Britney Spears - Femme Fatale

Cover Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
Jive 88697871832
Cover Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
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Binnenkomst:02/04/2011 (Positie 7)
Laatste week notering:21/05/2011 (Positie 89)
Piekpositie:7 (1 week)
Aantal weken:8
Positie aller tijden:7176 (348 Punten)
Combialbum:02/04/2011 / Piek: 11 / Weken: 5
In de landen:
ch  Piek: 2 / Weken: 25
de  Piek: 10 / Weken: 6
at  Piek: 10 / Weken: 4
fr  Piek: 4 / Weken: 40
nl  Piek: 7 / Weken: 8
be  Piek: 8 / Weken: 25 (V)
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gr  Piek: 6 / Weken: 1
au  Piek: 1 / Weken: 9
nz  Piek: 3 / Weken: 5
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CD Jive 88697871832 (Sony) / EAN 0886978718327
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Till The World Ends
2.Hold It Against Me
3.Inside Out
4.I Wanna Go
5.How I Roll
6.Britney Spears feat. Sabi - (Drop Dead) Beautiful
7.Seal It With A Kiss
8.Britney Spears feat. - Big Fat Bass
9.Trouble For Me
10.Trip To Your Heart
Deluxe Version - CD Jive 88697853332 (Sony) / EAN 0886978533326
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Till The World Ends
2.Hold It Against Me
3.Inside Out
4.I Wanna Go
5.How I Roll
6.Britney Spears feat. Sabi - (Drop Dead) Beautiful
7.Seal It With A Kiss
8.Britney Spears feat. - Big Fat Bass
9.Trouble For Me
10.Trip To Your Heart
Bonus Tracks
13.Up n' Down
14.He About To Lose Me
16.Don't Keep Me Waiting
CD Jive 88697871862 (Sony) / EAN 0886978718624
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Puntengemiddelde: 4.15 (Reviews: 80)

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britney spears outdoes herself well and truly here, every track on the album is a must listen, but the BEST songs here are: "criminal", "gasoline", "I wanna go", "The Big Fat Bass", "Till The World Ends", and "Trouble For Me"

Every song is amazingly listenable, only 3 albums did this for me in 2010, so the fact that britney has already done it for me is brilliant! one of the best albums for a LONG time <3

As a fan of Spears I was always going to like this as she is the only female pop star that I really care for since 2003. The best tracks on the album are Gasoline, Criminal, I Wanna Go, Trouble For Me and Inside Out, though all of them are listenable which makes this her most coherent release since In the Zone. On the negative side, there is a bit too much autotune, some tracks are overproduced and also I'm getting bored of the whole club banger sound so I hope this album is the last chapter of autotuned-electro Britney.
Laatst gewijzigd: 12/03/2011 09:45

Beste album van Britney Spears, alle nummers zijn goed, en dat kan ik niet van veel albums zeggen.

1. Till The World Ends (5.5/6)
2. Hold It Against Me (4/6)
3. Inside Out (4.5/6)
4. I Wanna Go (6/6)
5. How I Roll (5.5/6)
6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful (3.5/6)
7. Seal It With A Kiss (4/6)
8. Big Fat Bass (6/6) <--- BESTE!
9. Trouble For Me (6/6)
10. Trip To Your Heart (3/6)
11. Gasoline (6/6)
12. Criminal (5/6)

Toen ik Hold It Against Me hoorde dacht ik: Wat een super comeback! Maar toch is zowat het hele album beter.

Beste nummers: Big Fat Bass, Gasoline, Trouble For Me, I Wanna Go

Wow, this album's blown me away. Britney Spears has still got it, and this could actually be her best album as a whole to date.

Standouts include Inside Out, I Wanna Go, Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends, Criminal and Seal It With A Kiss.
There are some lowlights though, which are Selfish, Don't Keep Me Waiting & Trip To Your Heart but I do commend her on trying to mix things up with lots of variety.

