René Froger - Hollands Glorie

Cover René Froger - Hollands Glorie
Tabtoo 22 232902 (be,nl)


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CD Tabtoo 22 232902 (CNR) [be,nl] / EAN 8714221055764
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
1.René Froger & Het Goede Doel - A Place To Live
2.We're All Alone
3.Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
4.No Regrets
5.You're A Lady
6.Rene Froger - Are You Ready For Loving Me
7.If I Never Sing Another Song
8.Lady Lay Down
9.Back On My Feet Again
10.Comin' In And Out Of Your Life
11.Trust A Friend
12.Say The Word
13.Ordinary People
14.Winter In America
16.Baby It's You
17.Right Back Where We Started From
18.Memories Don't Leave Like People Do

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Love Leave Me18/07/1987398
Winter In America (René Froger)05/03/19881013
Who Dares Wins (René Froger)02/07/1988535
See You On Sunday (René Froger)01/10/1988495
You're A Lady (René Froger)07/01/1989377
Alles kan een mens gelukkig maken (René Froger & Het Goede Doel)04/03/1989116
Back On My Feet Again (René Froger)02/12/1989429
Are You Ready For Loving Me19/05/19902511
Just Say Hello!06/10/1990711
The Love Of The Year08/12/1990288
Nobody Else09/03/19911113
Still On Your Side16/11/19911611
Woman, Woman08/02/19921912
Man With A Mission18/04/19922410
Your Place Or Mine19/09/19921212
This Is The Moment05/12/1992328
Calling Out Your Name (Ruby)09/10/1993512
Why Are You So Beautiful25/12/1993138
Here In My Heart12/11/1994128
For A Date With You14/01/1995204
Why Goodbye25/03/1995443
You've Got A Friend (Rene Froger & Friends)09/09/199537
Wild Rhythm04/05/199668
If You Don't Know10/08/1996275
In Dreams26/10/1996320
That's When I'll Stop Loving You (Rene Froger & Anita Doth)01/03/1997527
The Number One17/05/19972014
Never Fall In Love13/12/1997549
I Who Have Nothing21/02/1998775
Gone Are The Days (Rene Froger feat. The Froger Band & The Frogettes)13/06/1998962
Lovin' You28/11/1998479
Crazy Way About You17/04/1999915
I Can't Stop Myself28/08/1999498
Somebody Else's Dream20/11/1999954
(Strip Yourself) Naked For Me17/06/2000953
How Do I Win Your Heart28/10/2000448
Why You Follow Me04/08/2001416
Love Me Good10/11/2001837
She ...A Song For Maxima05/01/20022310
Goodbye (A Love Triangle) (Rene Froger, Glennis Grace, Sylvia Samson)27/04/2002744
The World I Threw Away26/10/2002254
Live At The Arena (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)27/11/2004315
Over de top! (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)23/04/200569
Toppers Party! (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/07/2005326
Wir sind die Holländer (Toppers voor Oranje (Gerard - Rene - Gordon))15/04/2006715
Kon het elke dag maar Kerstmis zijn (Kus met Rene Froger, Chris & Viviënne)16/12/200626
Can You Feel It? (Gerard - Rene - Gordon feat. John Marks)16/06/2007107
Doe maar gewoon06/10/2007212
Jij moet verder09/02/2008366
Bloed, zweet en tranen (EK versie)07/06/200824
De zon schijnt voor iedereen29/11/2008410
Shine (De Toppers)28/02/2009215
Sledgehammer (John Marks Project feat. Rene Froger)22/08/20092211
Zo heppie! (De Frogers)21/11/2009211
'k Heb je lief06/11/2010312
Ogen weer geopend08/10/2011711
Sleigh Ride (Rene Froger & Ella Fitzgerald)10/12/2011153
Het verleden kruist het heden11/02/2012812
Daar sta je dan 2013 (waar zijn al je vrienden)16/03/2013211
1001 nacht (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)13/04/2013138
Juich voor Nederland!24/05/201418
Albums - Dutch Charts
Who Dares Wins (René Froger)02/07/1988827
You're My Everything (René Froger)09/12/19893012
Midnight Man03/11/19902426
Matters Of The Heart14/12/19912133
Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes17/10/19923122
The Power Of Passion13/11/1993233
Walls Of Emotion19/11/1994133
Live In Concert17/06/1995152
Illegal Romeo Part 107/09/1996126
Home Again17/01/1998122
I Don't Break Easy09/10/19991213
All The Hits13/05/2000440
Internal Affairs03/11/20011710
Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes Part II19/10/2002917
The Platinum Edition05/06/2004112
Live At The Arena12/03/2005492
Toppers In Concert (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/07/2005339
Toppers In Concert 2006 (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)08/07/2006226
Toppers In Concert 2007 (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)21/07/2007119
Doe maar gewoon24/11/2007841
Doe maar gewoon (Live in Ahoy)28/06/20081516
Toppers In Concert 2008 (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/08/2008217
Toppers In Concert 2009 (Gordon - Rene - Jeroen)05/09/2009410
Toppers In Concert 2010 (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)21/08/2010217
'k Heb je lief - 50 jaar de muziek, m'n fans, het leven13/11/2010519
Toppers In Concert - Mega Party Mix Volume 1 - Greatest Hits In The Mix! Editions 2005-2010 (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)28/05/2011713
Toppers In Concert 2011 (Jeroen - Gerard - Gordon - Rene)10/09/2011123
Toppers Mega Party Mix - Volume 2 - Greatest Hits In The Mix! - Editions 2005-2011 (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)17/03/2012199
Toppers In Concert 2012 (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)15/09/2012224
Liefde voor muziek20/04/201339
Toppers In Concert 2013 (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)12/10/20131914
Toppers In Concert 2014 (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)30/08/2014225
Toppers In Concert 2015 - Crazy Summer (Gerard - Jeroen - Rene)05/09/2015121
Toppers In Concert 2016 - Royal Night Of Disco (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)03/09/2016312
Dit is hoe het voelt12/11/2016144
Toppers In Concert 2017 - Wild west, thuis best (Jeroen - Rene - Gerard)02/09/2017105
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
Pure Live [DVD]12/06/200424
Live At The Arena [DVD]18/09/2004146
Toppers In Concert [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)08/10/2005175
Toppers In Concert 2006 [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)09/09/2006140
Toppers In Concert 2007 [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)22/09/2007177
Doe maar gewoon (Live in Ahoy) [DVD]28/06/2008115
Toppers In Concert 2008 [DVD] (Gerard - Rene - Gordon)20/09/2008152
Toppers In Concert 2009 [DVD] (Gordon - Rene - Jeroen)10/10/2009120
Toppers In Concert 2010 [DVD] (Gordon - Rene - Gerard - Jeroen)11/09/2010117
Toppers In Concert 2011 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Gordon - Rene)03/12/2011124
Toppers In Concert 2012 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)01/12/2012150
Toppers In Concert 2013 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)21/09/2013173
Toppers In Concert 2014 [DVD] (Jeroen - Gerard - Rene)27/09/2014173
Toppers In Concert 2015 - Crazy Summer [DVD] (Gerard - Jeroen - Rene)26/09/2015185
Toppers In Concert 2016 - Royal Night Of Disco [DVD] (Gerard - Jeroen - Rene)24/09/2016181
Toppers In Concert 2017 - Wild west, thuis best [DVD] (Jeroen - Rene - Gerard)30/09/2017138

