Cliff Richard - Cliff - 50th Anniversary Album

Cover Cliff Richard - Cliff - 50th Anniversary Album
Cover Cliff Richard - Cliff - 50th Anniversary Album
EMI 2423892


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CD EMI 2423892 (EMI) / EAN 5099924238922
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CD 1:
1.Move It
2.Living Doll
3.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Travellin' Light
4.Please Don't Tease
5.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Nine Times Out Of Ten
6.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Love You
7.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - The Young Ones
8.I'm Lookin' Out The Window
9.Do You Wanna Dance
10.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - It'll Be Me
11.The Next Time
12.Bachelor Boy
13.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Summer Holiday
14.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Lucky Lips
15.It's All In The Game
16.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Don't Talk To Him
18.On The Beach
19.The Twelfth Of Never
20.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)
21.The Minute You're Gone
22.Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)
23.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - In The Country
24.The Day I Met Marie
26.Power To All Our Friends
27.Miss You Nights
28.Devil Woman
29.We Don't Talk Anymore
CD 2:
3.A Little In Love
4.Wired For Sound
5.Daddy's Home (Live)
6.Little Town
7.Cliff Richard with The London Philharmonic Orchestra - True Love Ways
8.My Pretty One
9.Some People
10.Mistletoe & Wine
11.The Best Of Me
13.From A Distance (Live)
14.Saviour's Day
15.Peace In Our Time
16.Can't Keep This Feeling In
17.The Millennium Prayer (A Capella)
18.Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World
19.21st Century Christmas
20.What Car
21.Thank You For A Lifetime

Cliff Richard   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Dutch Charts
Living Doll05/09/1959333
Travellin' Light (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)02/01/1960159
Fall In Love With You28/05/1960121
A Voice In The Wilderness04/06/1960148
Please Don't Tease13/08/1960815
I Love You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)21/01/1961615
Theme For A Dream (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)15/04/1961129
A Girl Like You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)14/10/196174
The Young Ones (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)17/03/1962123
Do You Want To Dance21/07/1962114
Lessons In Love (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)27/10/196278
It'll Be Me (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)17/11/1962217
Forty Days02/03/196382
Bachelor Boy16/03/1963112
The Next Time16/03/1963112
Summer Holiday (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)11/05/1963214
Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)22/06/1963121
It's All In The Game12/10/196347
Maria no mas (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)30/11/1963211
Don't Talk To Him (Cliff Richard + The Shadows)07/12/196355
I'm The Lonely One (Cliff Richard And The Shadows)22/02/196438
On The Beach15/08/196438
I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)26/12/1964310
Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)11/12/1965153
In The Country (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)21/01/1967144
The Day I Met Marie16/09/196776
All My Love30/12/1967123
Good Times (Better Times)05/04/1969123
Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha11/07/1970205
Power To All Our Friends14/04/1973111
Take Me High02/03/1974271
Miss You Nights17/04/1976106
Hey Mr. Dreammaker29/01/1977213
My Kinda Life09/04/1977183
We Don't Talk Anymore25/08/1979412
A Little In Love07/02/1981383
Wired For Sound17/10/1981347
Daddy's Home26/12/1981146
The Only Way Out07/08/1982206
True Love Ways (Cliff Richard with The London Philharmonic Orchestra)28/05/1983413
Living Doll (Cliff Richard & The Young Ones feat. Hank Marvin)05/04/1986111
Some People26/09/1987513
My Pretty One12/12/1987923
Mistletoe & Wine24/12/1988713
The Best Of Me17/06/1989556
I Just Don't Have The Heart30/09/1989675
Lean On You18/11/1989666
Can't Keep This Feeling In24/10/1998833
The Millennium Prayer11/12/1999127
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