Helaas kan ik nog niet zo veel zeggen over Femme Fatale. Ondanks dat het complete album al zo wat op YouTube kan worden opgezocht, heb ik er nog maar een paar gehoord. Aankomende vrijdag komt Femme Fatale hier in Holland uit, en door mijn bestelling komt hij bij mij dan ook;-) Na Circus was het wachten op een nieuw album. Brit is de laatste tijd weer wat minder in het nieuws geweest wat positievere nieuwtjes...Kindermishandeling, haar vriend Jason Trawick die haar zou mishandelen, maar de sterren weten alleen de waarheid, en de pers praat er maar lekker over..Ongeacht of het waar is of niet. Maar waar het om gaat is DIT album, na vrijdag zal ik een aangepaste versie plaatsen, omdat ik dan alle songs heb gehoord. Ik heb nu natuurlijk Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends, Seal It With A Kiss en Inside Out gehoord. Heerlijke zomerse muziek met wat dance erin, wat natuurlijk anno 2011 een prima keuze is. Minder ben ik te spreken over Big Fat Bass met van The Black Eyed Peas. Geen perfecte zang van de frontman van de BEP's, en de tekst vind ik ook wat slapjes...Britney maakt het natuurlijk beter, dus kan ik er nog nét met een voldoende mee af...Maar na vrijdag zal er dus meer kunnen worden geschreven over Spears, leukere nieuwtjes, waaronder een tour, en een geweldig optreden (dat word het dan) a.s dinsdag 29 maart, als haar album in Amerika uitkomt! Natuurlijk zal het album dat weekend erna ook binnenkomen in de Album Top 100! Brit is back...Seriously!

This could easily be her best album she's ever produced. Well worth the 3 year wait

good Album. (6/6).

I was very pleasantly surprised by this, in a time when I'm hating pop music more and more, Britney's album was not nearly as bad as I was expecting, much better than the first two singles suggested it'd be. There are some lame moments, and I could certainly do without Will.I.Am's presence, but on the whole it's a pretty fun and easy to enjoy album. My favourite tracks would be Criminal, I Wanna Go, Seal It With A Kiss, and the quickly growing on me Till The World Ends.

Not even music. Just noise, really. No point. Absolutely nothing to this album. Not even an album...

It certainly is a lot stronger than 'Circus' and some of her earlier albums. It feels like a continuation on from 'Blackout'. Her voice is a lot stronger and the tracks are all pretty good. Only thing is she hasn't really made an album we will cherish and remember in 5-10 years time, it is only good for the now and Britney-lovers. She needs to start changing her style and going deeper with her songs, not just songs about going out having sex and drinking and dancing. Highlights include: Till the world ends, up and down, big fat bass, I wanna go, hold it against me, gasoline and selfish. Not a bad effort by Britney! 4.5

No no no the album is such an amazing one. I think is her best album to date.

I love the album I love Hold it against me, Till the world ends, and all the album. The best song of the album is mmm... I don't know, all is amazing I hope that Britney make more song like that and I hope that she make more ballads.
Just amazing, simple words for the describe the album.

Note: Autotune were used in the whole album!


To start on a positive, there were many tracks that pleasantly surprised me with strong melodies that were decent to listen to. The problem I have is that the lowlights are so very low, and copious such that I can only award a 2. That being said, it's not really for me in the first place, so my opinion is notably subjective.

Unlike a lot of people I actually find this to Britney's strongest and most cohesive album to date, by far my favourite of 2011 and, dare I say, one of my favourite albums ever. I find that the one thing that makes this album fantastic is that there are no fillers; pretty much every song could become a single, and what makes it even better is that every track flows well with each other without feeling disjointed or out of place. It's definitely what propelled Britney to an artist that I truly love more than ever before, and while it did join the trend of the dance pop of 2011, I feel like it didn't really sound much like other pop music at the time overall. Absolutely amazing.
Laatst gewijzigd: 21/07/2013 11:30

Leuke nummers waaronder 'Criminal'. De samenwerking met Will I Am is daar in tegen weer zeer slecht

Brintey is passé

Great comeback! Many good songs, but unfortunately there are a few fillers.