Hollands Glorie

Hollands Glorie (3 Baritons)
Hollands Glorie (André Rieu)
Hollands Glorie (Anita Meyer)
Hollands Glorie (Anneke Grönloh)
Hollands Glorie (Annie de Reuver)
Hollands Glorie (Babe)
Hollands Glorie (Benny Neyman)
Hollands Glorie (Bloem)
Hollands Glorie (Ciska Peters)
Hollands Glorie (Conny Vandenbos)
Hollands Glorie (Corry)
Hollands Glorie (Corry Konings)
Hollands Glorie (De Dijk)
Hollands Glorie (De Havenzangers)
Hollands Glorie (De Kermisklanten)
Hollands Glorie (De Mastreechter Staar)
Hollands Glorie (De Selvera's)
Hollands Glorie (De Sjonnies)
Hollands Glorie (Dimitri van Toren)
Hollands Glorie (Eddy Christiani)
Hollands Glorie (Gebroeders Brouwer)
Hollands Glorie (Gerard de Vries)
Hollands Glorie (Gordon)
Hollands Glorie (Hanny)
Hollands Glorie (Henk Wijngaard)
Hollands Glorie (Het Cocktail Trio)
Hollands Glorie (Imca Marina)
Hollands Glorie (Jack Jersey)
Hollands Glorie (Jacques Herb)
Hollands Glorie (Johan Willem Friso Kapel)
Hollands Glorie (Jules de Corte)
Hollands Glorie (Koninklijke Luchtmachtkapel)
Hollands Glorie (Koninklijke Militaire Kapel)
Hollands Glorie (Koos Alberts)
Hollands Glorie (Lenny Kuhr)
Hollands Glorie (Malando Orchestra)
Hollands Glorie (Manke Nelis)
Hollands Glorie (Martine Bijl)
Hollands Glorie (Mieke)
Hollands Glorie (Oscar Harris)
Hollands Glorie (Ramses Shaffy)
Hollands Glorie (René Froger)
Hollands Glorie (Ronnie Tober)
Hollands Glorie (Tata Mirando)
Hollands Glorie (Tatjana)
Hollands Glorie (Toontje Lager)
Hollands Glorie (Van Kooten & De Bie)
Hollands Glorie (Vanessa [NL])
Hollands Glorie (Willy Alberti)
Hollands Glorie (Wilma)
Hollands Glorie - Accordeon favorieten
Hollands Glorie - Amsterdam
Hollands Glorie - Hollandse hits
Hollands Glorie - Hollandse hits 2
Hollands Glorie - Kerst met (Benny Neyman)
Hollands Glorie - Levensliedjes
Hollands Glorie - Liedjes van vroeger
Hollands Glorie - Mooiste koren
Hollands Glorie - Zeemansliedjes
Hollands Glorie [2008] (Benny Neyman)
Hollands Glorie [2008] (George Baker)
Hollands Glorie [2008] (Pussycat feat. Toni Willé)
Hollands Glorie [2008] (Vader Abraham)
Hollands Glorie [2009] (Conny Vandenbos)
Hollands Glorie [2010] (Lenny Kuhr)
Hollands Glorie [2010] (Piet Veerman)
Hollands Glorie [2010] (Tineke Schouten)
Hollands Glorie [2010] (Tol & Tol)


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