André Rieu - King Of The Waltz

Cover André Rieu - King Of The Waltz
CD Collector's Edition
Polydor 0602527816487


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Collector's Edition - CD Polydor 0602527816487 (UMG) / EAN 0602527816487
Toon detailsAlles beluisteren
CD 1:
André's Choice - André's Marches
1.España cañí
3.Spanischer Marsch Opus 433
4.Florentiner Marsch
5.Aviator's March
6.Blaze Away
7.Egyptian March
8.Triumphmarsch (Aida)
9.Persischer Marsch
10.Oh When The Saints
11.Seventy Six Trombones
12.The Washington Post
13.The Stars And Stripes Forever
14.Radetzky March
15.Marche Militaire
CD 2:
André's Choice - Happiness
1.Strauß & Co
2.Blue Spanish Eyes
3.What A Wonderful World
6.Vilia Song
7.I Want To Dream Of You, My Darling
8.Chianti Song
9.How Beautiful Is Limburg
10.On The Beautiful Blue Danube
11.Song Of The Volga
12.On Holiday
13.Cachucha Galopp Opus 97
14.Olé Guapa
CD 3:
André's Choice - André's Seasons
1.Tales From The Vienna Woods
2.Swain Lake (Moderato)
3.Carnival Of The Animals: The Swan
4.Flower Duet
5.Thorn Birds
6.Autumn In Venice
7.Spring Blossoms (Sakura)
8.Village Swallows From Austria
9.Roses From The South
10.Thunder And Lightning Polka
11.Winter (Largo From The Four Seasons)
12.The Red Rose Café
13.The Rose
14.Tulip Song
15.Winter Wonderland
CD 4:
André's Choice - André In Hollywood
1.Tara's Theme
2.Dances With Wolves
3.My Heart Will Go On
4.Over The Rainbow
5.Romance: The Gadfly
6.The Godfather
7.Lara's Theme
9.Zorba's Dance
10.Strangers In Paradise
11.The Third Man
13.Once Upon A Time In The West
14.I Will Wait For You
Extras DVD:
Live DVD: André Rieu Gala - Live in de arena

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Singles - Dutch Charts
Hieringe Biete (live) (Maastrichts Salon Orkest o.l.v. André Rieu)13/02/1993235
The Second Waltz10/09/1994530
Geen house maar Strauß21/01/1995311
Strauß Party21/10/1995165
The Last Rose28/12/1996457
Kroningswals (André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra)06/04/2013595
Albums - Dutch Charts
Hieringe Biete (Maastrichts Salon Orkest o.l.v. André Rieu)13/02/1993227
Strauß & Co01/10/1994188
Merry Christmas24/12/1994348
Hieringe Biete 1&2 (Maastrichts Salon Orkest o.l.v. André Rieu)21/01/1995719
D'n blauwen aovond11/02/19951610
Strauß Gala (André Rieu & Johann Strauß Orchestra)18/02/1995930
Vrijthof Concert (Maastrichts Salon Orkest o.l.v. André Rieu)04/03/1995715
Live - Het beste van20/05/19954819
Wiener Melange11/11/1995144
In Concert09/11/1996520
Stille nacht06/12/1997186
Romantic Moments17/10/19981918
100 Jahre Strauß08/05/19991323
La vie est belle14/10/20001519
Tour d'amour16/11/20021121
Romantic Paradise08/11/20031020
The Flying Dutchman30/10/20043817
Songs From My Heart01/10/20053322
Christmas Around The World24/12/2005601
New York Memories04/11/20062424
In Wonderland10/11/20072911
Top 10009/08/20081147
You'll Never Walk Alone20/06/2009802
Dancing Through The Skies / Passionnément12/09/2009991
Live In Australia12/09/2009971
André Rieu Presents Mirusia - Always & Forever (André Rieu & Mirusia)25/12/20103425
Moonlight Serenade (André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra)24/09/20111001
And The Waltz Goes On (André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra)05/11/2011637
December Lights24/11/2012248
Rieu Royale (André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra)06/04/2013317
Classic Album Selection06/07/2013981
André Rieu Celebrates ABBA / Music Of The Night02/11/20132411
The Christmas Collection (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)14/12/2013921
Magic Of The Musicals (André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra)21/06/2014345
Love In Venice (André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra)08/11/20141511
Roman Holiday (André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra)21/11/2015436
Amore (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)02/12/2017721
DVD Music - Dutch Charts
The Flying Dutchman [DVD]04/12/20041211
Live At The Royal Albert Hall [DVD]10/12/2005222
Songs From My Heart - Aus meinem Herzen - Live In Maastricht [DVD]24/12/2005163
André Rieu At Schönbrunn, Vienna [DVD]02/09/2006243
New York Memories [DVD]16/12/2006257
Best Of [DVD]12/05/2007536
In Wonderland [DVD]08/12/2007240
Live In Vienna [DVD]02/02/20081137
Live in Maastricht II [DVD]13/09/2008269
Live In Australia [DVD]13/12/20081101
Dancing Through The Skies [DVD]14/02/2009626
Live in Maastricht 3 [DVD]05/09/2009172
Allemaal André [DVD]14/11/2009326
I Lost My Heart In Heidelberg [DVD]19/12/20091425
Gala - Live in de Arena [DVD]03/04/2010163
Live In Sidney 2009 [DVD]08/05/2010810
My African Dream [DVD]14/08/2010161
The Best Of Live [DVD]28/08/201081
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Live in Maastricht 4 [DVD]16/10/2010164
Roses From The South [DVD]01/01/2011335
Fiesta Mexicana! [DVD]30/04/2011129
And The Waltz Goes On [DVD] (André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra)05/11/2011226
The Christmas I Love [DVD] (André Rieu and His Johann Strauss Orchestra)03/12/2011175
Under The Stars - Live In Maastricht V [DVD]28/04/2012154
From Maastricht With Love - The Collection [DVD]08/09/201219
Home For Christmas [DVD]27/10/2012120
Happy Birthday! - A Celebration Of 25 Years Of The Johann Strauss Orchestra [DVD]16/02/2013156
Live In Brazil [DVD] (André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra)27/04/2013156
Rieu Royale [DVD]01/06/2013146
Live In Maastricht [DVD] (André Rieu & Friends)02/11/2013236
Christmas Around The World / The Christmas I Love [DVD] (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)20/12/2014917
Wonderful World - Live In Maastricht [DVD] (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)14/11/2015157
Magic Of The Waltz [DVD]23/04/2016132
Welcome To My World - Episodes 1-4 [DVD]11/06/2016421
Welcome To My World - Episodes 5-8 [DVD]30/07/20161117
Welcome To My World - Episodes 9-11 [DVD]17/09/2016723
Falling In Love In Maastricht [DVD] (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)22/10/2016259
Christmas In London [DVD] (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)10/12/2016143
The Magic Of Maastricht - 30 Years Of Johann Strauss Orchestra [DVD] (André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra)02/12/2017121


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