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4:14Grammy - 2017 NomineesAtlantic

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Someone Like You30/04/2011267
Rumour Has It08/10/2011529
Turning Tables17/12/20114512
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Puntengemiddelde: 4.42Adele - Hello (Reviews: 203)

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Hello, it's Adele and she's coming to break new records in music industry :D
Such a beautiful song, gorgeous video and her vocals are stronger than ever!
Welcome back Adele :)

En ja hoor, Adele is terug :) prachtig nummer ;)

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Das ist sie also, die Comebacksingle von Miss Adele!
Gänsehaut, ich spüre jedes Wort das sie mit ihrer Engelsstimme besingt!

Mal sehen wie gross diese Nummer tatsächlich wird!

She's back and this is just fantastic. I love this immensely already. I feel like this continues/progresses the narrative from 21 well and opens this next phase perfectly.

Er wordt hier wel heel erg met superlatieven gesmeten. Het is een mooie plaat hoor maar ik was toch enigszins teleurgesteld na drie jaar wachten.

Edit: +1.
Laatst gewijzigd: 06/11/2015 10:15

Top nummer zoals we van haar gewend zijn ... ik ben benieuwd naar meer


Adele is terug en dat is prima als de muziek zo goed is.

Nooit heb ik echt van Adele gehouden, maar dit? Dit noem ik muziek !

Edit: Geen ster meer waard. Ik wil dit rotlied nooit meer horen.
Laatst gewijzigd: 18/06/2016 01:07

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ Geweldige voorloper van het nieuwe studioalbum: "25", dat op 20 november 2015 officieel verkrijgbaar zal zijn, door de 27 jarige Britse popzangeres uit Londen: "Adele Laurie Blue Adkins" !!! Volle bak ☺!!!

Do you know what my problem with Adele is, it's not that she isn't technically talented or anything it's that I can't stand her vocal gymnastics. They come across as so overbearing to me that it makes me uncomfortable every time I hear them.

While this isn't anywhere near as unbearable as the overplayed to death mega hits RITD or SLY (At least not yet), it's still a completely boring, over sung and uninteresting piece of monkey crap.


I'm far from being a big Adele fan, but this truly is a work of towering pop majesty.

Ik heb totaal niets met haar nummers. Maar dit is de eerste plaat van haar die ik helemaal te gek vind. Meteen 6* :)

Man, wat een PRACHTIG nummer! Hier hebben we terecht vier jaar op moeten wachten! En nu op 20 november (als ik het goed heb) haar nieuwe album!
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/12/2015 11:32

Richard (NL)
En wederom weer een prachtige song van deze wereldster.

1 woord: Topklasse!


Jeroen W
Werelds, wat een nummer! Genieten!

Wat een prachtig nummer en wat is Adele eigenlijk een mooie vrouw.
Na al die kleuterpop van de laatste tijd heeft Nederland eindelijk weer eens een echte ster op nr.1 staan.

This track is so memorable and she really delivers. Her second UK#1. UK#1 and Ireland#1. US#1.

Best British Single at The Brits 2016.
Grammy Record of the Year 2017.
Laatst gewijzigd: 13/02/2017 09:35

Oh was zegt Vinylfreak dat mooi hier boven !!
Schitterend nummer
Dit is muziek dat door bijna iedereen ongeacht welke muziekinteresse (ik ben een metalhead) mooi gevonden wordt
Ben erg benieuwd naar "25"

Quite strong. I don't expect it to become one of my absolute favourite songs of hers, but it's very good.


There's no question that Adele is at her best when she's powering out dramatic, soaring ballads like 'Hello'. I find this song even more memorable and more emotional than other supposed tear-jerkers in her catalogue such as 'Someone Like You' and 'Turning Tables', but in saying that, this song wouldn't be nearly as impactful sung by any other artist. '21' was enjoyable enough albeit being a predominantly sad record, but if this song is anything to go by, her follow-up record could turn the drama and the universal emotional investment up quite a few notches.

Schitterende song

Laatst gewijzigd: 14/11/2015 07:16

I appreciate what Adele has done to the music industry (i.e. shift away from generic pop to a distinct sound with raw talent), but I am struggling to enjoy this particular track unfortunately.

She's had worse.


Really such a disappointment. Devoid of the power of her previous big hits, this wouldn't even get a mention if it were on "21" for me. I don't dislike listening to it, but I get close to nothing from it. 2.5
Laatst gewijzigd: 31/05/2016 04:37

Hallo, Adele. Fijn dat je terug bent.

