Rene Froger - Home Again

Cover Rene Froger - Home Again
Dino DNCD 1581 (nl)


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Binnenkomst:17/01/1998 (Positie 68)
Laatste week notering:13/06/1998 (Positie 99)
Piekpositie:1 (2 Weken)
Aantal weken:22
Positie aller tijden:1825 (1484 Punten)
In de landen:
nl  Piek: 1 / Weken: 22
be  Piek: 7 / Weken: 17 (V)


CD Dino DNCD 1581 [nl] / EAN 8712195758179
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.Ouverture: Home Again
2.If I Don't Have You
3.Never Fall In Love
4.Are You Made In Heaven
5.I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
6.Rene Froger feat. Wild Orchid - I Will Show You Mine
7.I Honestly Love You
8.Gone Are The Days (The Sequel)
9.Rene Froger & Bobbie Eakes - How Do I Live
10.Lonely Too Young
11.For The First Time
12.I Who Have Nothing
13.The Greatest Love We'll Never Know
14.When Can I See You Again
15.The End Of Everything
16.The End (Reprise)

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Love Leave Me18/07/1987398
Winter In America (René Froger)05/03/19881013
Who Dares Wins (René Froger)02/07/1988535
See You On Sunday (René Froger)01/10/1988495
You're A Lady (René Froger)07/01/1989377
Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken (René Froger & Het Goede Doel)04/03/1989116
Back On My Feet Again (René Froger)02/12/1989429
Are You Ready For Loving Me19/05/19902511
Just Say Hello!06/10/1990711
The Love Of The Year08/12/1990288
Nobody Else09/03/19911113
Still On Your Side16/11/19911611
Woman, Woman08/02/19921912
Man With A Mission18/04/19922410
Your Place Or Mine19/09/19921212
This Is The Moment05/12/1992328
Calling Out Your Name (Ruby)09/10/1993512
Why Are You So Beautiful25/12/1993138
Here In My Heart12/11/1994128
For A Date With You14/01/1995204
Why Goodbye25/03/1995443
You've Got A Friend (Rene Froger & Friends)09/09/199537
Wild Rhythm04/05/199668
If You Don't Know10/08/1996275
In Dreams26/10/1996320
That's When I'll Stop Loving You (Rene Froger & Anita Doth)01/03/1997527
The Number One17/05/19972014
Never Fall In Love13/12/1997549
I Who Have Nothing21/02/1998775
Gone Are The Days (Rene Froger feat. The Froger Band & The Frogettes)13/06/1998962
Lovin' You28/11/1998479
Crazy Way About You17/04/1999915
I Can't Stop Myself28/08/1999498
Somebody Else's Dream20/11/1999954
(Strip Yourself) Naked For Me17/06/2000953
How Do I Win Your Heart28/10/2000448
Why You Follow Me04/08/2001416
Love Me Good10/11/2001837
She ...A Song For Maxima05/01/20022310
Goodbye (A Love Triangle) (Rene Froger, Glennis Grace, Sylvia Samson)27/04/2002744
The World I Threw Away26/10/2002254
Live At The Arena (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)27/11/2004315
Over de top! (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)23/04/200569
Toppers Party! (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/07/2005326
Wir sind die Holländer (Toppers voor Oranje (Gerard - Rene - Gordon))15/04/2006715
Kon het elke dag maar Kerstmis zijn (Kus met Rene Froger, Chris & Viviënne)16/12/200626
Can You Feel It? (Gerard - Rene - Gordon feat. John Marks)16/06/2007107
Doe maar gewoon06/10/2007212
Jij moet verder09/02/2008366
Bloed, zweet en tranen (EK versie)07/06/200824
De zon schijnt voor iedereen29/11/2008410
Shine (De Toppers)28/02/2009215
Sledgehammer (John Marks Project feat. Rene Froger)22/08/20092211
Zo heppie! (De Frogers)21/11/2009211
'k Heb je lief06/11/2010312
Ogen weer geopend08/10/2011711
Sleigh Ride (Rene Froger & Ella Fitzgerald)10/12/2011153
Het verleden kruist het heden11/02/2012812
Daar sta je dan 2013 (waar zijn al je vrienden)16/03/2013211
1001 nacht (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)13/04/2013138
Juich voor Nederland!24/05/201418
Albums - Dutch Charts
Who Dares Wins (René Froger)02/07/1988827
You're My Everything (René Froger)09/12/19893012
Midnight Man03/11/19902426
Matters Of The Heart14/12/19912133
Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes17/10/19923122
The Power Of Passion13/11/1993233
Walls Of Emotion19/11/1994133
Live In Concert17/06/1995152
Illegal Romeo Part 107/09/1996126
Home Again17/01/1998122
I Don't Break Easy09/10/19991213
All The Hits13/05/2000440
Internal Affairs03/11/20011710
Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes Part II19/10/2002917
The Platinum Edition05/06/2004112
Live At The Arena12/03/2005492
Toppers In Concert (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/07/2005339
Toppers In Concert 2006 (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)08/07/2006226
Toppers In Concert 2007 (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)21/07/2007119
Doe maar gewoon24/11/2007841
Doe maar gewoon (Live in Ahoy)28/06/20081516
Toppers In Concert 2008 (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/08/2008217
Toppers In Concert 2009 (Gordon - Rene - Jeroen)05/09/2009410
Toppers In Concert 2010 (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)21/08/2010217
'k Heb je lief - 50 jaar de muziek, m'n fans, het leven13/11/2010519
Toppers In Concert - Mega Party Mix Volume 1 - Greatest Hits In The Mix! Editions 2005-2010 (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)28/05/2011713
Toppers In Concert 2011 (Jeroen - Gerard - Gordon - Rene)10/09/2011123
Toppers Mega Party Mix - Volume 2 - Greatest Hits In The Mix! - Editions 2005-2011 (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)17/03/2012199
Toppers In Concert 2012 (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)15/09/2012224
Liefde voor muziek20/04/201339
Toppers In Concert 2013 (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)12/10/20131914
Toppers In Concert 2014 (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)30/08/2014225
Toppers In Concert 2015 - Crazy Summer (Gerard - Jeroen - Rene)05/09/2015121
Toppers In Concert 2016 - Royal Night Of Disco (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)03/09/2016312
Dit is hoe het voelt12/11/2016144
Toppers In Concert 2017 - Wild west, thuis best (Jeroen - Rene - Gerard)02/09/2017105
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Pure Live [DVD]12/06/200424
Live At The Arena [DVD]18/09/2004146
Toppers In Concert [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)08/10/2005175
Toppers In Concert 2006 [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/09/2006140
Toppers In Concert 2007 [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)22/09/2007177
Doe maar gewoon (Live in Ahoy) [DVD]28/06/2008115
Toppers In Concert 2008 [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)20/09/2008152
Toppers In Concert 2009 [DVD] (Gordon - Rene - Jeroen)10/10/2009120
Toppers In Concert 2010 [DVD] (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)11/09/2010117
Toppers In Concert 2011 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Gordon - Rene)03/12/2011124
Toppers In Concert 2012 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)01/12/2012150
Toppers In Concert 2013 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)21/09/2013173
Toppers In Concert 2014 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)27/09/2014173
Toppers In Concert 2015 - Crazy Summer [DVD] (Gerard - Jeroen - Rene)26/09/2015185
Toppers In Concert 2016 - Royal Night Of Disco [DVD] (Gerard - Jeroen - Rene)24/09/2016182
Toppers In Concert 2017 - Wild west, thuis best [DVD] (Jeroen - Rene - Gerard)30/09/2017139


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