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Puntengemiddelde: 3.24Ed Sheeran - New Man (Reviews: 29)

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Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Aangenaam, vlot, plaatje en track uit begin maart 2017 van de 26 jarige Britse zanger en songschrijver: "Edward Christopher Sheeran", afkomstig van zijn nieuwe studioalbum: "÷ [Divide]" !!! Precies 4 sterren, netjes ☺!!!

En toen kwamen alle songs van het album in de single-chart binnen. Dat zou toch niet moeten kunnen.

Dit is een aardig nummer, al is het ook niet erg bijzonder.

Initially without access to song titles, it didn't take me long to pinpoint this one as THE track everyone was talking about. Although it's a relatively mediocre attempt at recalling '90s/'00s R&B, it's more important to note that it's one of the truly difficult listens on "÷". What is the chorus trying to do??!? 1.25

Heb Sheeran toch al sterker uit de hoek weten komen.

Even the mention of bleached arseholes* isn't enough to push this to 3 stars, so it gets 2 stars just like most of the tracks from his album(s).

*I initially typo'd this as 'arsehoes'. True story bro. ;P

It's not boring at least, but all of those... I guess you could say quirkier moments are more than a bit obnoxious. And fuck off with the straight bro lyrics. Genuinely disgusted that this was even considered worthy of recording, let alone worthy of being put on this album.

Geez, what an absolute disaster.

This severely annoys me much for the same reason "Treat You Better" annoyed me last year (I probably don't hate it as much as that yet, but it is close), and that is due to "nice guy-ism".

After all, even though Sheeran says this "new man" is "fine by me" and he tries to give off the impression in the Bridge that she is free to make her own choice, for pretty much the rest of the song, he makes these weak cosmetic criticisms of him such as that he "goes to the gym" and is "on a new diet" (as if that is a bad thing), has a "bleached arsehole" (inspired by one of Kanye's worst lines ever?) and that he "wears a man bag... but I call it a purse", and with all this, Sheeran comes across as incredibly petty and pathetic.

And if you've seen Ed Sheeran in person, or read articles about him, you know that he is way above this all, because, you know, he's such a nice person. And while many people may fall in to the trap of believing that he is such a "nice guy", they'll love him and actually believe he's that person for real, when all you need to discredit him is to listen to his music! It's right here! How are you not hearing this?

Look, I do understand that this is not about a real "man", but the fact that these are characteristics that he assumes a woman (or more accurately, his ex-girlfriend) would like, and the way he slyly implies he is superior than said hypothetical person, speaks volumes about how Sheeran isn't the great person he is made out to be.

In short, though, this is just horrendous and a struggle to listen to the whole way through.

Could see this becoming a hit single and popular on the radio. Has a real early 2000's vibe. Almost Craig David-ish!


Like Seinfeld's four main characters*, the three leads of this song are all jerks, at least from the perspective we get. Ed is a petty loser who needs to get over it and move on, the new man sounds like a giant tool, and the girl seems to be pretentious and untrustworthy.

Even as the worst song on the album, this passes due to some redeeming moments. The chorus has a great melody and is very catchy, and the line "he wears sunglasses indoors in winter at nighttime is very reminiscent of great sitcom moments where each added word makes a whole situation sound worse. That line is easily the best thing about this song, and on it's own is enough to perfectly capture what a twat the new man is.

*Seinfeld came to mind because New Man/Newman.
Laatst gewijzigd: 02/12/2017 22:50

It's a bit of a laugh

Wholeheartedly agree with bluezombie, the "he wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime" line is easily the best thing about this song. Everything else about it is unlistenable. Sure, it's catchy, but Ed Sheeran almost manages to undo his good guy reputation with just one song. Ed seems like a nice enough guy in interviews and conversations with fans, but in this song manages to come across as a bit of a dick. :P
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/11/2018 00:48
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