems to be forcing mediocrity into a seemingly larger spotlight on the charts and nowhere else. You can see the cracks with how much more realistic streaming figures are for Sony's fodder. Warner seem to be able to do a bit better there and that's the main tangible difference.

So it's kind of funny that Flo Rida has had 4 'hits' since "I Cry" in Australia thanks purely to the might that is Warner Music Australia. Although more specifically it's to do with the fact that they put his stuff on retail at half-price which shockingly sways many fence sitters. I feel as though this wouldn't have been a top 30 hit if it were at full price like the rest of its competition, but lol charts.

If this song wasn't going to be so swiftly forgotten, it would make such an obvious feature in 'Worst of x' lists; no Rebecca Black clone could ever have so much going against it than this: The two most useless chart 'stars' of the last 5 years UNITED AT LAST...on a song about asses. For a bonus, the hook is equally as brain rotting as his other similar outing "Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)".

But I think the worst of the worst are really things that try to disguise it. This has absolutely no shame in itself, and I'd be shocked if no one involved in the recording and promoting of this knew that it was pretty awful.

However I give it an extra star because via a dopey Baskin Robbins pun, it provides the most memorable lyric for me in Flo Rida's entire rapping career.

Oh God why?

I can believe it, because thats what Flo Rida does, bitches and samples.
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