Cliff Richard - 75 At 75 - 75 Career Spanning Hits

Cover Cliff Richard - 75 At 75 - 75 Career Spanning Hits
Cover Cliff Richard - 75 At 75 - 75 Career Spanning Hits
Rhino 2564604889


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Binnenkomst:26/09/2015 (Positie 63)
Laatste week notering:26/09/2015 (Positie 63)
Piekpositie:63 (1 week)
Aantal weken:1
Positie aller tijden:15504 (38 Punten)
Combialbum:26/09/2015 / Piek: 90 / Weken: 1
In de landen:
nl  Piek: 63 / Weken: 1
be  Piek: 110 / Weken: 4 (V)


CD Rhino 2564604889 (Warner) / EAN 0825646048892
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CD 1:
1.Cliff Richard & The Drifters - Move It!
2.Cliff Richard with The Drifters - High Class Baby
3.Cliff Richard & The Drifters - Mean Streak
4.Cliff Richard & The Drifters - Living Doll
5.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Travellin' Light
6.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - A Voice In The Wilderness
7.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Fall In Love With You
8.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Please Don't Tease
9.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Nine Times Out Of Ten
10.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Love You
11.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Theme For A Dream
12.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Gee Whiz It's You
13.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - A Girl Like You
14.Cliff Richard with Norrie Paramor & His Orchestra - When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart
15.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - The Young Ones
16.Cliff Richard with The Norrie Paramor Orchestra - I'm Lookin' Out The Window
17.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Do You Want To Dance
18.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - It'll Be Me
19.Cliff Richard, The Shadows & The Norrie Paramor Strings - The Next Time
20.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Bachelor Boy
21.Cliff Richard & The Shadows & The Norrie Paramor Strings - Summer Holiday
22.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Lucky Lips
23.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - It's All In The Game
24.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Don't Talk To Him
25.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I'm The Lonely One
26.Constantly [L'edera]
27.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - On The Beach
28.The Twelfth Of Never
29.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)
30.The Minute You're Gone
31.Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)
CD 2:
2.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - Time Drags By
3.Cliff Richard & The Shadows - In The Country
4.Cliff Richard with Bernard Ebbinghouse & His Orchestra - It's All Over
5.The Day I Met Marie
6.Cliff Richard with Bernard Ebbinghouse & His Orchestra - All My Love [Solo tu]
8.Big Ship
9.Cliff & Hank - Throw Down A Line
10.Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha
11.Power To All Our Friends
12.Miss You Nights
13.Devil Woman
14.We Don't Talk Anymore
17.A Little In Love
18.Wired For Sound
19.Daddy's Home
20.The Only Way Out
21.Phil Everly & Cliff Richard - She Means Nothing To Me
22.Cliff Richard with The London Philharmonic Orchestra - True Love Ways
23.Please Don't Fall In Love
24.Cliff Richard & Sarah Brightman with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - All I Ask Of You
25.My Pretty One
CD 3:
1.Some People
2.Mistletoe & Wine
3.The Best Of Me
4.I Just Don't Have The Heart
6.From A Distance
7.Saviour's Day
8.We Should Be Together
9.I Still Believe In You
10.Peace In Our Time
11.Can't Keep This Feeling In
12.The Millennium Prayer
13.Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World
14.Santa's List
15.Somethin' Is Goin' On
16.21st Century Christmas
17.Move It
18.Thank You For A Lifetime

Cliff Richard   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Dutch Charts
Living Doll05/09/1959333
Travellin' Light (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)02/01/1960159
Fall In Love With You28/05/1960121
A Voice In The Wilderness04/06/1960148
Please Don't Tease13/08/1960815
I Love You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)21/01/1961615
Theme For A Dream (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)15/04/1961129
A Girl Like You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)14/10/196174
The Young Ones (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)17/03/1962123
Do You Want To Dance21/07/1962114
Lessons In Love (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)27/10/196278
It'll Be Me (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)17/11/1962217
Forty Days02/03/196382
The Next Time16/03/1963112
Bachelor Boy16/03/1963112
Summer Holiday (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)11/05/1963214
Lucky Lips (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)22/06/1963121
It's All In The Game12/10/196347
Maria no mas (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)30/11/1963211
Don't Talk To Him (Cliff Richard + The Shadows)07/12/196355
I'm The Lonely One (Cliff Richard And The Shadows)22/02/196438
On The Beach15/08/196438
I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)26/12/1964310
Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)11/12/1965153
In The Country (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)21/01/1967144
The Day I Met Marie16/09/196776
All My Love30/12/1967123
Good Times (Better Times)05/04/1969123
Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha11/07/1970205
Power To All Our Friends14/04/1973111
Take Me High02/03/1974271
Miss You Nights17/04/1976106
Hey Mr. Dreammaker29/01/1977213
My Kinda Life09/04/1977183
We Don't Talk Anymore25/08/1979412
A Little In Love07/02/1981383
Wired For Sound17/10/1981347
Daddy's Home26/12/1981146
The Only Way Out07/08/1982206
True Love Ways (Cliff Richard with The London Philharmonic Orchestra)28/05/1983413
Living Doll (Cliff Richard & The Young Ones feat. Hank Marvin)05/04/1986111
Some People26/09/1987513
My Pretty One12/12/1987923
Mistletoe & Wine24/12/1988713
The Best Of Me17/06/1989556
I Just Don't Have The Heart30/09/1989675
Lean On You18/11/1989666
Can't Keep This Feeling In24/10/1998833
The Millennium Prayer11/12/1999127
Albums - Dutch Charts
Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile06/10/1979205
I'm No Hero27/09/1980175
Grootste hits14/02/1981515
Always Guaranteed03/10/19871912
Remember Me06/02/1988741
The Definitive Rock & Roll Album11/03/1989864
The Definitive Film & Musical Album11/03/1989793
The Definitive Hit Album11/03/1989863
The Definitive Love Album11/03/1989683
The Hit List - The Best Of 35 Years22/10/19943811
40 Years Of Hits In Holland18/04/1998915
Real As I Wanna Be07/11/19981001
Something's Goin' On06/11/2004671
Reunited - 50th Anniversary Album (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)26/09/2009721
Bold As Brass16/10/2010791
The Fabulous Rock 'N' Roll Songbook16/11/2013861
75 At 75 - 75 Career Spanning Hits26/09/2015631
Just... Fabulous Rock 'N' Roll19/11/2016821
Rise Up01/12/2018621
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
40th Anniversary - As Real As Ever At The Royal Albert Hall [DVD]08/03/20031010
Live In The Park - 20 Of His All Time Greatest Hits [DVD]05/04/2003164
The Final Reunion - Live From The O² Arena [DVD] (Cliff & The Shadows)14/11/2009140
Cliff Richard As Never Before... Bold As Brass - Live At The Royal Albert Hall [DVD]27/11/2010182
Still Reelin' And A-Rockin' - Live In Sydney [DVD]16/11/2013612
75th Birthday Concert [DVD]19/12/2015151
60th Anniversary Concert [DVD]01/12/2018310


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