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Eagles Hole In The World 2003 18/10/2003 51 6
Extreme Hole Hearted 1990 26/10/1991 9 13
Hole Violet 1994 30/09/1995 45 3
Muse Supermassive Black Hole 2006 24/06/2006 39 9
Passenger Holes 2012 16/02/2013 56 17
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun 1994 02/07/1994 25 13
Sugababes Hole In The Head 2003 18/10/2003 3 23
Traffic Hole In My Shoe 1967 14/10/1967 9 4
!Distain feat. Elephant & Castle / Sonictune Hole In The Moon        
"Little" Jimmy Dickens I Got A Hole In My Pocket 1956      
«eCHo» I hole di o 2007      
2Cellos feat. Naya Rivera Supermassive Black Hole 2013      
3OH!3 Black Hole 2013      
65DaysOfStatic Hole        
69 Chambers The Peep Hole 2012      
A Black Hole 2005      
ABBA Hole In Your Soul 1977      
AC/DC Deep In The Hole 1983      
Accept Hole In The Head 2017      
Adam Lambert Down The Rabbit Hole 2010      
Add To Nothing Hole        
Adesse Luft holen 2016      
Adolescents Kids Of The Black Hole        
Aerosmith Hole In My Soul 1997      
AFI Head Like A Hole 2004      
Agent Steel Hole In The Sky        
Alan Jackson Hole In The Wall 1994      
Alice In Chains Down In A Hole 1992      
Alison Moyet Life In A Hole 1994      
Allison Weiss Hole In Your Heart        
Alphabeat Hole In My Heart 2009      
Amanda Lear Black Holes 1979      
Amazing Blondel Hole In The Head 1974      
Amos Como And His Tune Toppers Hole In The Wall 1956      
An Emotional Fish Hole In My Heaven        
Ana Johnsson Black Hole        
Android Lust Hole Solution 2006      
Andy Desmond Hole In The Wall 1978      
Andy Fairweather Low My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 1975      
Andy Griggs Burning A Hole In My Head 2008      
Anekdoten Hole 1999      
Ann Christy Burning A Hole In My Mind 1975      
Anna Kaenzig Hole In Your Heart 2013      
ANR Holes        
Anthony Phillips Through The Black Hole 1987      
Apocalyptica Hole In My Soul 2015      
Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One Down The Rabbit Hole 2010      
Armored Saint In The Hole 1985      
Arsenal Diggin A Hole 2008      
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Dig Myself A Hole 1962      
Arthur Crudup I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole 1951      
Ass Ponys Fire In The Hole        
Atoma Hole In The Sky        
Augie March The Hole In Your Roof        
Aurora Lacasa & Thomas Lück Heut' holen wir noch den Mond vom Himmel        
Axel Rudi Pell Hole In The Sky 1996      
Ayreon Into The Black Hole 2000      
Ayreon Out Of The White Hole 2000      
B.J. Thomas Burnin' A Hole In My Mind 1971      
Babe The Blue Ox There's A Hole In The Crotch Of My Work Pants 1994      
Bach Is Dead Hole Sand 1992      
Badger The Hole Thing 1974      
Balduin Hole In The Sky 2014      
Bar9 Pussy Hole        
Barb Wire Dolls Hole In My Life 2011      
Barb Wire Dolls Hole Of Isolation 2017      
Bar-Kays Hole In The Wall 1967      
Bar-Kays In The Hole 1968      
Bastards Hole 1989      
Be Your Own Pet Black Hole 2008      
Benjamin Biolay Glory Hole 2003      
Benjamin Francis Leftwich Hole In My Hand 2010      
Bent Knee Hole 2017      
Bernard Bresslaw I Found A Hole        
Bernard Cribbins The Hole In The Ground 1962      
Beryl Bryden And The Piccadilly Six Ace In The Hole 1975      
Beth Hart Just A Little Hole 1999      
Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny Your Holes        
Big Business Blacker Holes        
Big Sugar Diggin' A Hole 1997      
Bill Haley With The Saddlemen Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') 1952      
Bill Laswell Bullet Hole Memory        
Bill Ramsey Crawdad Hole 1965      
Bill Ramsey There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea 1965      
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Hole in the Wall 2000      
Billy Idol Hole In The Wall 1982      
Billy Joe Royal Burning A Hole 1969      
Billy Talent Rabbit Down The Hole 2016      
Black Hole Jupiter's Child        
Black Hole [FR] Bamboo 2014      
Black Hole [IT] All My Evil 1985      
Black Hole [IT] Bells Of Death 1985      
Black Hole [IT] Blind Men And Occult Forces 1985      
Black Hole [IT] Demoniac City 1985      
Black Hole [IT] Land Of Mystery 1985      
Black Hole [IT] Obscurity In The Ethereal House 1985      
Black Hole [IT] Spectral World 1985      
Black Oak Arkansas Ace In The Hole 1975      
Black Sabbath Hole In The Sky 1975      
Black Space Riders Digging Down (The Hole Part One ... From Deep Below) 2012      
Black Space Riders Lights Out (The Hole Part Three ... Going Down) 2012      
Black Space Riders The New Black (The Hole Part Two ... From Above) 2012      
Blackberry Smoke Fire In The Hole 2015      
Blackfield The Hole In Me 2004      
BlackHawk Hole In My Heart 1997      
Blackie & The Oohoos Black Hole 2012      
Blink-182 Rabbit Hole 2016      
Blue Cheer Ace In The Hole 1974      

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