Till the world ends *** **
Hold it against me *** **
Inside out *** **
I wanna go *** ***
How I roll **
(Drop deap) Beautiful *** **
Seal it with a kiss *** *
Big fat bass **
Trouble for me **
Trip to your heart **
Gasoline *** ***
Criminal *** **
Laatst gewijzigd: 03/12/2011 19:55

niet slecht

Leuk album

Beste album van Britney sinds jaren

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Ook ik ben ook nog steeds niet enthousiast over deze verzamelalbum uit eind maart 2011 door de nu 30 jarige Amerikaanse, over het paard getilde zangeres "Britney Jean Spears" hoor !!! Krap 2 sterren ☺!!!

Chris A
It's an alright album, Best tracks are easily Criminal & Inside Out, 2.5.

This album is pretty enjoyable, although most of the tracks are same sounding. It is better, at least, than Britney and In The Zone, although not as good as Circus or her first two albums for me.

Singles are a stand out.

A very good album from Mrs. Britney Spears but it lacks her involvement in both writing and production. Vocals are alright, but auto-tune becomes obvious and listening to the "Instrumental" versions, the production could pass off as David Guettta :/

Leuk verzamelalbum van "Britney Spears"!! Deze "Femme Fatale" staat vol met leuke popnummers!! En laat net dat nu zijn wat ik graag heb!! Exact 4 sterren!!

hier staan aardige nummers op!

een van haar albums is tise. het album is echt cool

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Till The World Ends: 6*
Hold It Against Me: 6*
Inside Out: 5*
I Wanna Go: 6*
How I Roll: 4*
(Drop Dead) Beautiful: 5*+
Seal It With A Kiss: 5*+
Big Fat Bass: 5*+
Trouble For Me: 5*+
Trip To Your Heart: 6*
Gasoline: 5*
Criminal: 6*
Durchschnitt: 5.4791666...-> 5*+!

"Femme Fatale" ist für mich einer ihrer Besten Alben. Pop auf einem sehr hohen Level. Sie hatte damals ein sehr gutes händchen für die Singles! Hoffe sie schafft es mit ihrem neuen Album auf ein ähnliches Level!!

1. Criminal
2. Hold It Against Me
3. Till The World Ends
4. I Wanna Go
5. Trip To Your Heart

Britney Spears and hit maker Max Martin are really a match made in heaven. This album was produced by him and contains many gems but also some misses.

The gems - Till the world ends, Inside out, I wanna go, trip to your heart & Up N Down.
Hold it against me is also a good song. But should not of been an opening single, till the world should of been chosen instead. Criminal was also mistake to release as a single, inside out would of been a much stronger choice.
Laatst gewijzigd: 20/04/2017 21:25

Nou deze Femme Fatale boezemt mij geen angst in.

Wieder ein sehr Durchwachsenes Album. Die Singles sind Top und daneben sind noch 2-3 Songs vorhanden die auch sehr gut gelungen sind, der Rest ist eher Mittelprächtige Ware. Ein Britney Album das von vorne bis Hinten wirklich richtig gut ist, wirds für mich wohl nicht geben. "Femme Fatale" gefiel mir vor ein paar Jahren irgendwie besser.

Till The World Ends 5*
Hold It Against Me 6*
Inside Out 5*
I Wanna Go 6*
How I Roll 4*
(Drop Dead) Beautiful 4*
Seal It With A Kiss 4*
Big Fat Bass 4*
Trouble For Me 4*
Trip To Your Heart 5*
Gasoline 5*
Criminal 6*
Up N' Down 4*
He About To Lose Me 4*
Selfish 5*
Don't Keep Me Waiting 4*

Durchschnitt: 4.68 ~ 5*
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