Boy & Bear - Moonfire

Cover Boy & Bear - Moonfire
Communion 2777355 (au)


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Binnenkomst:25/08/2012 (Positie 91)
Laatste week notering:25/08/2012 (Positie 91)
Piekpositie:91 (1 week)
Aantal weken:1
Positie aller tijden:15604 (10 Punten)
Alternative:18/02/2012 / Piek: 28 / Weken: 2
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nl  Piek: 91 / Weken: 1
au  Piek: 2 / Weken: 39


CD Communion 2777355 (UMG) [au] / EAN 0602527773551
CD Communion VVR788072 / 602527880723 (UMG) / EAN 0602527880723
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Lordy May
2.Feeding Line
3.Milk & Sticks
4.Part Time Believer
5.My Only One
6.Percy Warner Park
7.Golden Jubilee
8.House & Farm
9.The Village
11.Big Man

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Limit Of Love07/11/2015831


Puntengemiddelde: 4.5 (Reviews: 6)

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Chris A
Solid debut album, But i was expecting more :P but anyway standout track easily for me Is Lordy May.

This is a very solid album, and it's pretty much what I expected and wanted. The singles are terrific, especially "Feeding Line" which is in contention as my favourite Australian song of 2011. But this obviously means that the quality has to go down from there, and it does, so I do struggle to find choice cuts in the later half of the album to listen to on their own. Altogether it's wonderful though. 4.75

Yeah, it's good.
The Aussie version of Mumford and Sons IMO

A decent album, I like the sound they have going on, rather reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, or even a little of Bon Iver at times. I do prefer their upbeat tracks though, and find there aren't quite enough of those on here, it can be a bit draining to listen to the album in full if you're not in the right mood for it. My favourites would be Feeding Line, Part Time Believer and Golden Jubilee.

This was a great album from Boy & Bear. After really getting into "Feeding Line" I have really enjoyed their sound, which eventually persuaded me to listen their album. It is great that they have had good commercial success in Austrlaia.

There are lots of solid tracks in the album and a good variety of upbeat and slow. The only problem was the consistency throughout the whole album. It appears that the structure was not as well thought out as well as it could have been, some tracks are too short and some tracks are too long. The tracks don't flow well enough and as an album, it left me leaving much left to be desired. I would also recommend having more contrast in style such as more upbeat tracks, or at least spread them out across the whole album instead of stacking them at the start.

The highlights for me are the upbeat tracks too. Feeding Line, Part Time Believer and Golden Jubilee are instant standouts, but Lordy May and Big Man are excellent slower tracks that are just as good. Milk & Sticks is a really good grower too, in my opinion.

Often when I have phases of loving Aussie artists, they eventually die away and I never really bother enjoying their next releases (happened to Temper Trap). I hope this isn't the case with Boy & Bear.

Track listing: (Numbers in brackets indicate rating out of 6, * denotes released singles)

1. Lordy May (5)
2. Feeding Line * (6)
3. Milk & Sticks * (6)
4. Part Time Believer * (6)
5. My Only One (4)
6. Percy Warner Park (4)
7. Golden Jubilee (6)
8. House & Farm (4)
9. The Village (4)
10. Beach (3)
11. Big Man * (5)

Album average: 4.81
Final Album grade: B+
Laatst gewijzigd: 14/04/2013 12:01

A very impressive album for these guys. I first really listened to their stuff last year when I went to one of their live shows over here, and I bought their albums instantly. This one remains my favourite of the three, with a more unique and distinct sound. What I find most interesting is that I love their upbeat tracks just as much as their more low-key stuff, with them sitting well together despite being so different. Really good effort. 4.6/6
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