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Binnenkomst:05/11/2016 (Positie 32)
Laatste week notering:15/04/2017 (Positie 97)
Piekpositie:19 (1 week)
Aantal weken:23
Positie aller tijden:1838 (1246 Punten)
Single Tip:29/10/2016 / Piek: 2 / Weken: 1
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Digital Young Money / Cash Money 00602557276077 (UMG) / EAN 0602557276077
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1.Fake Love

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3:27Fake LoveYoung Money / Cash Money

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Puntengemiddelde: 2.9 (Reviews: 31)

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Alweer een geslaagd nummer van Drake, netjes.

Fabio (auch Fabi GaGa)
Drake hat bei mir sehr viel Punkte gewonnen und kann schon zwei #1 Hits in meinen Persönlichen Charts beanspruchen.
"Fake Love" gefällt mir bedingt...gute Stellen hat die Nummer, aber es ist keine riesen Nummer wie "Hotline Bling" oder "One Dance"...

Snormobiel Beusichem
▒ ┌∩┐sh (◣_◢) it┌∩┐ ☺!!!

Krijg hier dezelfde uitslag van die Craig David CS bij me oproepen.

Na het bij vlagen briljante album Views, komt deze nieuwe release eigenlijk vrij onverwacht en snel. Het is ook lang niet zo goed.

Could easily pass for a "Views" deep cut, sure, but simply without the charm of his bigger hits. 3.25

Quite bland, but there's nothing particularly bad about it.

I really enjoy this for some reason.

Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce etc need to be put into a rocket and crash. Terrible song.

Exactly what bluezombie said.

Eh. The vocal delivery on this is just awful and strained, but even elsewhere, there isn't anything good I can say about this.

This reminds me of why I didn't like "Views", mainly because of how boring and unauthentic it feels. And, also, if I wanted to hear Drake sing about the themes he sings about on this song, he already has so many other songs which does it better than this.

This is clearly Drake trying to market to the 290 million views and counting that a clearly fake version of "One Dance" has on YouTube, it has 'fake' in the title, and of course any sort of bizarre vocal pitch will be accepted.

Jokes aside, it's a bit unappealing on most accounts and paints Drake close to parody mode. Here he is being needlessly petty over a beat that like all Drake songs made in the past 3 years, sounds like it was made in a week. 2.7

Congrats to Drake for entering that list of artists who at some point in time during their career end up being so big any old thing they chuck out does well. But "Fake Love" does leave a fair bit to be desired. It does sound rushed and tossed off, and though I haven't heard "Views" in full it does sound like a rejected track from that album. Which is a pretty sad observation to make considering "Views" is twenty tracks long.

Sure at times I can relate to the lyrical content, but it's hardly presented in a way that sounds convincing. The sound of it is and Drake's performance does contribute to that feeling of laziness. A bit tedious to listen to after a while. I did like this for a bit but really c'mon Drake you can do better than this. Perhaps a break for a few years is needed.
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