Maar serieus, Adele heeft iedereen behoorlijk lang laten wachten op nieuw materiaal. Maar ze is terug, en ze slaat gelijk in als een bom! Met een bombastische ballad, zoals we van haar gewend zijn, staat ze in veel landen gelijk op nummer 1. Ik geef de mensen geen ongelijk. 'Hello' is mooi en pakkend en laat horen dat Adele nog steeds geweldig kan zingen. Dit is pas popmuziek!

twas lang wachten op deze maar het was het wachten waard ... een echt Adele nummer waar ze moeiteloos de 1ste plaats mee bereikt ... en terecht ... dit is nog eens een echte ijzersterke song.

Took me a while to warm up to this since I don't particularly like slow songs but this is a masterpiece!

Adele brings out her best vocals in this and the lyrics prove that she's just as heartfelt as she was three years ago. That vocal range is epic as well!

Dit is een meesterwerk, wat een mooi nummer!!

Powerful song

Wat een prestatie van deze dame, zowel haar singel 'Hello' als haar album '25' staat zowat in gans Europa op nummer één!

"21" was kind of a big deal. It basically tapped into just about everyone. Heck, in 2011 I basically exclusively listened to rock & The Weeknd, and I wound up buying the album amidst the hype. And I still rate it very highly, not just for how much I like it, but I also just admire how proficiently Adele could adapt to all those different demographics while still making a cohesive album statement in the process (and thus appealing to those who are after a cohesive album statement!).

But success sets itself up for failure. Ideally you want to tap into the same market you did the last time, but that's so impractical; doing the same thing twice provides inevitable diminishing returns, but doing something different alienates others in the process. But the industry needed Adele, as her success was a significant shot to the arm showing there is still life to the industry. It's no surprise that Adele took quite a while off after "21". After all, how do you follow that up? Is it even possible?!

Here's where "Hello" comes into the picture. Adele's first new single in 3 years and the lead single to "25". Even before the song was released and all that was out was a short teaser, it was immediately apparent to me what angle Adele was taking with it. In essence, it's about reconciling with her "21" muse, but simultaneously, she's talking directly to the audience. After all, "21" came out quite a while ago, and no matter what sort of success you get, there is no guarantee it will perpetuate, something that I'm constantly reminded of by the fact that in 2008, Adele was merely playing second fiddle to Duffy in the blue-eyed soul stakes, but on their next albums, things were so incredibly shifted the other way around.

So that's my favourite thing about "Hello" I think. The way it can break the fourth wall to tell two different stories (that are both very relevant for Adele) with the same words. If I were to have a gripe, it would be that it is a bit on-the-nose about ticking the boxes for the vast majority of her audience. They want to hear her voice and by gum they're going to get it!

Don't get me wrong, I like Adele's voice and she really is impressively distinctive with her belting tones, but I think the mix isn't exceptionally handled. I had concerns going into "25" that it would be a persistent problem, which fortunately it's not, but I just can't help but think she sounds a bit too loud and in your face in this song.

I still quite the song though. It's quite catchy, and for all I say about the inevitable showiness of the track, it's at least paced quite well with that so it's done in a rewarding fashion. I guess my inevitable feeling is 'It's no "Rolling In The Deep"', but then what is? I still think the song pretty effectively accomplishes what it sets out to do, even if *my* best interests aren't necessarily being sought.

Not too bad but ultimately not a patch on Rolling In The Deep or, to a lesser extent, Someone Like You. Actually kinds of surprised it's struck such a cord and done so well, I though Skyfall was better and it sunk pretty quickly.

love it

Comeback single van Adele! prachtige plaat.

I love this. It does bother me that it's only a hit because of who sung it but either way it deserved to be a hit. That chorus is magic and probably her second best single behind Turning Tables.
Laatst gewijzigd: 16/03/2016 06:55

1e single van "25". Ik moest in het begin even wennen aan dit nummer. Een beetje vreemd vond ik. Het leek op een nummer met kop noch staart maar in de loop der tijd ben ik het beter gaan waarderen. Het is beslist geen meesterwerk, maar toch sterk genoeg voor 4 sterren!!

Great song that has a timeless feel to it. Adele at her best.

Hello from the otterslide...

zalig nummer

Saw her sing this live at her recent concert in Melbourne. It's sounds even more amazing live than it does here!

I admit this really didn't grab me until all was said and done, it delivers her vocal ability and that atmospheric intro engages the listener straight away.
Can't help but think it'll become a telecom ad at some point.

P = 150
Laatst gewijzigd: 07/05/2021 06:06


good but not as good as her older songs

"Hello" is een single van de Engelse zangeres Adele uit 2015. Het nummer was de langverwachte opvolger van de titelsong van de James Bond-film "Skyfall" uit 2012.

Met "Hello" verbrak Adele viewrecords op YouTube en VEVO. De single staat op 25, haar derde album, dat op 20 november 2015 is verschenen.

"Hello" werd een groot internationaal succes, en behaalde in bijna alle landen de nummer-één positie.

It's good but there were better songs off the album.
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