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Discografie Singles

True Or False (True Taylor)Big03/03/1958
Loneliness (Jerry Landis)MGM31/08/1959
Shy (Jerry Landis)Warwick06/1960
Play Me A Sad Song (Jerry Landis)Warwick27/02/1961
Motorcycle (Tico And The Triumphs)Madison11/1961
I'm Lonely (Jerry Landis)Canadian American1961
Wild Flower (Tico & The Triumphs)Amy26/05/1962
Get Up & Do The Wobble (Tico)Amy15/09/1962
The Lone Teen Ranger (Jerry Landis)Amy08/12/1962
Noise (Tico)Amy01/1963
Mother And Child ReunionColumbia01/1972
Me And Julio Down By The SchoolyardColumbia03/1972
Take Me To The Mardi GrasCBS05/1973
Loves Me Like A RockColumbia07/1973
American TuneColumbia11/1973
The Sound Of Silence [Live]Columbia04/1974
Gone At Last (Paul Simon & Phoebe Snow & The Jessy Dixon Singers)Columbia08/1975
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverColumbia12/1975
Still Crazy After All These YearsColumbia04/1976
Slip Slidin' AwayColumbia09/1977
(What A) Wonderful World (Art Garfunkel, James Taylor, Paul Simon)Columbia14/01/1978
Stranded In A LimousineColumbia03/1978
Late In The EveningWarner Bros.07/1980
One-Trick PonyWarner Bros.10/1980
The Blues (Randy Newman & Paul Simon)Warner Bros.12/1982
AllergiesWarner Bros.10/1983
Think Too Much, Pt. AWarner Bros.1983
You Can Call Me AlWarner Bros.05/09/1986
GracelandWarner Bros.11/1986
The Boy In The BubbleWarner Bros.02/1987
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her ShoesWarner Bros.31/03/1987
Under African Skies (Paul Simon & Linda Ronstadt)Warner Bros.08/1987
HomelessWarner Bros.1987
The Obvious ChildWarner Bros.01/09/1990
ProofWarner Bros.02/1991
Born At The Right TimeWarner Bros.1991
Still Crazy After All These Years [Live]Warner Bros.1991
Getting Ready For Christmas DayConcord / Hear29/11/2010
The AfterlifeHear21/02/2011
Cool Papa BellConcord09/09/2016

Discografie Albums - Studio

The Paul Simon SongbookCBS08/1965
Paul SimonColumbia14/01/1972
There Goes Rhymin' SimonColumbia05/05/1973
Still Crazy After All These YearsColumbia07/10/1975
One-Trick PonyWarner Bros.12/08/1980
Hearts And BonesWarner Bros.01/07/1983
GracelandWarner Bros.29/08/1986
The Rhythm Of The SaintsWarner bros.16/10/1990
Paul Simon's Concert In The ParkWarner Bros.05/11/1991
Songs From The CapemanWarner Bros.24/11/1997
You're The OneWarner Bros.02/10/2000
SurpriseWarner Bros.04/05/2006
So Beautiful Or So WhatHear / Concord08/04/2011
Graceland - 25th Anniversary EditionLegacy01/06/2012
Stranger To StrangerConcord03/06/2016
Paul Simon Recorded As Jerry Landis//

Discografie Albums - Live

In Concert: Live Rhymin'CBS24/03/1974
Live In New York CityHear / Concord05/10/2012
She Moves On - Radio Broadcast 1991Laser24/06/2016
The Concert In Hyde ParkLegacy14/07/2017
Kodachrome At The Tokyo DomeParachute27/10/2017

Discografie Albums - Unplugged

Complete UnpluggedBig Car16/03/2018

Discografie Albums - Best Of

Greatest Hits, Etc.Columbia07/11/1977
Negotiations And Love Songs 1971-1986Warner Bros.18/10/1988
The Paul Simon AnthologyWarner Bros.24/09/1993
Paul Simon 1964 / 1993Warner Bros.29/10/1993
Greatest Hits - Shining Like A National GuitarWarner Bros.12/05/2000
The Essential Paul SimonWarner13/07/2007
The EssentialLegacy24/08/2012
Two Teenagers - The Singles 1957-1961 (Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel)Jasmine23/11/2012
Over The Bridge Of Time - A Paul Simon Retrospective (1964-2011)Legacy11/10/2013
Tom & Jerry (Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel)Lasgo01/04/2016

Discografie Albums - Mix

Graceland - The RemixesLegacy01/06/2018

Discografie Albums - Box

Original Album ClassicsColumbia / Legacy14/09/2012
The Complete Albums CollectionColumbia11/10/2013
Original Album Classics [2015]Columbia / Legacy04/09/2015

Discografie Albums - DVD

Under African Skies - Paul Simon's Graceland JourneyLegacy01/06/2012
Live In New York CityConcord / Hear05/10/2012
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