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CD Sony 88697818642 (Sony) / EAN 0886978186423
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1.Somewhere In The World
2.Hey Soul Sister
3.Beautiful Day
4.Sex On Fire
5.Livin' On A Prayer
6.Never Tear Us Apart
7.Blaze Of Glory
8.Eye Of The Tiger
9.Summer Of 69
10.The Living Years
11.Lady In Red

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Puntengemiddelde: 4.3 (Reviews: 10)

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I've never heard any of his music, but that is the worst album cover I've ever seen. And so, one star because of the album cover. :)

What a horrific reason to judge an album by!

Anyway. It's not the worst thing in the world, it just seems stale

I think a horrific thing to judge an album by is from the first and perhaps the second single and assume that the rest is the same, going so far as to review it. Not that anyone I know does that! *coughyouknowwhoyouarecough*

As someone who actually has heard the album, I feel that my opinion stands more solid, and there are some good songs here, but the problem lies with the fact that almost the entire thing is covers, which doesn't really work.
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/11/2013 11:21

A decent album from a reasonably talented guy but in hindsight most of Australia was over this style of music by the time it came out explaining why he faded away forever. The cover versions from X Factor are on here but the only track I actually like is the winners single and the worst is his Hey Soul Sister cover. Overall decent but long forgotten. 3-3.5.

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There is a very good reason this album won the Aria award for 'biggest selling Australian album for 2011' is outstanding! Yes, except for the winners single, it is a 'covers' album, most winners of X Factor produce a covers album, but Altiyan has an extraordinarily good voice and vocal range, and sings these classics effortlessly. So good in fact the originals will sound lame after a couple of listens to this album. The public know what sounds good. Easily the best of its type, by a singer/songwriter who never sang covers till he auditioned for the show, but has the musical chops to handle anything. Looking forward to his long awaited originals album.
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/11/2013 11:15

I don't usually buy winners albums, in fact this is the first and only one. But the undeniable talent this artist demonstrated on x factor convinced me to do so. And I'm glad I did! Energetic and vocally outstanding, this album is a wonderful introduction to a truly original musician. Yes it is a covers album, but accept it for what it is, enjoy it and keep an eye out for his follow up album of originals. His own compositions will be worth the wait.
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/11/2013 02:04

Laatst gewijzigd: 19/11/2013 05:35

It wouldn't be easy to record covers, an album almost full of them, & somehow pay complete respect to the originals, let alone inject new life into them. This album opened up a whole new meaning to the word "covers". It has believability & versatility. The opening song was a complete surprise. Not being a cover song, the artist holds his own & makes this song his own. The power is down to his voice, & the strength of it, both in containment & in release. Given the vast difference in songs from the fun & uplifting "Hey Soul Sister" to the respectful handling of U2's "Beautiful Day" & many other old favourites. Altiyan injects his own commitment & professionalism into his delivery. He makes me relive the original, while appreciating how he has worked to capture it's essence in his own style. The emotional "The Living Years" seems to have been pulled straight from his heart.
My ultimate favourite song is "Lady In Red". Can't wait for the next album...I think Altiyan has proven he can sing a few genres, hoping to hear more from him.

I love this CD. I'm usually not one for covers, but Altiyan has an ability to connect with each song he was asked to sing for the tv show, making his version truly his own. "Somewhere in the world" is a great opener. It's like he lays his 'soul' out for all to see. Beautifully sung with an ever hopeful message. The 10 following songs (all covers) are given re-birth by Altiyan's strong voice and wide vocal range. He does EVERY song justice to the point where if I was driving somewhere and the original artist was playing, I would turn off the ignition at my destination. However when it's Altiyan Childs' version of one of these songs I let the song finish before turning the key. His 'connection' with his music is what holds the listener captive. I'm looking forward to Altiyan releasing his own Album (Born Before The Sun) in the future.
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