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Binnenkomst:22/03/2014 (Positie 68)
Laatste week notering:30/08/2014 (Positie 94)
Piekpositie:16 (2 Weken)
Aantal weken:24
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Promo - Digital Interscope 00602537742042 (UMG) / EAN 0602537742042
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1.The Man (Main)
2.The Man (Radio Edit)

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Singles - Dutch Charts
I Need A Dollar03/07/20105315
Wake Me Up26/10/2013244
The Man22/03/20141624
SOS (Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc)20/04/2019223
Albums - Dutch Charts
Good Things02/10/2010395
Lift Your Spirit29/03/2014393


Puntengemiddelde: 3.57 (Reviews: 77)

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Pretty soulful track, though the chorus is too similar to 'Your Song'.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Danke an Chartsfohlen der es als einziger bemerkt hat (also immerhin geschrieben hat)
Elton John war hier sicherlich eine kleine Stütze! lol
Song ist ganz gut, nicht spezielles...

edit: geht ganz schön auf die Nerven, verstehe den Erfolg auch nicht... das Sample von Sir Elton John ist für mich ein No-Go!
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/04/2014 17:41

Everything about this is super uninspired and dull, from the production to the vocals. It just ends up being a boring and tiring listen. I hope it doesn't stay in the ARIA Charts for long.
Laatst gewijzigd: 30/01/2014 00:22

Chris A
This is impacting on me much quicker than I Need A Dollar did, Good song.

Offensively bad. I cannot think of anything that so frustratingly combines the most boring chord progression in history with such dismal production. "I Need A Dollar" had soul, this is just nothing.
Laatst gewijzigd: 17/03/2014 06:28

The chorus is catchy and makes the song, even if I keep wanting to break into "Your Song".

Not one of my favourites of his. Actually quite boring as a matter of fact.

Laatst gewijzigd: 31/07/2015 16:39

Situation that has bugged me: before last year, Aloe Blacc released two primarily soul albums 'Shine Through' and 'Good Things'. Both of these records resonated with me quite well (particularly the former, which was far more refined, of course) for their diverse stories and sounds. There is a line to draw when it comes to simplicity with pop songs that exhibit many elements from soul, because while the trumpets and saxophones are often the only things to tell it apart from any other pop song, it needs to also exhibit that key word: soul. The case at hand, this song. The soul instruments are there, but the woefully shoddy production suggests that they were just tacked on to keep in with the style that people know him for, as opposed to what he has been delving into as of late, which is of course, dance-infused pop for the masses that by comparison to the likes of 'Green Lights' is made to look rather banal. The lyrics? Wow, and to even look at the list of writers there, it's just embarrassing. Perhaps the only saving grace of this track are the percussion and the bass guitar during the verses, it really does help lift this along. Basic doesn't begin to describe this mess. And gosh is this disappointing, poor poor form Aloe Blacc. 1.5

Poor execution of very poor ideas. The huge letdown is the bland vocal line, especially in the chorus! The lyrics and Aloe himself sounds uninspired and uninterested. At least it is inoffensive enough to not be annoying at this stage but I'll give it a 3 because there is much worse out there at the moment.

Met dit aardig plaatje moet hij toch weer een paar dollars kunnen verdienen.

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Leuke, goede plaat uit eind oktober 2013 van de nu inmiddels 35 jarige Amerikaanse rapper en soulzanger: "Aloe Blacc" !!! Duidelijk is de invloed: "Your Song" (van: "Elton John"), te horen !!! Ook het gospelkoor komt nog eventjes voorbij !!! Nipt 5 sterren ☺!!!

Another song that sounds like an Eurovision entry... Very disappointing.

I do like the songs but there are small bits in the song that I dislike - as mentioned previously, the relatively boring vocal of the chorus and the vocal breaks (usually a one line break) between the first half and second half of each verse, the break really doesn't need to be there and is a waste of time. It meanders a bit which stops it from being great.

I have grown weary of this.
Laatst gewijzigd: 11/11/2014 11:25

Een méér dan behoorlijk plaatje van de zanger van de wereldhit: "Wake Me up", namelijk van de Amerikaanse soulzanger en rapper: "Aloe Blacc" !!! Het zal wellicht niet gebeuren, maar dit nummerke mag toch wel terug een hit worden voor "Aloe Blacc" !!! 😏

Zeker niet slecht, maar echt bijzonder is het ook niet.

This is pretty damn impressive, it does sample good old Sir Elton Hercules John, but it was a surprise to see this chart from him because 12 months ago I thought he was going to be a one hit wonder with a psuedo-novelty hit (I Need A Dollar).

Interesting to note he is married to Aussie rapper Maya Jupiter.

Edit: Now its top 10! I am stoked!
Laatst gewijzigd: 25/03/2014 00:45

Het nummer bevalt mij enorm

Zou wel eens de 'echte' doorbraak van Blacc kunnen zijn. Catchy plaat en bijzonder slim met de welbekende sample uit John's Your Song.

Ik hoop echt niet dat dit Aloe Blacc's échte doorbraak gaat worden. Daar vind ik dit nummer echt veel te saai voor, juist in de refreintjes (en dat is niet de bedoeling!). 'Wake Me Up' vond ik best leuk, daar Avicii de plaat heeft geproduceerd (heck, dat nummer ís van Avicii in the first place), maar dit vind ik niet veel. Het koortje maakt het nummer net iets dynamischer, maar daar is alles wel weer mee gezegd.

It's grown on me and it's quite catchy

neen, hij's niet dé man... bijlange niet.


Really catchy song by him. UK#1 and Ireland#4.
Laatst gewijzigd: 10/04/2014 09:52

lekker nummer!

I've warmed to it more than the highly overrated 'I Need A Dollar' but i just can't get past the corny use of Elton's classic sampled and butchered in such self righteousness.
Only Anthony Mundine would go around proclaiming 'i'm the man' and even it doesn't take an idiot to work out he's not.
It really sold it's fate for me this morning funnily when I finally had the unfortunate experience in viewing the film clip, that bought it back to a solid 3 instead of a soft 4.

Wow, how did I miss the 'Your Song' similarity. It is so obvious now.
I like the song for the horn instruments, but on the whole there isn't too much exciting here. I find the arrangement loses its way a little in the second verse. 3.5*

Saai plaatje. Dit mag wel snel weer uit de hitlijsten liggen.

Ik vind dit veel te simpel voor een voldoende. Het refrein is zelfs saaier dan de coupletten, terwijl het refrein juist opzwepender hoort te zijn! Jammer, gemiste kans.


Better then I Need A Dollar at least but still mediocre.

3 Stars
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