Ariana Grande - Yours Truly

Cover Ariana Grande - Yours Truly


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Binnenkomst:07/09/2013 (Positie 5)
Laatste week notering:21/09/2013 (Positie 68)
Piekpositie:5 (1 week)
Aantal weken:3
Positie aller tijden:9465 (215 Punten)
Midprice:06/06/2015 / Piek: 21 / Weken: 8
Combialbum:07/09/2013 / Piek: 8 / Weken: 3
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CD Republic 06025 3748082 (UMG) / EAN 0602537480821
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1.Honeymoon Avenue
2.Baby I
3.Ariana Grande feat. Big Sean - Right There
4.Tattooed Heart
5.Lovin' It
8.Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller - The Way
9.You'll Never Know
10.Ariana Grande with Nathan Sykes of The Wanted - Almost Is Never Enough
11.Mika feat. Ariana Grande - Popular Song
12.Better Left Unsaid
LP Republic 060257797449 (UMG) / EAN 0602577974496
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Ariana Grande   Discografie / Fan worden

Singles - Dutch Charts
The Way (Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller)30/03/2013228
Popular Song (Mika feat. Ariana Grande)11/05/2013921
Baby I03/08/2013391
Last Christmas23/11/2013592
Love Is Everything30/11/2013891
Snow In California07/12/2013931
Problem (Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea)03/05/20141044
Break Free (Ariana Grande feat. Zedd)12/07/2014640
Bang Bang (Jessie J / Ariana Grande / Nicki Minaj)02/08/2014743
Best Mistake (Ariana Grande feat. Big Sean)16/08/2014671
Love Me Harder (Ariana Grande & The Weeknd)08/11/20141230
Santa Tell Me06/12/2014341
One Last Time21/02/20151128
Boys Like You (Who Is Fancy feat. Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande)05/12/2015891
Winter Things26/12/2015402
Dangerous Woman19/03/20162115
Be Alright26/03/2016891
Side To Side (Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj)28/05/20161125
Into You28/05/20162123
Quit (Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande)27/05/2017811
No Tears Left To Cry28/04/2018425
Bed (Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande)23/06/2018477
The Light Is Coming (Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj)30/06/2018811
God Is A Woman21/07/20181911
Thank U, Next10/11/2018321
Santa Baby (Ariana Grande feat. Liz Gillies)29/12/2018533
7 Rings26/01/2019420
Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored16/02/20191112
Bad Idea16/02/2019432
Fake Smile16/02/2019481
Make Up16/02/2019641
In My Head16/02/2019681
Monopoly (Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét)13/04/2019761
Boyfriend (Ariana Grande & Social House)10/08/2019308
Don't Call Me Angel (Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey)21/09/2019275
Good As Hell (Remix) (Lizzo & Ariana Grande)02/11/20195013
Stuck With U (Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber)16/05/2020321
Rain On Me (Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande)30/05/2020922
Off The Table (Ariana Grande feat. The Weeknd)07/11/2020931
Albums - Dutch Charts
Yours Truly07/09/201353
My Everything30/08/2014340
Dangerous Woman28/05/2016133
Thank U, Next16/02/2019267
K Bye For Now (SWT Live)28/12/2019572


Puntengemiddelde: 4.23Ariana Grande - Yours Truly (Reviews: 13)

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Mijn zus is een enorme fan van Ariana Grande. Ze vindt het een heel leuk album. Ze heeft bijna alle nummers al gehoord, en enkele previews.

Ik vind dit album eigenlijk maar saaie tienerpop. Helemaal geen hitmateriaal.

Bah, nu op #5.

Edit 24/07/2017:
1. Honeymoon Avenue: 4*
2. Baby I: 4*
3. Ariana Grande feat. Big Sean - Right There: 2,5*
4. Tattooed Heart: 4*
5. Lovin' It: 4*
6. Piano: 5*
7. Daydreamin': 4*
8. Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller - The Way: 3*
9. You'll Never Know: 4*
10. Ariana Grande with Nathan Sykes of The Wanted - Almost Is Never Enough: 2*
11. Mika feat. Ariana Grande - Popular Song: 4*
12. Better Left Unsaid: 2,5*

Gemiddeld gezien krijgt dit album nog nét 4 sterren. Aardig album dus.
Laatst gewijzigd: 24/07/2017 23:28

Below average. The production and beats are good, but her voice gets very draining and repetative. You'll Never Know should be a single.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Honeymoon Avenue: 4.25*+
Baby I: 4*
Right There: 4*
Tattooed Heart: 3.5*
Lovin'It: 4.75*
Piano: 3*
Daydreamin': 4.5*
The Way: 4.25*
You'll Never Know: 3*
Almost Is Never Enough: 3*
Popular Song: 4*
Better Left Unsaid: 4*
Durchschnitt: 3.854... 4*

Ariana Grande hat hier ein solides Album gemacht. Für mich gibt es keine all zu grossen Lowlights die den Durchschnitt herunterreissen, aber es gibt auch keine grossen Highlights die das Album Durchschnittmässig hinaufbringen. Es liegt alles so rund um die 3*-4*
Sie hat eine gute Stimme, das ganz bestimmt...das Album habe ich mir 1mal angehört und werde es sicherlich nicht noch ein zweites mal ganz durchhören, da es mich schon gelangweilt hat zwischendurch...Und die meisten Songs tönen halt wie schwache Mariah Carey Songs die sie nicht gebraucht hat ^^ :P

Before I listened to this album, I thought there would just be a few pop numbers with an average beat and over the top vocals. Then when I heard this album, I was quite surprised.

One recurring though about this album is that Ariana sounds a lot like Mariah Carey and a few other Divas and female R&B stars. The talented Ariana manages to pull of some notes and sings pleasantly. The production as a whole isn't the best, but is good enough for this rating I am giving this album.

Overall, this is a surprisingly good debut album from the pretty Ariana, whose career will be huge, and will expand for many years to come. My favourite tracks from here include 'Daydreamin'', 'Tattooed Heart', and 'Honeymoon Avenue'.

Honeymoon Avenue: 4.31*
Baby I: 4.2*
Right There: 4*
Tattooed Heart: 4.4*
Lovin' It: 4.19*
Piano: 4.22*
Daydreamin': 4.9*
The Way: 4.17*
You'll Never Know: 3.42*
Almost Is Never Enough: 3.9*
Popular Song: 4.1*
Better Left Unsaid: 3.2*

Average: 4.084 --> 4*
Laatst gewijzigd: 02/09/2013 16:39

I personally really liked the production on this, I think it suits the sound and the audience that she's aiming for. She has a great voice, although a bit nasal at times, and it would be good once she develops and learns to control the bit between her head and chest voice. She belts well and has good vocal runs too so she's definitely got some skills!

Anyway, to the album. I applaud her for having some variety with her debut. There are some real R&B jams, some soft ballads and some faux blue-eyed soul numbers that actually sound really good. I like that she (or the production) sounds good in all of these numbers, and there are only a few minor letdowns (Baby I, Better Left Unsaid) that actually don't drag down the album as a whole.

I'm very impressed and look forward to what's next for Ariana.

Laatst gewijzigd: 13/10/2013 12:08
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