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If You Leave23/03/2013443
Not To Disappear23/01/2016323


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Het blijft wachten op een wat grotere doorbraak voor Daughter maar ondertussen kunnen we gelukkig wel nog steeds genieten van prima muziek.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Zeer goed plaatje uit begin augustus 2017 door het Britse / Zwitsers / Franse folk rock trio: "Elaena Tonra, Igor Haefeli en Remi Aguilella", alias: "Daughter" !!! Voorloper van hun nieuwe studioalbum: "Music From Before The Storm", dat officieel voor 1 september 2017 gepland staat ☺!!!

Something I find interesting about a well known band doing a soundtrack album in their style is that it forces reviewers to analyze it with respect to the source material. What I really mean by this is that it's really interesting to see people who look at "Music From Before The Storm" as if it were just another Daughter album 'what's with all the ambience?!' I should be mad but it's pretty funny.

"Burn It Down" was released as the lead single to Daughter's soundtrack album for the "Life Is Strange" prequel "Before The Storm". It was released as a standalone single before the 3 part series even started releasing, but it didn't actually get included in the game's soundtrack until the final part. What we had with that was a really dramatic scene that was really accentuated with the track despite the fact that the 'prequel' status does remove some of the tension from the situation.

The song is very clearly written in Chloe's perspective, capturing her tortured mindset as a child whose life went to misery through just a few small incidents and continues to spiral around because no one is there to sympathise with her teen angst. This is a really angsty song. Incidentally though, I feel as though outside of the obvious reference to Chloe's father, a lot of this can be viewed as Rachel's inner monologue as well, from the very different perspective of someone who is seen as a star pupil, but finds it increasingly difficult to keep up the facade. It's a stellar track that gives me good memories of my time with Tabletop RPG Simulator 2017.
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