Belinda Carlisle - The Anthology

Cover Belinda Carlisle - The Anthology
Edsel / Demon BCBOOK001
Cover Belinda Carlisle - The Anthology


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CD Edsel / Demon BCBOOK001 / EAN 5014797890572
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CD 1:
Singles I
1.(We Want) The Same Thing
2.Heaven Is A Place On Earth
3.Live Your Life Be Free
4.Leave A Light On
5.I Get Weak
6.I Plead Insanity
7.Big Scary Animal
8.Mad About You
9.Always Breaking My Heart
11.I Still Love Him
12.Little Black Book
13.Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne]
14.World Without You
15.Vision Of You ('91 Mix)
16.Half The World
CD 2:
Singles II
1.Circle In The Sand
2.In Too Deep
3.Summer Rain
4.Runaway Horses
5.Do You Feel Like I Feel?
6.All God's Children
7.I Feel The Magic
8.I Feel Free
10.A Prayer For Everyone
12.Lay Down Your Arms
13.La luna
14.Love In The Key Of C
15.Love Never Dies...
16.Goodbye Just Go
CD 3:
1.Dancing In The City
2.Bless The Beasts And Children
3.Christmas Lullaby
4.I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
Live in Tokyo
6.Runaway Horses (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
7.I Get Weak (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
8.In Too Deep (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
9.California (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
10.Circle In The Sand (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
11.Vision Of You (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
12.La luna (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
13.Summer Rain (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
14.Vacation (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
15.Our Lips Are Sealed (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
16.Leave A Light On (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
17.Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
18.Emotional Highway (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
19.We Got The Beat (Live in Tokyo, Japan 31/10/2013)
Photo Book
DVD 1:
The Videos
1. Mad About You [Directed by Leslie Libman]
2. I Feel The Magic [Directed by Marty Callner]
3. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Directed by Diane Keaton]
4. I Get Weak [Directed by Diane Keaton]
5. Circle In The Sand [Directed by Peter Care]
6. World Without You [Performance footage]
7. I Feel Free [Performance footage]
8. Love Never Dies... [Performance footage]
9. Leave A Light On [Directed by Peter Care]
10. La luna [Directed by Andy Morahan]
11. Runaway Horses [Directed by Greg Masuak]
12. Vision Of You [Performance footage]
13. (We Want) The Same Thing [Directed by Greg Masuak]
14. Summer Rain [Directed by Andy Morahan]
15. Live Your Life Be Free [Directed by Nick Egan]
16. Do You Feel Like I Feel? [Directed by Nick Egan]
17. Half The World [Directed by Nick Egan]
18. I Plead Insanity [Directed by Scott Calvert]
19. Little Black Book [Directed by Dan Rucks]
20. Big Scary Animal (UK Version) [Directed by Michel Gondry]
21. Big Scary Animal (US Version) [Directed by Jim Gable]
22. Lay Down Your Arms [Directed by Neil Abramson]
23. In Too Deep [Directed by David Nelson]
24. Always Breaking My Heart [Directed by Philip Gautier]
25. California [Directed by Philip Gautier]
26. Love In The Key Of C [Directed by Philip Gautier]
27. All God's Children [Directed by Lee Donaldson]
28. Sun [Performance footage]
DVD 2:
1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Top Of The Pops, broadcast on 17 December 1987]
2. I Get Weak [Wogan, broadcast on 17 February 1988]
3. Leave A Light On [Top Of The Pops, broadcast on 12 October 1989]
4. Runaway Horses [Wogan, broadcast on 21 February 1990]
5. Interview with Philip Schofield [Going Live, broadcast on 24 February 1990]
6. (We Want) The Same Thing [Top Of The Pops, broadcast on 25 October 1990]
7. Live Your Life Be Free [Top Of The Pops, broadcast on 3 October 1991]
8. Do You Feel Like I Feel? [Top Of The Pops, broadcast on 7 November 1991]
9. Interview with Caron Keating [Summer Scene, broadcast on 28 August 1992]
10. Big Scary Animal [Top Of The Pops, broadcast on 16 September 1993]
11. Lay Down Your Arms [Live & Kicking, broadcast on 20 November 1993]
12. Interview with John Barrowman [Live & Kicking, broadcast on 20 November 1993]
13. California [National Lottery, broadcast on 12 February 1997]
Bonus Features
14. Place On Earth - Greatest Hits EPK
15. Best Of Belinda: TV Ad
16. Place On Earth - Greatest Hits: TV Ad
17. Live Your Life Be Free: TV Ad

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Heaven Is A Place On Earth19/12/1987714
I Get Weak19/03/1988773
Circle In The Sand18/06/19882211
Leave A Light On28/10/1989713
La luna20/01/1990705
Live Your Life Be Free05/10/1991458
Albums - Dutch Charts
Heaven On Earth30/01/19883111
Runaway Horses18/11/19896411


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