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Binnenkomst:18/04/2015 (Positie 29)
Laatste week notering:02/05/2015 (Positie 71)
Piekpositie:29 (1 week)
Aantal weken:3
Positie aller tijden:9758 (168 Punten)
Combialbum:18/04/2015 / Piek: 38 / Weken: 3
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 36 / Weken: 2
de  Piek: 38 / Weken: 2
at  Piek: 48 / Weken: 2
fr  Piek: 88 / Weken: 2
nl  Piek: 29 / Weken: 3
be  Piek: 7 / Weken: 21 (V)
  Piek: 63 / Weken: 5 (W)
es  Piek: 94 / Weken: 1


CD E Works EWORKS1149D (PIAS) / EAN 5414939905124
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CD 1:
Show Part 1
1.Where I'm At (Live)
2.When You Wish Upon A Star (Live)
3.The Morning (Live)
4.Parallels (Live)
5.Addressing The Royal Audience (Live)
6.Mansions Of Los Feliz (Live)
7.My Timing Is Off (Live)
8.A Line In The Dirt (Live)
9.Where I'm From (Live)
10.It's A Motherfucker (Live)
11.Lockdown Hurricane (Live)
12.A Daisy Through Concrete (Live)
13.Introducing The Band (Live)
14.Grace Kelly Blues (Live)
15.Fresh Feeling (Live)
CD 2:
Show Part 2
1.I Like Birds (Live)
2.My Beloved Monster (Live)
3.Gentlemen's Choice (Live)
4.Mistakes Of My Youth / Wonderful, Glorious (Live)
5.Where I'm Going (Live)
Encore 1
6.I Like The Way This Is Going (Live)
7.Blinking Lights (For Me) (Live)
8.Last Stop: This Town (Live)
Encore 2
9.The Beginning (Live)
10.Can't Help Falling In Love (Live)
11.Turn On Your Radio (Live)
Phantom Encore
12.Flyswatter (Live)
13.The Sound Of Fear (Live)
Show Part 1
1. Where I'm At (Live)
2. When You Wish Upon A Star (Live)
3. The Morning (Live)
4. Parallels (Live)
5. Addressing The Royal Audience (Live)
6. Mansions Of Los Feliz (Live)
7. My Timing Is Off (Live)
8. A Line In The Dirt (Live)
9. Where I'm From (Live)
10. It's A Motherfucker (Live)
11. Lockdown Hurricane (Live)
12. A Daisy Through Concrete (Live)
13. Introducing The Band (Live)
14. Grace Kelly Blues (Live)
15. Fresh Feeling (Live)
Show Part 2
16. I Like Birds (Live)
17. My Beloved Monster (Live)
18. Gentlemen's Choice (Live)
19. Mistakes Of My Youth / Wonderful, Glorious (Live)
20. Where I'm Going (Live)
Encore 1
21. I Like The Way This Is Going (Live)
22. Blinking Lights (For Me) (Live)
23. Last Stop: This Town (Live)
Encore 2
24. The Beginning (Live)
25. Can't Help Falling In Love (Live)
26. Turn On Your Radio (Live)
Phantom Encore
27. Flyswatter (Live)
28. The Sound Of Fear (Live)
LP E Works EWORKS1149LP (PIAS) / EAN 5414939905216
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