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Waylon Jennings  15.06.1937


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Discografie Singles

When Sin StopsBrunswick18/05/1959
The Stage / My Baby Walks All Over MeTrend 631963
Sally Was A Good Old Girl / White LightningBAT1964
Dream Baby / CryingBAT1964
Four Strong WindsA&M1964
Anita, You're DreamingRCA Victor1966
Blackjack County ChainRCA Victor05/1967
The Chokin' KindRCA Victor07/1967
Shadow Of The GallowsRCA Victor1970
The TakerRCA Victor1970
(Don't Let Let Sun On You) TulsaRCA Victor1971
Under Your Spell Again (Waylon Jennings And Jessi Colter)RCA1972
Nothin' Worth Takin' Or Leavin'RCA Victor1972
You Can Have HerRCA1973
I'm A Ramblin' ManRCA1974
This TimeRCA Victor1974
Are You Sure Hank Done It This WayRCA Victor08/1975
A Good Hearted Woman (Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson)RCA Victor12/1975
Bob Wills Is Still The KingRCA1975
Dreaming My Dreams With YouRCA1975
Suspicious Minds (Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter)RCA1976
Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love)RCA1977
Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Waylon & Willie)RCA Victor01/1978
There Ain't No Good Chain Gang (Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings)Columbia04/1978
I've Always Been CrazyRCA1978
Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)RCA1980
The Wild Side Of Life (Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter)RCA1981
Lucille (You Won't Do Your Daddy's Will) (Waylon [US])RCA02/1983
Take It To The Limit (Willie Nelson with Waylon Jennings)Columbia1983
Highwayman (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia04/1985
Desperados Waiting For A Train (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia08/1985
The Devil's On The LooseRCA10/1985
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings)Columbia05/1986
Ballad Of Forty Dollars (Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings)Columbia09/1986
The Night Hank Williams Came To Town (Johnny Cash with Waylon Jennings)Mercury04/1987
If Ole Hank Could Only See Us NowMCA1987
Silver Stallion (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia01/1990
Born And Raised In Black And White (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia06/1990
American Remains (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia10/1990

Discografie Albums - Studio

Waylon At JD'sBAT12/1964
Leavin' TownRCA07/10/1966
Nashville RebelRCA12/12/1966
Waylon Sings Ol' HarlanRCA24/03/1967
Love Of The Common PeopleRCA15/08/1967
The One And OnlyRCA09/11/1967
Only The GreatestRCA07/07/1968
Just To Satisfy YouRCA07/03/1969
Don't Think TwiceA&M03/1970
Singer Of Sad SongsRCA11/1970
The Taker / TulsaRCA02/1971
Cedartown, GeorgiaRCA08/1971
Good Hearted WomanRCA01/1972
Ladies Love OutlawsRCA09/1972
Lonesome, On'ry And MeanRCA03/1973
Honky Tonk HeroesRCA10/1973
This TimeRCA07/1974
The Ramblin' ManRCA09/1974
Dreaming My DreamsRCA01/06/1975
MacKintosh & T.J.RCA03/1976
Are You Ready For The CountryRCA06/1976
Ol' WaylonRCA1977
Waylon & Willie (Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson)RCA01/1978
I've Always Been CrazyRCA09/1978
Rave OnBear Family1978
What Goes Around Comes AroundRCA11/1979
Music ManRCA05/1980
Leather And Lace (Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter)RCA01/1981
Black On BlackRCA02/1982
WW II (Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson)RCA10/1982
It's Only Rock And Roll (Waylon [US])RCA03/1983
Take It To The Limit (Willie Nelson with Waylon Jennings)CBS04/1983
Waylon And CompanyRCA09/1983
Never Could Toe The MarkRCA06/1984
Highwayman (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia05/1985
Turn The PageRCA07/1985
Sweet Mother TexasRCA02/1986
Will The Wolf SurviveMCA10/03/1986
Heroes (Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings)CBS06/1986
A Man Called HossMCA19/10/1987
Full CircleMCA07/10/1988
Highwayman 2 (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia09/02/1990
The EagleEpic28/09/1990
The Road Goes On Forever (Highwaymen)Liberty04/04/1995
White LightninCleopatra28/02/2014

Discografie Albums - Live

Waylon LiveRCA1978
The Highwaymen In Concert (Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson / Willie Nelson / Waylon Jennings)Country Stars14/11/2014
Turn Back Ten Years - Radio Broadcast 1977Blueline10/07/2015

Discografie Albums - Best Of

Best OfRCA Victor1970
Greatest HitsRCA1979
The Highwayman Collection (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)Columbia1999
The EssentialRCA15/07/2011
The Very Best Of The Highwaymen (Highwaymen)Columbia / Legacy20/05/2016

Discografie Albums - Box

Original Album Classics - Box SetRCA04/04/2008
Folk Country / Waylon Sings Ol' HarlanCollector's Choice24/11/2009
Love Of The Common People / Hangin' OnCollector's Choice24/11/2009
Waylon / Singer Of Sad SongsCollector's Choice24/11/2009
The Box Set SeriesSony09/10/2015

Discografie Albums - Misc

The Highwaymen Ride Again (Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris Kristofferson)CBS1986
Old Friends (Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings)Pickwick1987
BacktracksStore For Music09/12/2011
My Kind Of Music - The Kings Of Country (Waylon Jennings / Johnny Cash / Willie Nelson)Union Square17/08/2012
Goin' Down Rockin' - The Last RecordingsSaguaro Road28/09/2012
The Lost Nashville SessionsCountry Rewind02/09/2016
Live (Highwaymen)Gemini04/05/2018

Discografie Albums - DVD

Live (Highwaymen)Sony BMG13/03/2006
A Long Time Ago - A Musical DocumentaryLaser04/10/2013
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